Posted by: sweeneyblog | February 12, 2015

BREAKING: Mayor Kelli Linville to Run for Reelection

Mayor Kelli Linville

Mayor Kelli Linville

Okay, a slight abuse of the “Breaking News” headline but yes, it is official: Kelli Linville is running for her second term as Mayor of Bellingham. In an email to supporters, she cited some of her accomplishments during these last three years,

We worked with the Port to get a waterfront plan adopted. We’ve partnered with Whatcom County to resolve our 911 emergency management system, to establish a county-wide emergency coordination center, and to create with our councils a strategy to protect and clean Lake Whatcom.

Currently, no one else has declared or even expressed any interest in running for mayor. Although I have hassled Michael Lilliquist as a “suspected mayoral candidate” for sometime now, he has been pretty adamant at refusing to take the bait. If Linville wins, she will be the first mayor of Bellingham to win reelection in over a decade (since Mark Asmundson won his second reelection campaign in 2003).

I was able to interview Linville on Tuesday and as part of that interview, asked about her plans for reelection and some of the thorny issues she currently faces as mayor. Stay tuned for that interview on Saturday.



  1. Hope that someone steps up soon.

    • Why don’t you step up?

      • Yeah, Bob. Where do I send my campaign contribution? 🙂

  2. We need an opponent who will be willing to raise money as well as eyebrows as to the mayor’s performance. She has catered to big business and developers, so those big bucks should be rolling in. I have never and will never raise money, simply on principle. We also need an opponent younger than Kelli rather than older.

    • I wonder what Seth Fleetwood is thinking about for the 2015 election…

      • T’was rumoured that Seth had his eyes on the Mayor position when he took a break from politics and decided not to rerun for City Council. Then, he was drafted for the ill-fated 42nd run. I wonder too. Kelli’s losing to then a really young and unseasoned Vince Buys did not stop her from winning the Mayor’s race. There are many who would say Run, Seth, Run. Just as there are many who pick up upon and back Riley’s rumour of Run, Michael, Run They were all in the same boat, however, when it came to the waterfront vote. Maybe it should be Run, Jack, Run because of that.

    • Then you are no longer a viable candidate except for dog catcher!

      • Unfortunately, Wayne, even though dogcatchers have been elected without raising funds in our corrupted system, my position as being strongly in favor of free-range dogs disqualifies me for a position that denies dogs their freedom. Besides dogs are PAC animals and they would likely spend for me behind my back..

    • Have you found an opponent?? Please post details!

      • She is running unopposed. Only opponent now would be a write-in campaign–not li8kely to be fruitful

  3. Here’s hoping you asked her about her support for a grain (cough, cough, “coal”) terminal.

    • Walter,

      Even an “anarchist” like you (according to Ralph Swartz) should know that Cherry Point would be a mufti-product shipping terminal (but not cabbages)

      • We need to keep the mufti in Wyoming.

      • Mufti= professional jurist that interprets Muslim law.

        And seriously, a multi-product shipping terminal???? No, it is a dirty coal terminal. Let’s face it.

  4. […] point blank if she was running for reelection, she said yes without pause but asked that I sit on it till Friday (which I did) so she can send out an email to her supporters. “I feel really good about what we do. I have […]



    Even an “anarchist” like you (according to Ralph Swartz) should know that Cherry Point would be a multi-product shipping terminal (but not cabbages).

    P. S. When I made the correction my spell check underlined multi-product and recommended I change it to mulch-product, mufti-product or multiprocessor for some reason (so my aging eyesight picked the “mufti”-product) so that is how it REALLY happened. When I am keyboarding at 80+ characters per minute this sometimes happens.

  6. Need support to oppose mayor? Call me

    • What is your number?

      • Email me, paddling and out and about, it is summer
        Even a write in camp can be effective for change
        Then if things happen a ready list is at hand for recall and accountability

      • WHAAAAT?

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