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Friday Odds and Ends: Sports, Sutherland and Success

Hello Loyal Readers,

A whirlwind of excitement this week – primary elections and the Seahawks pre-season. While many of my readers are not big fans of the sportsball with the sports playing and the moving of the ball by sports people, perhaps this will interest you:

One of our star players is Marshawn Lynch and the Seattle Aquarium currently has a display where a tiny little crab carries around a Super Bowl trophy. The crab’s name? Marshawn Pinch. You’re welcome.

"Marshawn Pinch"

“I’m all about the wave action, boss”

Moving right along, I spoke with long-time PCO and honored Democrat, Hue Beattie, recently and he offered up an interesting theory about why Pedro Celis did so poorly, and Robert Sutherland did so well. Beattie contends that after deciding they did not want to vote for the Latino guy, Republican voters remembered former Public Lands Commissioner Doug Sutherland and thought that Robert Sutherland was the same guy. Case of mistaken identity propelling a sub-par candidate through the primary? Yes, this is your modern Republican party.

The last round of vote counting in Whatcom County did not produce positive results for the Democratic candidates running, but don’t give up hope yet. I’m still working on the numbers and should have some interesting analysis for you this weekend (the missus is out photographing a wedding, which means plenty of time to curl up with a cup of tea and precinct spreadsheets).

However, Rep. Rick Larsen’s charm offensive has been successful. This year, he made a concerted effort to reach out to Whatcom County Democrats, attending multiple events, asking for their endorsement in person and the results? He pulled 64.4% from Whatcom County, a full 9% higher than his results district-wide and his strongest county performance by far (Skagit and San Juan 55%, Snohomish 53%). Kudos to Larsen for his efforts and a tip of the hat to Whatcom County for responding well.

Stay tuned this weekend for some electoral analysis. Until then, enjoy the weather!



  1. Re: Pedro My thoughts exactly

  2. Local visits notwithstanding I wish I could feel good about Larson as a DEM. His voting record is my main concern. Scoop was often called the Senator from Boeing and Larson never saw a defense spending proposal that he didn’t like. I can’t seem to come up with a catchy tag line for him but he’s definitely is a prime “military Representative”…. Other tags?

  3. Candidate Pedro lacked the skills and the killer moves to go with his sweet campaign slogan and,
    like all the Democrats in general,
    never distinguished himself as different from the status quo in any way that might excite voters.
    Do we really think name recognition is the secret to election success among the undecided?

  4. “that after deciding that they did not want to vote for the Latino guy”-that is BLATANT LIE and is only in Beattie’s brain.

    Is calling the Republicans racist and bigoted ALL you got? if could vote in the 42nd I would have voted for Pedro mainly because his many achievements and character. Pedro has achieved the American Dream.

    • He may have achieved the American dream but he is having trouble achieving the “make it out of my own primary despite being the official Republican candidate and spending half a million dollars” mark.

      • That is because the democrats don’t like to vote for Latinos, only their votes.

      • How does that have anything to do with why republican’s didn’t vote for him in the primary? or is there another reason you believe republicans didn’t back Pedro?

      • Devlin,

        How do you know that Republicans did not vote for him in the primary?

  5. Another time name confusion could have occurred was 2004, that time it was candidates with the same first name. There was 23 candidates for the Charter Review Commission in District 3. The two candidates with the same first name were Todd Donovan and Todd Granger. I received mailings from two candidates for the Charter Review Commission; one mailing from Polly Hanson and three from Todd Donovan. The top five finishers served on the commission. Polly Hanson came in second, Todd Donovan came in seventh and Todd Granger came in 12th. I conculuded that Todd Donovan’s failure to get elected to the commission was name confusion.

  6. Some suspect that Tony Larson may have gotten some stray votes intended for Rick Larsen when Tony was elected.

    oh, and Riley, check your grammar around where you cite 9%.

    • Thank you for the catch!

      Very true about Larson and Larsen

  7. Ho, ho, ho! Good one Wayne. ” . . . the local Democrat party, all of this makes sense. In recent years, they have been taken over by the most extreme elements of the radical progressive left . . . .”

    The local Democrats are about as radical as Margaret Chase Smith. Here is a blurb from her US Senate bio:

    “On June 1, 1950, Margaret Chase Smith delivered in the Senate Chamber a “Declaration of Conscience” against McCarthyism, defending every American’s “right to criticize…right to hold unpopular beliefs…right to protest; the right of independent thought.” A Republican senator from Maine, Smith served 24 years in the U.S. Senate beginning in 1949, following more than four terms in the House of Representatives. She was the first woman to serve in both houses of Congress. At a time when it was unusual for women to serve in Congress, Smith chose not to limit herself to “women’s issues,” making her mark in foreign policy and military affairs. She established a reputation as a tough legislator on the Senate Armed Services Committee. She also became the first woman to run for president on a major party ticket in 1964.”

    It sounds pretty radical doesn’t it? Yet she was a mainstream REPUBLICAN. As usual Wayne, you have a remarkably short-sighted, amnesiac, and warped view of history, especially for someone who was supposedly involved in the Goldwater campaign in 1964 (when Margaret Chase Smith also ran in the primary, by the way). Both the Republicans AND the Democrats have moved so far right in the last 35 years that Richard Nixon would probably seem too liberal for BOTH parties! Your dim, dim view is that of a fanatic sitting on his front lawn on a seedy cul-de-sac, looking down the one road where all supplies come in and all garbage goes out, railing at the crowds of people far down the lane who are really one party but wear different colored shirts.

    The local Dems are about as radical as Hubert Humphrey.

    [And if you want my take on Hubert Humphrey, read Chapter 17: The Happy Warrior, in my latest book. Available on Amazon or at your local library.]

  8. Alright folks, I just deleted a whole string of comments today mainly for ad hominem attacks – against Hue Beattie and each other. Please remember that this is a volunteer effort – I have a day job – and can’t always eliminate offensive comments in a timely manner.

    So knock it off.

    My next step is to shut down comments on my blog and I don’t want to have to go there.

    • You might as well delete Walter’s last reply to me (BELOW) because my comment is gone and all your fans will be wondering what he is talking about (oh, maybe it doesn’t really matter anyway because he makes NO SENSE most of the time)

    • This is ad hominem?

      “I just read your “tome” on Humpty Dumpty and enjoyed the sugar-coating you applied to HHH”

      Walter gets his panties in a wad whenever I demolish his argument s(which is frequent) and then he resorts to his ad hominem attacks. He you just go plow his fields and not try to run with the Big Dogs (no Chihuahuas allowed).

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