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Majority of Fleetwood Donations From Working People, Tribes and Teachers

As promised in my examination of Sen. Doug Ericksen’s fundraising yesterday, it is only fair that I take a look at Seth Fleetwood’s donations. As a whole, Fleetwood has raised $154,000 compared to Ericksen’s $230,000 but the differences run deeper than that.

Examining Fleetwood’s public disclosure records is more labor-intensive, mainly because he has far more small donors (over 1,000 donors so far, with over 800 at the $200 or less level) and the big donors happen to be people, rather than organizations. However, there are definitely some trends – here are all the details:

  • $1,900 from the WA Trial Lawyers association
  • $3,350 from local Tribes
  • $5,000 from education groups (students and teachers)
  • $7,600 from statewide progressive groups (i.e. FUSE, Washington Conservation Voters, etc)
  • $17,675 raised from unions across the state (some local, some state-wide)
  • $119,170 from individual donors
fleetwood donations copy

Seth Fleetwood Donations

That’s a pretty lopsided chart. Removing the organizations and just looking at individual donations, 82.1% come from Whatcom County with the remaining 16.9% coming mainly from Seattle. Large donors include local other elected officials such as Rud Browne, Rep. Kris Lytton and of course, Sen. Kevin Ranker.

As much as I hate the cliche, this looks like a people-powered campaign funded by small donors eager to see Ericksen’s ethically-challenged political career come to an end.




  1. Nice job on both pieces, Riley. We’re lucky to have you.

    • Awww, thank you. It is either write this blog or shout at my newspaper.

      • You do a great job at shouting.

    • Agreed. Thanks for the reporting, Riley.

  2. Time to get the checkbook out — again! SF needs more small donations. Funny, where’s our friend Farber? He should be screaming about something awful you’ve written.

    • Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

      • LOL.

    • So Seth will return Tom’s checks? LOL!

  3. Seth Fleetwood’s $119,000 worth of REAL PERSON’S Honest hard earned dollars is worth way more than 240k in a few mere Corporate write-off’s any day…

  4. Seth Fleetwood’s $119,000 worth of REAL PERSON’S Honest hard earned dollars is worth way more than 240k in a few mere Corporate write-off’s any day…
    Financial political capital represents ‘less’ in any form of ‘values’ when compared to the worth of a popular majority social capital. How do we reach: Honest deliberation toward creating an actual fair and equitable economic balance? is it possible ? Who would you trust more to lead it? The guy with the most -BIGSIGNS- along I-5 ??? No, I don’t think so!
    We need a WORKHORSE, (Who occasionally happens to wear sunglasses) – NOT A SHOW HORSE, who wants another meal ticket !!!

  5. Nicely done, Riley; colorful graph is so impressive.

  6. It’s early. Something in me suspects that the composition of contributors will change.

  7. By the way, no in-kind contribution from his landlord?

    I suspect that the pusillanimous treatment of Fleetwood by the tribes reflects their estimation of his chances for victory. After all, statewide, the tribes are among the largest democrat contributors.

    • Oh Dave, you are so Spiroesque. Pusillanimous indeed. You and I are so last century…..

      But to suggest that the tribes are a cowardly bunch and that Fleetwood is a carpetbagger brings to mind a quote by 60’s satirist Mort Sahl….”Are there any groups I haven’t offended”?

  8. Forgive me for three comments in a row: I think the Junkie should question Mr. Fleetwood about his place of residence and about whether he pays out of personal funds for both his residence on Seventeenth street and his new residence at 1504 Irving Way ( about four grand rent, folks!), which, fortuitously for him, is in the 42nd district.

  9. Questions about Seth’s place of residence may be legit but I think it has actually been resolved that he lives at 1504 Irving Way. And, I don’t hear that any other candidate else has been asked to reveal what they pay in rent or mortgage, or whatever else. Most importantly, Seth is a NATIVE of Bellingham. Has held elected office in Bellingham and Whatcom Co. Went to Bellingham schools.
    BUT, what is vitally important is VISIBILITY! I want to see his name up in LIGHTS! How about a blimp? Nobody should be saying “Seth Fleetwood? Who’s that?” HMM – guess that takes money,

  10. Seth was last registered to vote at 6999 Helwig Rd, Blaine WA.,+Blaine,+WA+98230/@48.9046758,-122.7657789,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x5485c00f3316fa75:0x5a7791b51f1dd187

    Take care to look at Street view, so you can see the picnic tables. Do you suppose he didn’t know the real address of the place in which he claimed to live, which belonged to a democrat party functionary, that is actually at another address?

    Do you know anyone else who has been registered to vote in four different places in the last year or so, one of which is imaginary?

    Of course, Seth could put this issue to rest by disclosing the expenditures, couldn’t he?

  11. Thanks for all the work Riley. This seems to be a very, very real trend and, I would say, a problem. It even extended down to our last port race. What fascinates me is this dissonance on the right where people won’t stop long enough to understand “where” the message is coming from then divorce themselves from messengers who have absolutely nothing in common with them. I remember hearing about how large Rush Limbaugh’s humidor – you know a cigar storage device – is, larger than my last house, yet folks cling to his words as if he were the voice of the common man. Seth has support from “everyman” and that kind of respect is something to be vwry, very proud of.

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