Posted by: sweeneyblog | October 10, 2014

Friday Odds and Ends: Hope-Less, Forums, and Whatcom Comedy

Hello Loyal Readers, 

It is time for more Odds and Ends but first a big announcement. Here at the Political Junkie, we are always striving to try new things and explore new ways to engage you, the reader, in the political process.

Yes, that's me with a TV on my head

Yes, that’s me with a TV on my head

That is why I am proud to announce that we are producing first Political Junkie television broadcast! On Tuesday, October 14th, I will be doing a LIVE webcast of this blog, streaming video through the internet to your computer screen, thanks to the good people at Varvid.

Our goal is to take the format of The Daily Show and bring that blend of comedy, interviews and insight to Whatcom County. I will be interviewing candidates for State Legislature and providing some local comedy.

RSVP for the broadcast at and tune in!

With the self-promotion out of the way, let’s move on to the other tidbits of the day.

Those of you who missed the bombshell of a Bellingham Herald story, the Whatcom Republicans political director Nick Evans was arrested for Domestic Violence last month. He also missed his court date for a King County DUI. Evans was the lead political organizer for the party, as well as the field director for Congressional candidate Pedro Celis, Charter Review candidate and by day, an insurance salesman that was unclear about the basic facts of health insurance. The Whatcom Republicans and Pedro Celis have all distanced themselves from Evans after his arrest however he is still on the ballot in November.

The Bellingham Senior Activity Center is hosting a candidates forum next Weds, the 15th from 1-3pm. Almost all the state legislative candidates, Democrats and Republicans, have RSVP-ed and audience questions will be allowed.

Finally, remember the story of Rep. Mike Hope? He was a Republican who served in the state legislature this year but was actually living and registered to vote in Ohio. He served, collected a paycheck for 11 months even though it was illegal for him to do so. The state looked into going after him to get back the money paid in salary to him during that time but it looks like they won’t get that money back. Disappointing to say the least.

That’s all folks, back to the regular grind and I will see you on live-web broadcast this Tuesday!



  1. Mike Hope? Tell us about Rick Larson using his mother’s address for his WA address. Hypocrisy!

    • Whatever, Wayne – the guy’s not obliged to maintain an empty house in WA while he;s representing most of the time in DC. That’s not even in the same ballpark as someone who leaves the State and continues to draw his State Rep salary. This seems to me to be criminal fraud – why has Hope not been prosecuted?

      • Not true. To represent a district you must be a resident of the diof the state you want to represent. You may have a SECOND residence in the Washington, DC area but your PRIMARY residence must be in your state. Larson is in violation. Others are in violation.

        “The U.S. Constitution does not require candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives to live in the district they wish to represent,” It sets three requirements. “You must be at least 25 years old, must have been a U.S. citizen for at least the past seven years, and must live in the state you want to represent.”

        If this was NOT true Larson could run for anyone of the 435 US House seats.

    • Cool! Can we get rid of Rick Larson on a technicality?

      • Maybe, he stays at his mother’s when in WA but has his own place in the DC area.

      • Rick always was a Mommy’s boy. To his credit, he is saving the taxpayer money. Fewer flights back because Mommy and District is less important than Wife/Children and District. One common denominator between the Walters, Waynes and Bobs of this Area is that none of us like Rick; but, of course, he is a shoo-in.

  2. Although not a Republican, with his support of the GPT at Cherry Point, (R)ep. Larsen is probably about as close as the Elephants will see as a Rep. in the redrawn 2nd.

    • We don’t want him.

  3. Speaking of bombshells, how about this?: Riley Sweeney engages in serial repetitive copyright infringement!!

    • Was that one of yours Dave? I’m really sorry. I’ll take it down.

      • You dunce. All I want is a frickin’ credit. I downloaded the photo from your blog, opened it in a browser, and there was my copyright, appended to the file. Why don’t you wake up and ask permission?

    • A serial plagiarizer no doubt.

      You should see him wolf down a CURE BURRITO at the Home Skillet.

      • I really do not appreciate your making fun of my family name After swimming the Rio Grande, my granddad made a huge success of himself. Like so many immigrants before him, dropping the ITO from our surname allowed him to live the American Dream without discrimination. If it had not been for the Great Depression, I never would have had to work a day in my life. So close, but still so far. Yet, he would be proud of me today. I have experienced a small modicum of success, despite my teacher, military Dad having been born to wealth.,.

      • Sorry that Riley ate one of your relatives (Cure Burrito). I guess he is related to Hannibal the………

        Are you part Japanese? ITO is a Japanese name.

        I always thought Burr had to do with saddles or cold weather. Thanks for the clarification.

  4. Who is lets-stalk-family?

  5. Whatever one thinks of Mr. Hughes’ personal misfortunes, I think that the way in which you chose to trade on them for personal benefit is petty and small, to be kind.

    • Well Dave, that is how the self-centered Leftists with a sense of entitlement operate.

  6. Sorry that Riley ate one of your relatives (Cure Burrito). I guess he is related to Hannibal the………

  7. Good luck on the webcast. Maybe after Jan 17, the new Bellingham FOX TV station will pick up some episodes of RileyVision?

    • i would like to see a video of Riley eating a whole Cure Burrito (my apologies to Bob Burr) at the Home Skillet.

      • I’ve seen Riley eat a burrito…trust me its not exciting enough for him to get this much billing over, or to be on tv. He has many other talents I’d much rather enjoy watching him do.

      • KINKY!

  8. Wayne, Thank you for being sensitive to my sensitivities.

    • Your welcome.

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