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You cannot count on local media anymore to get the whole story. In this dark period of dwindling newsrooms, we need citizen journalists to fill the gap. We need people, like the Political Junkie, who are willing to spend time, energy and money to make sure you get the whole story. 

But we need your help to make this work. Here’s how:
1. Share our stories with friends, families and co-workers.
2. Link to this blog so that other people can discover the good work we are trying to do.
3. Send us news tips, anonymously or otherwise, to this email address

and most importantly,

4. Donate. Your financial contribution gives us the resources to dig deeper with public records requests, travel to get hard-to-reach stories, and purchase better equipment to bring you pictures, video and audio. Plus, your contribution, no matter how small, is downright inspirational!

Thank you for your commitment to citizen journalism and interest in local politics

Thank you for all of your support.

-Riley and Bryna Sweeney

The Political Junkie (and wife)



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  7. […] First, I would like to announce that The Political Junkie now has a few paid sponsors, scattered amongst the blog posts. My rules are that I don’t accept any political sponsors, and if there was some sort of local entanglement, I would disclose it as part of the post. The sponsorships help cover the costs of keeping this baby afloat. If you would like to find out how you can advertise on the Political Junkie, please email me here. Rates are quite reasonable and I love promoting local business. Of course, if you just want to make a charitable donation to the blog, you can do that right here. […]

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  24. The head of grandparents rights group sent you information on the HB 1934
    about visitation for grandparents that we are trying to get passed through the senate. Please print his information as we have been trying very hard to get this bill passed for all the children.

    • Yes, I’ve been waiting to get quotes from some of our state legislators but if I don’t hear back from them, I will publish it.

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  49. San Juan County Democrats Endorse Lapointe
    In the race for Washington State’s 2nd Congressional District seat, the San Juan County Democrats have unanimously voted to endorse independent Mike Lapointe over incumbent Democrat Rick Larsen for the Aug. 5 primary election. The main factor in this decision is disappointment with the incumbent’s failure to adequately address two of the primary concerns in the San Juan Islands, namely the environmental and economic consequences of building a coal terminal and then shipping massive amounts of coal through the waters of the islands, and the quality-of-life and health-destroying noise of the Navy’s growler jets.
    Instead of endorsing our corporate-funded incumbent, we are excited to endorse Mike Lapointe, an independent candidate of the people who accepts no corporate contributions. He has demonstrated a far greater openness and responsiveness to our concerns and has made himself available to discuss these with us. Mike will fight against the coal terminal and the growler jets, and he will also fight for green jobs to replace fossil fuel-related jobs. Mike is actually more true to our Democratic Party platform than the incumbent Democrat Larsen; Mike Lapointe represents our values.
    In a unique attempt to include as many Democrats as possible in the endorsement process, the San Juan County Democrats held endorsement meetings on Orcas, Lopez, and San Juan Islands. Both Mike Lapointe and Rep. Larsen were invited; Mike showed up at each of the three meetings, while Rep. Larsen did not attend nor did any of his surrogates. In each of the three meetings, not one Democrat voted to endorse Rep. Larsen; in fact, no one even wanted to nominate him. Conversely, all 50 Democrats present at the meetings voted to endorse Mike Lapointe.
    It is also worth noting that a week ago at the 40th Legislative District gathering of Democrats, endorsements were on the agenda there too. Mike Lapointe had not been added to the slate of candidates to be considered, so there was no opportunity to vote for him, meaning the issue in the 2nd Congressional District race was simply an up-or-down vote on Rep. Larsen. The assembled group voted overwhelmingly not to endorse Congressman Larsen.
    It is time for San Juan County and District 2 to be represented by someone who cares about the people and the environment of this wonderful region. The San Juan County Democrats urge a vote in the primary for Mike Lapointe for Congress in the 2nd district.

    Submitted by David Turnoy, Vice Chair of the San Juan County Democrats for Orcas Island

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