Posted by: sweeneyblog | January 9, 2015

Roxanne Murphy considering a run against Dan Hammill

Councilwoman Roxanne Murphy

Councilwoman Roxanne Murphy

The ink barely dry on his appointment and already new Councilman Dan Hammill has a potential challenger for his seat. Roxanne Murphy, elected to the Bellingham City Council at-large seat in 2013, is considering filing for the Ward 3 position this upcoming year.

Murphy currently lives in the 3rd Ward and winning that race would ensure that she only needs to run once every four years, rather than the rapid two year terms of the At Large seat.

Hammill was appointed, unanimously, to the City Council last month to fill out the remainder of Cathy Lehman’s term which expires this year. He is planning to run for election this year, setting off a potential showdown between Hammill and Murphy.

Murphy confirmed that she is considering the seat switch but has not made a firm decision.

An interesting side effect, this would leave the At Large seat wide open for anyone within the city limits who wishes to run. Let the wild speculation begin!



  1. Wild speculation: Sweeney for at-large in ’15.

    • Shot down right now. I’ve got my eyes on 2017. But thank you!

    • See and I was really hoping that I would never have to open a newspaper and see the headline “Sweeney still at large”

    • Seconded.

  2. I hope somebody unseats him since,
    no matter what his merits,
    there’s not a worse way to earn your seat than to win a popularity contest
    run by the rest of the councilors.

    • Must he be unseated? In the alternative, how about if voters confirm the wisdom of the selection in a popularity contest vote of their own next November?

      • It goes without saying that he’s welcome to run on his own,
        and good luck to him too!
        My feeling is that he would never have won against the rest of his competitors – but an election quiets all doubt.
        My objection is the technique for choosing a replacement through through the Council Committee of Congeniality
        instead of the retiring Councilor picking her own fill in,
        one that mirrors her values and insight and all the reasons she was elected in the first place.

  3. […] after several years on the council, leaving the Ward 1 slot open. As mentioned earlier this week, Roxanne Murphy is considering running for the Ward 3 seat – moving from the At-Large position to challenge newly appointed councilman Dan Hammill – a […]

  4. I hope that Roxanne Murphy stays. While I supported Burr in 2013, I don’t think that I would support Hammill over Murphy. She has served Bellingham well over the last few years.

    And where do you possibly find that information?

    • I spoke with Roxanne Murphy directly for this story.

    • “She has served Bellingham well over the last few years.”

      And just how so?

    • Mr. Gibson,

      Still waiting for the answer to how Roxanne has served the city well. If you make declarations, you ought to be able to back them up. The election is not far off and stuff like accomplishments will have to be answered eventually.

      • Okay- maybe I should restate that. I wasn’t thinking. I am always weary about what some of the city council members really think about the coal issue- Murphy opposes it. Maybe she hasn’t “served us well”, because she does show some lack of knowledge. Maybe this is kind of beside the point, but she does differ from the other city council members. She is the only voice from a young person on the city council, and there are a lot of young people in Bellingham. Maybe when election season comes, I will support Hammill, but we don’t even know who is running for that position yet. Hopefully, we will have an even better choice than both of the candidates.

        Sorry about not getting back sooner- I just don’t look back on posts that are nearly a month old very often.

        All I can say is that I want Bob Burr to be on the city council, or at least some government office. And if you want a reason, here- He is an actual community activist; not a party-controlled, corrupt politician that focuses on serving the Democratic Party more than the people of the area he represents. He actually took stands against coal trains, not just pretended to. Burr is actually interested in protecting the environment, and the quality of life in Whatcom County, and Bellingham. If you disagree, I would be happy to provide further reason. You can say that he has no knowledge of politics in Bellingham. Feel free, but this time, it won’t go as easy. I have LOTS of reason to support him. And it is very disappointing to me that people far to the left can NEVER win.

      • Thanks for your response which I found most reassuring. I agree on Bob Burr, whom I supported when he ran against Roxanne for the at-large seat. I think Bob is Bellingham’s Adlai Stevenson. People are afraid of his intellectual capacity, his astuteness and direct language. Too bad for Bellingham. The Democrats failed the city by not putting all they had behind this man.

  5. Exactly right Dick. She was not even up to speed on the issues in her own neighborhood. Ms. Murphy was not the least bit supportive or knowledgeable with respect to the Sunnyland Neighborhood Association’s long battle against irresponsible planning and zoning for the DOT site—perhaps the major issue for at least the last seven years in Sunnyland.

    More generally: If a representative of a neighborhood does not even make the effort to acquaint her(his)self about the history of the important issues the local neighborhood associations have taken stands on, how can they be considered good representatives? The city of Bellingham IS the neighborhoods, and their interests ARE the interests of the city as a whole. When something is bad for a neighborhood, it is generally bad for the city too.

    • Thanks, Mike. Perhaps we might hear from Mr. Gibson about his comment. I don’t see people flocking to support it.

  6. Frankly, I wish we could get Pat Mckee to run. For many years one of the most well-informed, tenacious, and dedicated neighborhood leaders in Bellingham.

  7. […] I wrote a few weeks ago about the oncoming battle of the titans between newly appointed City Councilman Dan Hammill and At […]

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