Posted by: sweeneyblog | April 7, 2015

Tea Party Activists Attempt to Spark International Incident in Olympia

Last week, the Chinese ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, visited Olympia to meet with Gov. Jay Inslee for a trade meeting. In accordance with international protocol, the state flew the Chinese flag next to the US and State flags to honor the visiting dignitary.

This drew a small crowd of Tea Party activists who protested this act. This action appear be sparked by conservative activist Anthony Bosworth, a pro-gun activist and former Sheriff candidate from Yakima, who was was outraged that the Capitol would fly a “communist flag”. Bosworth took to facebook to rally opposition to this flag.

The Flag of Communist China flying over the capital of Washington State in a place of honor.
Governor Inslee is honored to be meeting with Ambassador CUI Tiankai of Communist China this morning.
We now know where the loyalties of our liberal, communist loving Governor are. The people of Washington State has asked the governor to address our list of grievances and yet we have heard nothing from him. 
But yet he takes time and Washington taxpayers money to show honor to one of the United States of America’s enemies a communist ambassador and he is honored to do so.

A mighty crowd

A mighty crowd

Activists gathered on Saturday morning to protest the flag, you can see their mighty crowd in the picture to the right. After a little bit, a state trooper arrived to remove the flag to the cheers of the gathered tea partiers.

Why was the trooper removing the flag? The ambassador had left for his next engagement. But that didn’t stop this story from circulating like wildfire through the conservative media – showing up on Fox News, the Examiner and then finally breaking through to more mainstream sources like, Huffington Post and the Wonkette.

Locally, State Rep. Matt Shea (R-Spokane) arrived to deliver a speech praising the activists. You might remember Rep. Shea as that legislator that was just as crazy as Rep. Jason Overstreet. Shea said, “In the dawns early light of Holy Saturday as we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ these heroic patriots demanded that the Communist flag be taken down.”

I’m glad that this issue got resolved before it spilled out into the realm of international diplomacy. Our relationship with China is a complex and ever-changing negotiation and I would hate for Olympia to be a flashpoint for an international incident.

One last note, this wasn’t Bosworth’s first brush with controversy. He was arrested last month for carrying an assault rifle into a Federal Courthouse, and on his facebook page, you can find some charming videos of his kids field striping and reassembling various pistols.



  1. Tea Party – yawn.

    • Wake up and smell the coffee Walter, the world is passing you by.

      • Wayne – The Tea Party was a force to be reckoned with AFTER they got financial and logistical support from billionaires like the Koch Brothers in 2009 – not before. This allowed them to make some gains in the 2010 election cycle. This financial support continued until just recently. Now the grand poobahs in the back room at the RNC have realized they can actually win the 2016 presidency if they throw the Tea Party under the bus. They are in the first stages of doing so. The billionaires like the Koch Brothers will soon pull their funding and the Tea Party will go back to being a bunch of old farts in suspenders in a high school cafeteria. To be blunt, the Tea Party are past their Sell By Date.

        The liberals and most progressives never took the Tea Party seriously, which is why we are in such deep doo-doo now with nincompoop rightwingers hanging on to their elected and appointed posts. That was a major mistake and I will never forgive them. However, times change and the Mad as a Hatter Tea Party is over. Even Rand Paul realizes this, which is why he is trying to reinvent himself and going for “broad appeal” as he puts it.

        Wayne, you have been out of step since Barry Goldwater’s defeat in 1964. I, as usual, am on the cutting edge – some would say the bleeding edge.

        My prediction? The liberals will once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in 2016 and Jeb Bush will become president. I plan to be living elsewhere by that time. (Unless one of you nincompoops run me down with your ridiculous pickemup truck in the meantime.)

      • Walter most TEA Party groups are not affiliated with the Koch brothers, either directly or indirectly. For example, the Whatcom County TEA Party (and they make that quite clear).

        Rather just parroting the Progressive party line why don’t you gather some facts. That “might” boost your credibility which is non-existent at present.

      • Wayne – Not true. I have gone into detail on links between the Koch Brothers and the Whatcom Tea Party in the past, so I don’t see the need to repeat myself here. When I castigated Karl Uppiano on the WTP site (he manages the site) with the accusation that “the Tea Party are the shock troops for the billionaires,” his rejoinder was “So what? We have the same objectives.”

        Anyone who does their own research can find out with a simple google search along the lines of “Do the Koch Brothers fund the Tea Party?” Try it.

        You don’t have a leg to stand on Wayne. And as for “parroting” the so-called “party line,” you might want to take note that I have been lambasting the Tea Party since the Democraps blew it in the 2010 election. I even had one of the local Dems criticize me publicly for laying the blame at the Dems’ feet right after the 2010 election in a LTE to the Bellingham Herald.

        I blame Obama, just like I did in 2009. If he would have used his party majority in both houses and forced the Dems to pass a healthcare bill in the first 3 months of his presidency, we wouldn’t have the Tea Party nincompoops to worry about. His lack of leadership in letting the Congress recess for the summer doomed us to our present condition.

        Yes, the Tea Party are bad actors, but President Obama has been the Chief Enabler. Without his poor leadership, they would still be a bunch of old farts with suspenders in a high school cafeteria (that’s Laura Flanders’ image, BTW, from “At the Tea Party: The Wing Nuts, Whack Jobs and Whitey-whiteness of the New Republican Right – And Why We Should Take it Seriously” (2010)).

        My prediction? The Dems will blow it again in 2016. I hope I am wrong.

      • Your first sentence is pure B. S. Prove it.

  2. […] In the resurrection Mary Magdalene was the first person to see JesusThe Tomb of Jesus was Found Empty – Insight and encouragement for lifeInsight and encouragement for lifeYes, Compassion – MapsandLanterns.orgOne Word That Makes Christianity Different From All World ReligionsEasterWatch for His Return!Easter theme: “The Way has been paved…”‘The Bible’ Sequel ‘A.D. The Bible Continues’ to Air on NBCTea Party Activists Attempt to Spark International Incident in Olympia […]

    • You have made it into the big time Riley. The weirdo, whacko fundamentalist hackers have decided you are worth their time.

      • Are you a weirdo, whacko fundamentalist progressive?

  3. Go TEA Party-the REAL Americans.

    • Wayne, it’s time to ‘fess up. You’re really a progressive masquerading as a Tea Party activist to make the GOP and the right wing look bad. Right?

      • Arthur, why does a poser, a guy without portfolio and a charlatan who poses as a psychologist make a fool of himself on this blog?

  4. Then they all went to Wal-Mart and bought plastic eggs, Easter baskets, and more American flags – all made in China.

    • I have been in Walmart one time and that was enough. I prefer Costco and Haggen and occasionally Fred Meyer. I can’t wait until Whole Foods opens up.

      • I bet you love Habitat for Humanity too. But wouldn’t set foot in the COOP or a credit union.

    • Spot on Kevin!

  5. Where was their concern when the House showed slavish honor to a foreign head of State and insulted their own?

    • Bibi is NOT a Marxist, Obama is.

      • Now that’s a good excuse for treason. Even if it made sense, it would still be treason. But only the most demented ideologue would believe that the most reliable, fully vetted and approved, TPP-loving Corporatist is a Marxist. Do you even know what marxism is? You know, dictatorship of the proletariat, abolition of private property, execution of the ownership class – ya right Obama is about all of these.

  6. Mr Sweeney, Whilst your political and philosophical positions are clear, you might at least have the journalistic integrity to ensure that what you write is accurate. (And some close attention to grammar, punctuation, and basic proofing would be welcome, as well.) Bias we might excuse. An “accidental error” we might excuse. But your list of LIES is long. Before you were born I was already reporting for a “flyover country” newspaper. It is a LIE that “Tea Party Activists” gathered in Olympia. You made that up. It is a blatant lie that Anthony Bosworth was arrested for “carrying an assault rifle into a federal courthouse.” It is NOT TRUE that a state trooper took down the flag. It is NOT TRUE that activists gathered to protest the Chinese flag being flown. They gathered to take it down. It is NOT TRUE that Rep. Matt Shea “arrived” [in Olympia] to deliver a speech…Representative Shea spoke in Spokane. Your “mighty crowd” slur is slanderous. It took only nine (dispatched at 1am) to get the job done. No force wastes its resources to make a mighty show. They focus on mission, using the least resources necessary to accomplish the mission. You seem to think that globalist “protocol” should be followed whether it violates the state of Washington and the united states of America’s sovereignty or not.

    • Hello Roberta, please use your full name when commenting. You are right about Rep. Shea, I will be fixing that – but the rest are easily verified facts. I stand by my reporting.

  7. Yes, Walter you are on the cutting edge of B. S. You shouldn’t be trusted with a butter knife.

    Jeb Bush in 2016=VOMIT!

    I am working for Ben Carson (he would be our first authentic “black president”-he is pure-not mixed).

    I don’t own a “ridiculous pickemup truck” but I may have to get one because you just gave me a great idea. LOL!

    BTW-how do you haul your cabbages to market? Or do you just use them to make bio-diesel for you pickemup bike?

    • “I am working for Ben Carson (he would be our first authentic “black president”-he is pure-not mixed)”

      Thanks for the word from the Anti-Miscegenation League of Whatcom County, Wayne Farber, Grand Wazoo.

      • Spot on!

      • Are you saying that Dr. Carson is NOT 100% black?

        Are you saying that Obama is 100% black?

        Where did I say that I am “Anti-Miscegenation”? I didn’t am I am not. I was merely stating well-known facts that even you should be able to comprehend. Guess not.

        “Miscegenation (/mɪˌsɛdʒɨˈneɪʃən/; from the Latin miscere “to mix” + genus “kind”) is the mixing of different racial groups through marriage, cohabitation, sexual relations, or procreation”>

        Is ad homenim all ya got?


      • Your “well known facts” Wayne are not relevant, nor even correct. How is a politicians (or anybody’s) percentage of black or white blood of interest other than to racists? Please explain how this somehow makes one candidate better than another?

        You seem to think a mixed race person is somehow inferior to a “pure” race person – this is what you said above – you really don’t get how terrible this is? Do you think we should eliminate mixed race persons since they are so inferior? Or just make them second-class citizens?

        Man I have suspected this kind of thing motivates the Obama-haters but I’ve never heard it stated so openly.

    • If I remember correctly, you worked for Barry Goldwater in 1964 too.

      • And you point is?

      • Barry Goldwater was a loser too, just like Ben Carson is now. Ben Carson is the 2015 version of Herman Cain. Check out this quote and article: “Might Dr. Carson be the conservative movement’s political reincarnation of Herman Cain? It certainly looks that way.”

        And this piece was written by someone who actually LIKES Ben Carson. You might also notice that in the CPAC straw poll, Ben Carson came in third – behind Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Fer chrissakes, Ted Cruz has better numbers and more support! Uber-whacko Ted Cruz!

  8. David A. K. A. Camp David

    Actually, I buy my Green Tea at the Coop (I am a longtime member) once a month. I enjoy going in there an observing the Radical Far Left Wackos eating their granola and paying exorbitant prices for items that can be bought elsewhere for much lower cost. I guess they are Stuck On Stupid.

    • You forgot to mention the commie plotting going on. Although I suppose they are rightly suspicious of you open-carry, Anti-Miscegenist Leaguers with your super intellects and all, so they probably clam up when they see your tricorn hat and flintlock.

      • Actually, I conceal carry for that reason (scaring Progs).

        I wouldn’t want them to buy more underwear at Walmart.

  9. I STATED: “I am working for Ben Carson (he would be our first authentic “black president”-he is pure-not mixed)”.

    YOU REPLIED: “You seem to think a mixed race person is somehow inferior to a “pure” race person”.

    How do you get from my statement to your reply? You better sign up for one of Walter Haugen’s Critical logic” classes.

  10. Someone please tell me if my progression here is inaccurate in any way:

    Family owners of small-town Indiana pizzeria spend zero time or energy commenting on gay issues.
    TV reporter from South Bend walks inside the pizzeria to ask the owners what they think of the controversial Religious Restoration Freedom Act. Owner Crystal O’Connor responds, “If a gay couple came in and wanted us to provide pizzas for their wedding, we would have to say no….We are a Christian establishment.” O’Connor also says—actually promises is the characterization here—that the establishment will continue to serve any gay or non-Christian person that walks through their door.
    The Internet explodes with insults directed at the O’Connor family and its business, including a high school girls golf coach in Indiana who tweets“Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?” Many of the enraged critics assert, inaccurately, that Memories Pizza discriminates against gay customers.
    In the face of the backlash, the O’Connors close the pizzeria temporarily, and say they may never reopen, and in fact might leave the state. “I don’t know if we will reopen, or if we can, if it’s safe to reopen,” Crystal O’Connor tells The Blaze. “I’m just a little guy who had a little business that I probably don’t have anymore,” Kevin O’Connor tells the A. Times.

    Rod Dreher titles his useful post on this grotesque affair “Into the Christian Closet,” and it’s apt considering the progression above. If only these non-activist restaurateurs had simply kept their views to themselves when asked by a reporter, April Fool’s would have been like any other day for them.

    But as it stands, they’re now being trashed not just by social-justice mobs from afar, but by powerful politicians where they live and work. Democratic State Sen. Jim Arnold represents the O’Connors’s district. This is what he said about his constituents: “The vast majority of people in this country are not going to stand by and watch that kind of activity unfold,” he said. “If that’s their stand I hope they enjoy eating their pizza because I don’t think anyone else is going to.”

    Sen. Arnold says he’s upset by the news because of the negative attention it’s bringing to a town he says is a great community.

    He said this kind of thinking has no place in this town. And the Religious Freedom Restoration Law is not an excuse for them to discriminate.

    “This is America and if people say they’re not going to serve them and they feel this is some kind of defense, which by the way doesn’t take effect until July 1, but if they feel it’s some kind of defense, I think they’re sadly mistaken[.]”

    Almost every word out of Sen. Arnold’s mouth was wrong, horrifying, or both.

    The O’Connors did not say “they’re not going to serve them,” they in fact stressed the opposite.
    The “kind of activity” that Arnold contends “the vast majority of people in this country are not going to stand by and watch” is expressing a disfavored opinion to a reporter. The pizzeria discriminated against nobody; merely said that it would choose not to serve a gay wedding if asked. Which it never, ever would be, because who asks a small-town pizzeria to cater a heterosexual wedding, let alone a gay one?
    This kind of thinking has no place in this town is—what’s the word?—totalitarian. Sen. Arnold is explicitly ganging up with “the vast majority” against someone guilty of thoughtcrime. This is a true statement regardless of your opinion of the underlying thought.

    There is no to-be-sure paragraph about what happened yesterday. A virtual mob, acting at least partly on bogus information, gleefully trashed a business that hasn’t (to my knowledge) discriminated against a flea. After which a local pol stood up and yelled “Encore!” The good news is that a crowdfunding effort has raised/pledged nearly $840,000 to the O’Connors.

    • Pretty sophisticated marketing experiment, wasn’t it? We can expect more in the future. Never underestimate the power of right-wing con artists to wring money from the great unwashed.

      • OK, what about on

      • RE: When I castigated Karl Uppiano on the WTP site (he manages the site) with the accusation that “the Tea Party are the shock troops for the billionaires,” his rejoinder was “So what? We have the same objectives.

        ”Karl Uppiano

        I do not remember making that rejoinder. Maybe that was his take-away. We may have some of the same libertarian objectives. I can only say with certainty that Whatcom Tea Party has received bupkis from the Koch brothers, or anybody else for that matter. Every dime has come from generous contributions from local individuals and businesses who feel government is becoming too intrusive on our lives and livelihoods.


      • Oh, and now you are willing to admit uses sophisticated marketing tools? Why, that is mighty white of you Massa Farber.

  11. Walter, in case you don’t know “bupkis” translates means nothing at all in Yiddish.

    • Of course Karl is going to conveniently “forget” our interchange on his Facebook page! That is not surprising. I trapped him into a corner and now he wants to burnish the Tea Party image into something other than a pack of racist homophobes with no economic sense. Of course he will deny it.

      • Do you have the transcript of our conversation, Walter? I went back to see if I could find it in context (context is key), but I think Facebook history must be limited, ’cause I can’t find it. Kindly post the link if you find it.

        I don’t know where your information about Whatcom Tea Party finances came from. The fact is, every dime received by the Whatcom Tea Party has come from local individuals and businesses who want more freedom and less government. Do you want less freedom and more government? I left home when I grew up, because I wanted more freedom.

        Maybe the Koch brothers gave some cash to a national organization trading on the tea party name — that’s entirely possible. However, most of us are small, independent grass-roots organizations with very limited resources. We’re lucky to pull off a booth at the fair, and a handful of parades, and maybe some candidate forums each year. Really nasty stuff. Really big time.

        The Kochs are not going to seek us out, nor will WTP seek them out. We like our independence, not outside money with strings attached.

    • The Tea Party is going back to their empty chairs in a high school cafeteria. Fer chrissakes, even Charles Koch is seeking rapprochement with liberals on prison reform.

      • Oh, so now you are a fan of the Koch Brothers? Amazing. Sounds like a person with no core values.

      • Good one Wayne! Wait a minute, let me look up the name for your false argument. Oh yeah, here it is. You have fallen into the “black-or-white” trap, but there are also elements of “no true Scotsman,” as well as “tu quoque.” Congratulations Wayne! You hit a trifecta!

      • “Black or white”-you guys love to play the “race card”.

        Tu quoque is spot on and applies to you Walter

      • Wayne – The “black and white trap” (or fallacy if you like) refers to two alternative states that are presented as the only possibilities when there are in fact more possibilities. Skin color does not come into it at all. If you want a cheat sheet on logical fallacies that you can pin up next to your computer go to:

      • Walter, I understand the “black and white fallacy”, I was just being facetious.

        You need to lighten up and laugh a little-especially at yourself. I am concerned that you may die to soon and would have to find some other low hanging fruit to mock.

        P. S.-Karl is very upset that you misquoted him.

        Please don’t do it again or you will be reported to Field Marshall Sweeney.

      • Karl Uppiano

        Wayne Farber, I did reply to one of Walter’s comments. So far, he has ignored it. Generally, I do not engage him. He is nothing but bluster, leftist talking points and hate, all rolled into one. He shows his ignorance and gullibility about the tea party movement by regurgitating everything he hears about us in the leftstream media smear campaign. If you want to know if you are effective against the left, just check the amount of venom they spew at you.

  12. Ah, but I didn’t.

    • Show me the transcript or did you delete it from your server like Hillary?

  13. If you call yourself a Democrat, you cannot divorce yourself from Barack “the Drone President” Obama. If you call yourself a Tea Party, you cannot divorce yourself from racist homophobes who have no economic sense. Reality sucks don’t it?

    • Says who, a certified anarchist (per Ralph @ the Herald)?

      What “racist homophobes”? We are only concerned about the “founding principles”, small government and limited taxation. That is the intended essence of America. I know this is very difficult for someone like you to comprehend.

      No economic sense according to “political economist Paul Krugman.

  14. Racist – the birther trope.
    Homophobe – anti-gay marriage, gay bashing.
    No economic sense – austerity.

    • You must be kidding Walter!

      You can’t pin that on Karl.

      • If you want to be part of the Tea Party, or call yourself the Tea Party, you have to own up to their narrative. You cannot have it both ways. The Tea Party is a racist homophobic organization that does not have a rational economic platform. Sorry.

      • Walter, there is no TEA Party per se. There are no dues just donations. We are just a group of like minded people that confer with each other, organize and few events and march in local parades. Some of us are Libertarians, some are Republicans, some are disenchanted Democrats and even some are Liberals. We are generally small groups and some affiliate with the TEA party Patriots and the TEA Party Express. We are truly a grassroots bunch.

        You and your Liberal/Prog friends don’t get it.

      • What BS Wayne! You want the advantages of the Tea Party brand without any of the disadvantages. You cannot have it both ways.

        Believe me, we “get” it. We just aren’t gonna let you get “away” with it.

  15. Like I said on your facebook post Riley, this is the most polarizing (as evidenced in the comments both on FB and here on your blog) piece of sensationalist “journalism” I’ve yet seen from you. We keep coming back for the depth of local coverage (taking your bias with a grain of salt), not for this kind of junk “reporting”. Roberta was spot on. Shameful.

    • Agreed!

  16. Walter,

    There are few disadvantages to the TEA party brand and they were “dreamed up” by people like you with your labeling and name calling.

    I am glad you “get it” but you are POWERLESS to STOP us. We a TSUNAMI that will cleanse everything in its path when we come ashore.

    All you can muster is your so-called “critical logic” barbs DARWIN.


    Hail to the conquering TEA Party. Tea Party über alles!

    • On the one hand, you say there is no Tea Party: (” . . . there is no TEA Party per se. There are no dues just donations. We are just a group of like minded people that confer with each other, organize and few events and march in local parades.”)

      On the other hand, you say: (“We a TSUNAMI that will cleanse everything in its path when we come ashore.”)

      Dude, which is it and what have you been smoking?

  17. To my dear Liberal/Progressive friends. i thought you might enjoy this.

    Dear fellow MoveOn member,

    There is a lot wrong with our economy.

    Wages are flat, or falling.1 Student debt is skyrocketing.
    2 Big banks have gotten so large, they’re actually hurting economic growth.3

    But the good news is that thanks to the support of thousands of fellow MoveOn members, MoveOn and I are teaming up on an ambitious project to build momentum for 10 ideas to save our economy. We’re thinking about it as the new New Deal for Americans.

    And with the help of MoveOn members, we’ll bring these big ideas—these solutions—directly to the American people, bypassing the corporate media entirely.

    I need your help to figure out where to begin. Which of these solutions are you most excited about?

    Click on your top choice below.

    Bust up the big banks and tame Wall Street.

    Create a basic minimum income for all-BAD IDEA

    End “corporate welfare” giveaways to big corporations.

    Expand Social Security-BAD IDEA

    Give parents the help they need so they don’t have to choose between being good parents or dedicated workers.

    Open Medicare to everyone-BAD IDEA

    Raise the minimum wage to $15/hour-BAD IDEA

    Reduce taxes on companies that share profits with their workers-I WILL CONSIDER and raise taxes on companies that don’t-BAD IDEA

    Reinvent education-REVERT BACK TO BEFORE 1965 and pay teachers more-GREAT IDEA

    Strengthen unions-LET THE UNIONS DO THIS, NOT ON MY DIME and preempt state “right-to-work” laws-ABSOLUTELY NOT

    (We also have to get big money out of politics-BIG DONORS ONLY? LIKE UNIONS?. That’s an imperative—and it’s so important to MoveOn members, we figure we don’t need to include it here. It’s a given.)

    Now, if we did everything on this list plus got big money (The UNIONS too) out of politics, we’d build an America that truly works for everyone, not just a wealthy handful.
    So it’s not surprising you won’t hear much about these ideas in the corporate-owned media. And that’s why to get them out there, we’ll need to build a truly people-powered media.

    After you tell us which idea is your favorite, I hope you’ll answer a few more questions. I want to get a sense of which solutions you’d be most excited to share with your friends and neighbors—and which you think would resonate most in your community.

    Thanks for helping change the national conversation.

    And thanks for all you do.

    –Robert Reich

    Member in good standing of the Vertically Challenged Society of America, LOL!

  18. Why is my comment awaiting moderation? I was responding to Walter Haugen with some documentation links to educate him.

  19. Walter,

    Are you the Rip Van Winkle of Whatcom County?

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