Posted by: sweeneyblog | October 14, 2014

Tune in TONIGHT at 6pm for Political Comedy

Like the Daily Show but with way less talent

Like the Daily Show but with way less talent

Whatcom County has been an innovator in the realm of unintentional political comedy, tonight, I am aiming to do it on purpose for once.

Tonight at 6pm at, the Political Junkie will take to the airwaves with a live video broadcast. I will be doing political comedy as well as interviewing Joy Monjure about her race for state representative.

Tune in to find out the real reason why Rep. Jason Overstreet retired, the title to Pete Kremen’s unpublished memoirs and much much more.

See you tonight at 6pm at



  1. The REAL reason Jason Overstreet retired-he came out of the closet or some other sordid reason.

    How about something simple like family obligations? He lived in Whatcom County with his family, worked in Seattle as a fireman and also served as a legislator in Olympia along with meeting frequently with his constituents in the 42nd.

    i would assume that you would speak the TRUTH (in the Republican dictionary ONLY) and NOT Libel him. Retained attorneys will be watching and listing tonight.

    • I love laughing at this guy. He really doesn’t have any life does he?

    • Wayne – Don’t you mean “. . . and NOT Liberal him.”? Haw, haw, haw. (That’s me trying to be a good ole boy.)

  2. Easy, Wayne. Overstreet is a public figure and speech rights give the media wide latitude in what they might say about him.

  3. In his “retirement” statement Jason said he wanted to spend more time with his family … but he dressed up that standard excuse by adding that he wanted to be there to raise his children “… in fear and admonition of the Lord.”

    Then there’s the fact that his record in Olympia was so dismal (not one bill he ever sponsored or signed onto ever made it out of committee) that he realized he couldn’t get re-elected and, if he did, nothing he wanted would get done.

  4. Um, Mr. Farber, “Coming out of the closet” is not “sordid”. It’s either entirely practical, if it’s not a spacious, walk-in closet (badda boom!) or it’s a reference to openly declaring one’s formerly private sexual orientation. Since sexual orientation is protected by Washington State law, among other protected class rights, “sordid” doesn’t seem applicable, except for declaring your own distaste and possible propensity for now-illegal discrimination. I am not an attorney, but, how am I doing, attorneys lurking in the wings?

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