Posted by: sweeneyblog | May 8, 2015

Friday Odds and Ends: The Rocks to Docks

Hello Loyal Readers,

It is time, once again, for your weekly dose of Friday local news, the Odds and Ends.

The Ski to Sea race has become a defining event for Whatcom County, yet even this buoyant outdoor celebration could not outrun (or outski or outkayak) the effects of Climate Change. With low snow levels on Mt. Baker, they have had to cancel the skiing portion of the race. Hence, I move that the race be renamed, “The Rocks to Docks.”

Snark aside, it was revealed that the final leg of the race has drawn some controversy too. Check out John Servais’ run down at Northwest Citizen here for the inside scoop on how the private company that runs the Ski to Sea has butted heads with the city parks department.

Todd Donovan and  a burger.

Todd Donovan and a burger.

With Pete Kremen’s retirement from the County Council (viva la mustache!), three candidates have leaped into the fray. For the progressives, WWU Professor and Charter Review Commissioner Todd Donovan is running. Donovan has been deeply involved in a number of campaigns and initiatives over the years and as an ardent coal critic, may be able to tap into the same groundswell that propelled Barry Buchanan and Rud Browne into their seats.

Facing him is Theresa Sygitowicz and Bruce Ayers.  Sygitowicz may be best known as the candidate that Tony Larson and Jean Melious squeezed out in their primary back in 2010, but I like to remember her for her comments that trees cause landslides so we should tear them all out to prevent erosion.

Bruce Ayers, the likely conservative nominee, has been involved with local politics for decades, most recently as Sheriff Bill Elfo’s campaign chair. It was in this role that he provided the original “citizen oversight” for the jail before the public woke up to find an 844 bed jail being proposed and shut that down.

Both Ayers and Donovan are policy-minded people, and I look forward to how the campaign will unfold.

Next week is Filing Week, where all the candidates used to have to turn in their paperwork to run for office. With the implementation of online filing, it is no longer necessary for me to hold a vigil at the County Courthouse on Friday afternoon, although it was fun (check out my liveblog here).

From council on down to sewer district, there are tons of public offices seeking candidates. If this is something that interests you, please consider running. It is a life-changing experience, no matter the outcome.

That’s all for today, I should have some big news coming early next week so stay tuned.



  1. So that means we sit at the Audtors Office lobby and have a refresh party online with our smartphones? REFRESH PARTY!

  2. RE; Todd Donovan and a burger.

    How about a hot dog instead with the caption:

    Todd Donovan and a hot dog. That would be closer to the truth. 🙂

  3. Looks like an excellent burger- is that at Cosmos?

    • The bun is upside down. That figures.

      • The attitude of the burger bun is a signal for Jade Dawn to start their Agenda 21.5 operations along the northern border. I thought you of all people would be wise to that.

      • Just wanted to see if you Progs were awake.

  4. I’m loving the Rocks to Docks idea!!!

  5. Thanks for this info Riley.

  6. PS the bun looks like one of Avenue Bread’s

  7. The interview with Mutchler sure disappeared quickly.

    • Yeah – explanation coming soon.

      • Another Democrat coverup. Benghazi, the IRS, private email servers, when will it stop?

  8. Riley, one can only hope that your “big news coming early next week” is the announcement of a quality candidate to enter the mayoral race and challenge Kelli Linville.

    Ya gotta love Linville’s quote in the Herald regarding potential impacts from the Sea to Ski bike race on the 100 Acre Wood: “One of the reasons we bought it was because it was so sensitive.”

    In actual fact, it was Dan Pike’s administration that bought the 100 Acre Wood and Linville chided him publicly for doing so during the 2011 campaign. Once in office, Linville proposed paying off the loan by selling off and developing a large chunk of it. And now she winces at a bike race?

    Will Bellingham rethink Mayor Linville? No. Not if she runs unopposed. And there are only about two weeks left to file!

    • Filing week is from the 11th to 15th.

    • It is Ski to Sea (as in Mt. Baker to Fairhaven) Stephan.

      You must be a newbie to area.

      • I refer to the bike leg of the race. Good ‘ol wayne…

  9. You are still wrong. It is Ski to Sea and never Sea to Ski-(“potential impacts from the Sea to Ski bike race on the 100 Acre Wood”). Get over it.

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