Praise for the Political Junkie

The Political Junkie is the Whatcom County news source that has EVERYONE talking:

“If it were not for Riley Sweeney at Political Junkie, there would be zero coverage of our state in Bellingham. Thanks Riley for continuing to cover Olympia and keep our feet to the fire!”
Sen. Kevin Ranker, 40th District

“Young Mr. Riley Sweeney continues to progress in his ability to amaze and inform us in Whatcom County . . . His predictions rise above here-and-now debate and show an understanding of the underlying dynamics of the political process. ”
John Servais, publisher of NWCitizen

“You are a political wannabee that knows less than you espouse.”
Pete Kremen, Whatcom County Council

“As a blogger (rather than a journalist,) Riley makes no bones about his position on this and most issues. It’s clear that he is always objective on his coverage of and access to issues and candidates, while being open about where he stands, who he’s endorsed, etcetera. One might even call him transparent.”
Stephanie Kountouros, Vice-Chair of the Whatcom Democrats

“If you aren’t reading Riley Sweeney’s blog The Political Junkie, you don’t really know all that’s going on politically in Whatcom County. There are other good sources (Whatcom Watch, Northwest Citizen, this newspaper), but no one gets behind the scenes as often or finds where the bodies are buried with the regularity of the ubiquitous Sweeney. The blog gives you the lowdown on intrigues, high jinks and backroom deals, always related in sprightly prose that can be outrageously funny.”
Alan Rhodes, Cascadia Weekly

“Riley, this is a great bit of work.”
Jack Petree, Conservative Author

“You can sit in the cheap seats and be a hitman blogger with inaccuracies, but it is a much different thing when you step in and actually say what you believe.”
Rep. Jason Overstreet, 42nd District

The Political Junkie, hard at work

The Political Junkie, hard at work

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  1. Discovered the site today – Thanks for helping me clarify the Nov.2013 ballot 🙂
    Thank you very much – Donated too.

    • Thank you so much for your support!

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