Posted by: sweeneyblog | August 22, 2014

Friday Odds and Ends: Departures, Vincent Buys, and the Curious Queer

Hello Loyal Readers, 

That’s right, we are back in the saddle with today’s Odds and Ends – required reading for all the movers and shakers in Whatcom County and beyond.

Lorna Klemanski

Lorna Klemanski

More personnel turnover at the City of Bellingham as long-time Human Resources Director Lorna Klemanski departs for Chelan County Public Utility District. Readers of this blog may recognize the name from the City of Bellingham employee moonlighting scandal that we unearthed back in 2011 where three employees of the Public Works department were moonlighting as contractors and actually competing with the City for contracts.

Klemanski, in her role as interim Human Resources Director, had an “informal discussion” with the lead employee Don Burdick, where she did not keep any notes of the meeting but gave her informal approval. She then accused me of trying to make something out of nothing. Later it was revealed that she and Burdick had been carpool buddies for several years before this situation arose.

Mayor Kelli Linville looks to this as an opportunity to improve the human resources department. Linville from the press release, “Lorna always told me that when someone leaves, it’s a great opportunity see if we can do things better. I’ll take this time to see if we can make some changes that will make sense and continue to provide the high-level of service that our employees and the public expects.”

Rep. Vincent Buys

Rep. Vincent Buys

In other news, Rep. Vincent Buys raised some eyebrows recently during the Lynden Fair Horse show where he drove around the arena in his campaign truck while the announcer informed the crowd how lucky we are to have Buys as our representative and how we should all vote for him in November.

I got numerous emails crying foul that this was a violation of their non-profit status, however a quick check at the Public Disclosure Commission shows that he bought $2,600 worth of advertising from the fair – I’m going to wager this was part of the deal.

Finally, I want to introduce you to a brand-new local blog that is doing some FANTASTIC work.  The Curious Queer, written by Bellingham local Stephanie Kountorous, started as a column in The Betty Pages but has now spun out into its own site where Kountouros sits down with big thinkers for in depth interviews centering around, but not limited to, LGBTQA issues. Check it out, it is worth the read.

That’s it for now but stay tuned, I may have to throw up a “BREAKING NEWS” post later today.



  1. Political bloggers aren’t necessarily sick, they just “throw up” breaking news.

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