Posted by: sweeneyblog | March 2, 2015

BREAKING: Pete Kremen NOT Seeking Reelection

Full Disclosure: I worked for Pete Kremen during his 2011 campaign for County Council against Tony Larson.

After 31 years in public service, County Councilman Pete Kremen is hanging up his golden microphones and not running for reelection this year. Yes, I know, we’ve heard this before when Kremen retired from the state legislature and then again, when he retired as County Executive, but this time it is for good.

Pete Kremen

Councilman Pete Kremen

“My wife has put up with it for many years but since she retired from St. Joes in December, and we want to go traveling. I promised my wife I would retire three elections ago. It’s time I did it.”

Kremen has a long legacy behind him, having shepherded through the Lake Whatcom Reconveyance which converted a third of the land around Lake Whatcom into a County Park. His tenure as County Executive (sixteen years) is the longest in state history.

Kremen spoke fondly of his time on the county council. “I’m loving it. You know, I’m even getting along with Barbara Brenner, who would have thought that would have happened?” Kremen was elected to the 1st District on the County Council in 2011, unseating Tea Party darling Tony Larson.

In honor of his years of service, the Mustache Jokes will take a day off. 



  1. “In honor of his years of service, the Mustache Jokes will take a day off.”

    BUT, will resume tomorrow?

  2. Where do I sign up?

    • Sign up for what?

      • County Council.

      • First, file with the Public Disclosure Commission. You can do it online at this URL (I can’t promise that the link will work):
        Click on “new electronic filer,” and then, of course, do anything that they may have you fill out from there. Or, you might be able to do file offline, but it doesn’t say how on the PDC website. Their address is 711 Capitol Way #206 Olympia, WA 98504.

        Filing week with the Whatcom County Auditor isn’t until May.

  3. Thanks for keeping your blog readers informed up to the minute!

  4. I knew this was coming. I didn’t think Pete Kremen was running for reelection.

    That being said, I thank Pete Kremen for his long service to Whatcom County. He is probably the most well-respected, most experienced politician in Whatcom County. Kremen’s voice on the council will be missed.

    I don’t think that “The Reconveyance” is a good name for the Reconveyance. Why don’t we name it after Pete Kremen?

    Whatever happened to Dan McShane… that’s who we need on the Whatcom County Council to represent district one.

  5. Thanks Uncle Pete!!! Your long service to this county and state will be missed. I always enjoyed working with you on issues that were important to the city of Bellingham and Whatcom County. You and Fido enjoy your retirement. Job well done.

  6. […] Mann, Buchanan and Browne), who were swept into office by the record turnout in the 2013 elections. Retiring councilman Pete Kremen also voted for Sidhu while Barbara Brenner, continuing her Kiwi-ish trends, voted for Jim […]

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