The Capital Beat

Capital Beat

Weekly Legislative Coverage

Welcome to The Political Junkie’s legislative reporting, aptly titled “The Capital Beat”. For the 2015 session, I will be providing weekly updates on your state legislature. You can support this effort with a donation here.

To provide a complete picture of what is going on, I will be aided by two fellow journalists down in Olympia who will be filing regular reports as well as contributions from The Policy Junkie to help you understand the intricacies of our lawmaking process.

You will be able to find all my reports on this page.

Sen. Doug Ericksen, dining on lobbyist dime

Sen. Doug Ericksen, dining on lobbyist dime

1/18/2015 – The Good and the Expected

1/30/2015 – Ericksen Thumbs his nose at Seattle

2/5/2015 – Rep. Vincent Buys 2015 Legislative Proposals

Archived Coverage from 2014 Session

Rep. Jeff Morris here, is your gas still on?

Rep. Jeff Morris prepares

1/2/2014 – Legislators Gear Up for 2014 Session

1/8/2014 – Committee Assignments Key Indicators of Influence

1/10/2014 – Sen. Kevin Ranker Assigned Powerful New Position in Senate

1/15/2014 – Sen. Doug Ericksen Tries to Limit Futurewise’s Efforts

1/27/2014 – Overstreet and Buys Disregard Supreme Court, Students

2/09/2014 – Climate Strategy splits as Ericksen sows doubt about Greenhouse Effect

2/20/2014 – Legislators Struggle to Pass Bills as Deadlines Loom

3/03/2014 – Constitutional Crisis Builds Over Education

3/06/2014 – While the House debates budget, Overstreet talks abortions

3/11/2014 – Vincent Buys Appears to Break State Fundraising Laws

3/20/2014 – Session Ends with Major Issues Unresolved

3/25/2014 – Ericksen Struggles to Gain Support for Legislation

3/26/2014 – Ranker Labors on Democratic Budget

4/3/2014 – Session Results: Buys, Overstreet, Lytton and Morris

Before the cutoff, I went through and inventoried every piece of legislation that was sponsored by each of the legislators below. Click on their name to read what bills they were pushing this year.

Legislative Agenda

Kevin Ranker

Senator Kevin Ranker (D-40th)

 lyttonRep. Kris Lytton (D-40th) jeffRep. Jeff Morris (D-40th)
Doug Ericksen and a tiny hammerSenator Doug Ericksen (R-42nd) Rep. Jason OverstreetRep. Jason Overstreet (R-42nd) Rep. Vincent BuysRep. Vincent Buys (R-42nd)


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