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Friday Odds and Ends: Neutrality Preserved, Weiss Explains, and Cherries Ruined

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Rep. Suzan DelBene

Rep. Suzan DelBene

First, the Federal Communications Commission did the right thing recently. I know, after years of approving media mergers that have drastically increased corporate influence in our lives, they came down and ruled to protect the internet from that same creeping influence. They ruled that the internet was a utility and that internet carriers must treat all content equally. So if you get internet from Comcast, they can’t slow down your Netflix just because they are competing with them.

When it originally looked like the FCC would side with big business, Congresswoman Suzan DelBene co-sponsored the legislation to keep broadband providers from discriminating against various content.“I support the FCC’s efforts to protect a free and open Internet,” DelBene said. “This proposal prevents blocking, throttling and paid prioritization, which are positive, bipartisan goals.”

Meanwhile, City Councilman Jack Weiss provided some more context on his decision not to seek reelection.

Every time I hear of an elected official stepping down from office they say how much of an honor it has been. This cliché term does not ring as true as when it actually happens to you. It has not just been a sincere honor for me, it has provided me with a reverence and respect for how our local government works and the commitment we collectively have for the best interests of our citizens and businesses.

He cites his accomplishments as passing Rental Safety Ordinance, opposing the “poorly designed Port of Bellingham waterfront master plan” and passing two resolutions “endorsing the reduction of fossil fuel use, especially from Alberta tar sands.” As many people mentioned on my original article, Weiss’ strong voice for oversight will definitely be missed.

Meanwhile, in the news of the weird, a maraschino cherry plant in Brooklyn was raided for pumping red syrup into the nearby water ways . . . and they instead discovered a giant marijuana grow and several high-end vehicles. Just a friendly reminder, as weird as Whatcom politics gets, other states have us beat cold.

More legislative news this weekend. Stay tuned!



  1. i have been supporting the idea of “treating all content equally” from we providers… although it makes me wonder if all the people downloading full length HD feature films are the ones slowing down my ability to load a couple paragraphs and a photo that i want to see.

    But my Libertarian friends are concerned that internet providers were not yet actually forcing the tiered price system or any of the other “potential” abuses, and now we have the government (and perhaps homeland security) much more now able to monitor out web traffic or shut down sites it doesn’t agree with. Also something that hasn’t actually happened , but could.

    So i really hope this all works out the way it was sold to us.

    • My understanding is this ruling makes the internet a “common carrier”, like telephone, but not yet a public utility. That will be the next campaign. (not to say that they aren’t privatizing public utilities like water, for example in Detroit, and PSE here, but that’s another story.)

  2. I am still eagerly anticipating your post on the subject of State Senator Doug Erickson.

  3. Note that the FCC vote in favor of net neutrality was a 3-2 split on party lines – both Republicans voted as Republicans always do – in favor of the profits of their corporatist sponsors. That Democrats usually vote the same way is a sad fact of our corrupted corporatist federal system – this is one where the good guys won – sadly there are few of these in the onward march of the State Monopoly Capitalist corporatist ideology.

  4. The internet is no longer free, just wait.

    The First Amendment has been trashed.

    If you post anything online that the powers that be don’t like you will hear about it.

    This is a direct attack on the Tea Party.

    • “This is a direct attack on the Tea Party”

      My first response is, “Haw, haw, haw, haw, haw.”

      My second response is, “About bloody time.”

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