Posted by: sweeneyblog | November 4, 2014

2014 Election Night Live-Blog

Hello Loyal Readers!

Welcome to the 4th annual election night live-blog! I’m here, safely ensconced at the Mount Baker Theatre awaiting the results at the Democrats election night party. I will be bringing you local reactions as the night goes on, although I can tell you right now, there is already a somber feeling in the room as the national results come rolling in.

You can support the work we do here at The Political Junkie by making a donation hereWe are sadly camera-less today so you will have to rely on my lovely flowing descriptive text.

Lisa “Most likely to be name dropped in a Tea Party conspiracy theory” McShane has arrived. She says her focus this year is on the Charter Review candidates, “I hope we win those! They are super important!”

20141104_194358Scott Brown just made history by becoming the first candidate to lose to two different women for US Senate. In the bad news column, Kentucky just reelected Mitch McConnell.

Ralph Schwartz, Bellingham Herald reporter, has arrived. He reveals that he and Samantha Wohlfeil drew straws for who went to which political party event. Punchline? “They both were the short straw.” Aaaaaand Ralph just tweeted me.

Tony Wallace, mildly conservative charter review candidate, is feeling positive for tonight. “I didn’t see any other messaging occurring among the candidates aside from yard signs. No one went digital, leaving that open to me.” He also notes that he broke the $5,000 barrier this year, without taking PAC or coal money. “Being told by Nick Evans (Republican Political Director) to either leave Whatcom County or leave the Republican party . . . selecting him to represent their political party shows how out of step they are.” Wallace is the former state college Republican chair.

I ran to the campaign managers for Satpal Sidhu (Patrick Stickney) and Joy Monjure (Erik Goheen). Goheen, looking dapper in a brown sport coat, is a nervous bundle of energy. “There is no words to describe the feeling before the election results come in,” said Goheen. “I’m an Ocean of Zen,” said Stickney.

Seth Fleetwood on Election Night

Seth Fleetwood on Election Night

“If we lose Colorado, the Republican’s take the Senate.” “Refresh Colorado!” The crowd is rowdy but definitely subdued. Mike Estes has taken the microphone and doing his best to pump up the audience. “The three candidates this year in the 42nd are some of the strongest we’ve ever had.”

Bre, coordinated campaign manager for the Whatcom Dems, rattles off some of the numbers, citing over 60,000 calls made and 40,000 doors knocked on.

Seth Fleetwood takes the stage and is already choked up. “It has been a phenomenal effort and I can’t thank you all enough.” He gives a shout out to his campaign manager – who is currently in the corner of the room refreshing the auditor’s page.

Thank you to everyone who is following this liveblog – including Sen. Kevin Ranker:

Tensions are high as we wait for the results. Joy Monjure has arrived and takes the stage to say a few words. “I can’t believe the support and volunteerism this year, it has been amazing!” Monjure is excited, “What I have learned about this is I am going to get REALLY involved, win or lose!” She thanked her campaign manager and then her husband, in that order.

PUD Candidate Bob Burr takes the stage and solemnly intoned his thanks to the crowd. “If you are one of the democrats who didn’t support me because I’m too radical, I hope I can win without your support.”

Results I-594 come in very positive and the crowd explodes in cheers. Unfortunately I-591 seems to be passing right now, to everyone’s confusion. Suzan DelBene is walloping Pedro – to no one’s surprise.

Aaaand the results are in and everyone I like lost. A tad dramatic but all three Democratic candidates in the 42nd lost. Bob Burr lost. Charter Review only 6 out of the 15 endorsed Democratic candidates won (although my endorsed conservative, Jon Mutchler won!).

For lighter news, I asked Michael Lilliquist if he was going to announce his mayoral campaign next week. He said that is “not something to be taken lightly,” and that he is “fighting city hall over the budget every day and this isn’t funny to me.”  This is my official response.

Onto other news, the biggest surprise for Charter Review is Eileen Sobjack, darling of the Tea Party, pulling a huge lead in Charter Review district three. She did not put up big signs or campaign heavily like some of the other candidates but beat all the others.

Noted political consultant Cathy Allen is in attendance, she worked for Satpal Sidhu this year. She notes that Satpal raised over $148,000 this year, an impressive sum for a first time candidate and a great show of support.

Other local news, Blaine will remain plain “Blaine” as the voters reject the name change by a 2 to 1 margin. Ferndale shot down the gas tax. And I continue to wallow in sorrow

Me right now

Initiative I-594 won (YAY!) and I-591 lost (YAY!) but that is the long and short of our good news for competitive races this year. I’m going to head home tonight. Tune in tomorrow on KBAI 930AM at Noon for a little election analysis from me and there will be some pretty maps analyzing what happened in the coming week.



  1. See you soon Riley. Appreciate the live Blog but I need to come be with my pals to see what the night brings. If you are keeping score, mark me “very concerned”.

  2. Ha! Nice, Riley. Already you’ve given me something to smile about. Thank you!

  3. Great comments. I couldn’t make it tonight so will be checking your blog all evening for local updates. Go Riley! Hugs to Brina

  4. Reading from under a down comforter and a pile of dogs. Thanks!

    • Ditto.

    • See you soon. We need a revolution against voter suppression and big money in politics. All our knocking on doors can’t stand up to billions from Karl Rove and the Koch’s.

      • Don’t forget Billionaire “Fossil Fuel Investor” Tom Steyer.

  5. That would be Lisa “worked so hard and for so many years with Dan on behalf of Whatcom she knows more than most people about issues and how to get things done” McShane….

    Thanks for the laugh, Riley. It would be nice to watch good returns with friends, but I’m more comfortable watching tonight in my cozy Tempurpedic bed.

    Regards to all you die-hards.


    • PS: Best coverage is on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman.

      • Amy Goodman the avowed Marxist?

      • Wayne – When you survive a near-death beating while on assignment in East Timor and STILL speak truth to power, then you will have as much credibility as Amy Goodman.

  6. I’m glad you didn’t use nose-drip Tennant.

  7. A song for for Seth Fleetwood :

  8. I hope we have all new leadership in the county democrats for 2016 and many better campaign plans then we have had in years. This is a wake up call that will be calling for months!

  9. I missed the comic relief about Lillyquist for mayor. Thanks for the belly ache.

  10. First, let us wait until the results come and are analyzed before deciding to experience sorrow and regret. I am impressed that 66K votes (2013 GE total?) are in the courthouse now. Additionally, I am guessing there may be – 18K – 22K beyond that which would make this turnout some kind of off year record, probably the best turnout in the top ten WA counties and especially impressive since you didn’t concentrate on the 40th LD. No matter what happens, you made friends, impressed a lot of us, ran great candidates and showed heart. But before self-doubt sets in let us see what the final total look like…

  11. This is a joke!

  12. This was the most energetic campaign I have seen democrats mount in years, and I was hoping for better results. In the end, I hate to say it, but it comes down to MONEY. The last few days, I’ve been inundated by Republican sponsored firestarters of all sorts. I could probably heat my house for a month, just on Doug Erickson flyers. (Incidentally, the Fleetwood book was impressive) I guess the 42nd District, once again, has the best representation money can buy.

    • Tom Steyer?

  13. The first two things the Democrats need to do is dump Reid and Pelosi and get fresh new leadership. They have lost more seats than anybody in history. I hope Senator’s Cantwell and Murray will stand up to Reid and
    tell him to go. Our house members should do the same. New leadership now is the answer.

    • I agree Gene. We also need to change out the local democratic leadership completely. If you are going to clean house clean it all! Fresh ideas, goal setting real networking, and start ASAP. None of this waiting stuff.

    • Yeah!

  14. Local Dems – Okay, you lost. What are you going to do now? There are all kinds of projects. Since agriculture is my thing, my list of community projects is in that sphere, but there are a LOT of other things you could be doing. Spend a day or two whining; you deserve it. But by Saturday, you should be doing the real work.

    • Good advice Walter but will the deaf listen to it? Or just make excuses to maintain a “business as usual” losing strategy?

    • They will be “whining” for months.

      How about Riley to replace Estes for “chair”? That you put the final nail in the coffin.

      • Not going to happen. I’m stepping down at the end of the year.

  15. Sandy Brewer, according to the Bellingham Dog Trainer, Fleetwood outspent Ericksen by about 400k

    • Why would I want to “survive a near-death beating while on assignment in East Timor?

      What has credibility have to do with “Amy Goodman the avowed Marxist”? She can be a Marxist and still have credibility.

      • Wayne – Amy Goodman has credibility. You don’t. Her credibility is based on her sacrifice and still doing her job (and doing it well I might add!). Taking a cheap shot at her doesn’t destroy her credibility, especially as you do not seem to be doing anything for the public.

        And don’t even try to defend yourself. Calling somebody a “Marxist” is a cheap shot. You are starting to sound like Ralph Schwartz.

      • It is not A “CHEAP SHOT”, it is MY OPINION after watching her over the years.

        Credibility does NOT come from sacrifice.

        You don’t have a clue as to my credibility. Me doing something for the public or NOT has NO bearing on my credibility.

        And please don’t lecture me or compare me to Ralph Schwartz.

    • Who is a dog trainer, I have a dog that needs to be training?

  16. Those heavily invested in the political process might want to read the following NYT article:

  17. Wayne – Calling somebody names that bring out the rednecks baying for blood is a cheap shot. Here are two examples:

    Wayne Farber: Amy Goodman the avowed Marxist?
    Ralph Schwartz: Walter Haugen is more anarchist than liberal?

    See the similarities?

    When you take cheap shots at people, you are going to get called out once in awhile. Grow up.

    • And by the way, when I take a cheap shot at someone, I admit it. Grow some balls, fer chrissakes.

      • “See the similarities”? Yes, they both describe someones ideology. So I called Amy out and Ralph called you out. I guess the First Amendment only applies to you and your Liberal/Progressive pals. Am I attacking them or just describing the ideology?

        OK, here is another one for you: Barack Obama is an avowed Marxist as was his mother, his father and his mentor Frank Marshall Davis.

        Isn’t calling rednecks rednecks calling others names?

        I am not calling Amy Goodman a name, I am describing her ideology. Just like you people call us Tea Partiers.

        “My balls” are a lot bigger than your raisins. 🙂

      • AAAAND this thread is done. Go find something else to do, you do, before I start whacking comments.

      • Give me an example of a recent “cheap shot” you took of someone.

        cheap shot* (noun)

        sports : an unfair hit made against an opponent

        : something that one person says about another that is not kind or fair : a critical and unfair comment

        *Merriam Webster

        You must have misspoke and used the wrong term because I was talking about Amy’s ideology.

  18. Riley,

    I assume (being the “fair” person that you try to be) you admonished Walter also.

    • It was aimed at both of you.

      • He was the one to describe “body parts” first, i just responded.

  19. Thank you for the write-up Riley. I felt a little bit out of place, since I didn’t know anybody at the viewing party.

    • That’s why I hide behind me computer – less chance of anyone noticing me 🙂

  20. […] eye, her natural skills as a peacemaker and an (almost) complete dearth of credible opponents. Michael Lilliquist took umbrage recently at my repeated insinuations that he may run against Linville this year but he remains one […]

  21. […] Doug Ericksen, flush from his victory over Seth Fleetwood, proposed a rather odd piece of legislation. He, along with Sen. Michael Baumgartner (R-Spokane), […]

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