Posted by: sweeneyblog | September 12, 2014

Friday Odds and Ends: Stumbles, Steals and Salaries

First of all, two whole weeks without an Odds and Ends? RIOTS IN THE STREETS! Don’t worry, this lovely feature was just put on hold while I sorted out the busy season of my day job. With work back to a manageable level, we are back at full power and ready to tackle all the news that’s fit to print.

County Executive Jack Louws announced his appointments for the Salary Commission. You may remember the Salary commission was an attempt to examine how much we are paying our elected county officials and to make recommendations in time for the Charter Review commission. Naturally, I scoured the list of nominees to the Salary commission for any evidence of nefarious appointments.

And was sadly disappointed. Just a standard bunch of community advocates, HR professionals and even a labor representative (Hi, Al Jensen!). Nothing to report.

On the other end of the scandal meter, Republican candidate Pedro Celis is in some hot water for plagiarizing the tea party candidate who bumped off Eric Cantor. Celis, after struggling to even make it through the primary, hired a new consultant to shake up his website. The result, the new consultant copied and pasted who paragraphs from his previous work and slapped them up on Celis’ site.

It is no secret that political consultants reuse old campaign themes, for instance local strategist Lisa McShane often urges her candidates to focus on clean drinking water since it is, you know, rather important to most people here. However, usually the candidate puts their own voice into the issue rather than lifting whole reams of text. Disappointing move from a campaign already on life-support.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R)

Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R)

Speaking of Republican woes (side note: “Speaking of Republican Woes” would make a great alternate title for this blog), Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, Republican Congresswoman from Eastern Washington, is fighting some significant ethics investigations. This story started to develop when a disgruntled staffer left her office and revealed that her congressional office had been using public resources for campaign activities, a big violation of the Hatch Act.

McMorris-Rodgers, who received national attention this year when she was chosen to offer the blandest response to a state of the union address since Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid tried to do a duet in 2005. She is a senior member of the house leadership and these allegations could prove a stumbling block for future political aspirations.

Lastly, I would like to offer a brand new award for “Best. Comment. Ever.” to Wendy Harris who managed to make me spew my coffee all over my laptop. In my recent post about filling the remainder of Cathy Lehman’s term, Harris offered her own satirical platform for office:

I intend to use my elected status Vegas style. What is the point of filling wetlands, destroying habitat, killing wildlife, cutting down trees, and increasing impervious surface unless you are getting rich? Destroying our future to allow developers to get rich is dumb. I am running on a corruption and greed platform, because finally, city policies will make sense. I suggest that developers start getting their checkbook out.

Oh, yeah, one more point for my platform… F_ _k the Lake.

Thank you, Wendy, for making my day. As the great philosophers of our generation stated in the sacred volumes of our age,



  1. “FTL” should henceforth be an insider reference to Wendy’s platform. I intend to use it liberally.

  2. Who is ldnstopsms. I think I know.

  3. Who is tjwprf and RubieBegonia? I am thinking about using my old ALIAS due to lack of enforcement.

    • He’s Norm Pennington.

      • Who is Norm Pennington, the fat guy from CHEERS?

    • tjwpfr is Terry Weschler – she has repeatedly said so and if you click the link, her name is right there.

      • My new slogan: Fuck the Lake . Show me the money. €:•)

        I can’t believe you let this on your blog Riley.

      • You seemed to have a BIG problem when “I” (moi) used an ALIAS. Special rules for “special people”.

  4. hwendyo is Wendy?
    Riley, you might have been had.
    Should I post as Davesix?

    • Some of the commenters use wordpress and it automatically uses their handle instead of their name – if they have repeatedly used their full name previously and when you click the link, you find their name, I’ll allow it.

      • Darn you two meddling kids. I never thought you would crack the code, and figure out that hwendy0 was Wendy Harris. Before you put away your decoder rings, tell me this.. did the fact that I stated in a post “My name is Wendy Harris” tip my hat? I gotta remember to stay 2 steps ahead of Dave.

  5. Damn! I wasn’t drinking coffee when I read your column. (only choked on a food bite). Glad Wendy Harris has finally showed that she is an Aquarius! (if memory serves).

    And you sharing Bill and Ted, priceless. I watched it 1 1/2 million times, having a son near your age. (only Back to The Future watched more. How about Beat Street? Watched that 2 Million times.

    My new slogan: Fuck the Lake . Show me the money. €:•)

    Sent from my iPhon


  6. The “Progressive” always have these “elitist tendencies”.

    • The “Conservatives” always use these “air quotes” when they think they are being “clever”. It’s “hilarious”.

      • What is an “air quote”?

  7. when does the odd end ? Friday nite at the Blues Brothers followed by the Northern lights.

    • In Red Square in Moscow.

  8. I also liked the “Be Excellent to Each Other” finish. A sports reporter in Pittsburgh ends all his blog posts with those words. Probably should be at the end of every blog that allows comments.

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