Posted by: sweeneyblog | August 5, 2014

Primary Election Day, Live-Blog Tonight

Are you ready? It is election day! For those of you interested, I will be joining my Democratic brethren at the Chuckanut Brewery starting at 7pm and liveblogging the election results. For my previous election night liveblogs, check them out here. So you can either join us in person or tune in to this site tonight and get all the details in real time.

Live-blogging is hard work

Live-blogging is hard work

What is at stake: The big question will be how competitive are the races in the 42nd legislative district. The poll from NWCitizen found that Ericksen/Fleetwood is close (within the margin of error). A strong showing by Fleetwood would magnify the statewide attention on this race while a strong showing by Ericksen would encourage statewide donors to focus their efforts elsewhere.

As for the race for the open seat vacated by Leprechaun-economist Jason Overstreet, two candidates are going to get knocked out of the running. Currently Democratic candidate Satpal Sidhu is facing Republicans Luanne Van Werven, Bill Knutzen and Libertarian Nicholas Kunkel. My preference would be that Sidhu and Kunkel make it into the general, but I’m pretty darn sure that isn’t going to happen.

My prediction for tonight, firmly pulled from my Democratic mascot, is this:

Sidhu 44%
Van Werven 39%
Knutzen 17%
Kunkel 2%

Fleetwood 49%
Ericksen 49%

Buys 54%
Monjure 46%

Sadly, we will not get a vote total for Nyima, the dog running for County Prosecutor, since County Auditor Debbie Adelstein has decided not to count those votes. Last year, my facebook page became a digital waterhole for people to wait for the results and grumble about the Auditor’s office going to slow, this year I’m promoting a write-in candidate, if Adelstein has an enemies obnoxious people list, I’ve got to be nearing the top. That said, it will be amusing to see if our County Prosecutor has very few votes total.

Also – the Public Utility District race is competitive and I proudly predict Bob Burr will make it into the general.

Tune in tonight at 7pm for more fun or join me at Chuckanut Brewery for all the excitement.



  1. Did VanWerven send out a mailer? I didn’t get one. I’m told she had TV ads on cable and I’ve seen her easy to read signs. Knutzen had a mailer. People are used to voting for him, and he’s held office before. I’m leaning toward Knutzen making it into the top two.

    • Yeah, VanWerven and Knutzen.

  2. On the dog race, I had thought Debbie said she would release the total write ins for each race, but not individualized.

  3. Clayton I confirmed with Adelstein twice that she would release write-in totals with every count, including tonight. I wouldn’t assume all those are Nyima in the prosecutor’s race, of course. A not insignificant number of people not tuned in to Nyima’s campaign will write in something else to protest having only one choice in that race. -RS

    • Why do you need a choice when the clear choice is the incumbent?

      • I think it has to do with the sense of entitlement and privilege that being entrenched in the job encourages.
        I’d like to see term limits on every elected position so that others get a chance to serve whether they like it or not.
        If/when potential candidates are intimidated by an incumbent,
        especially one in a position of arbitrary authority like a prosecutor or a sheriff,
        they might be too nervous about the consequences of a challenge to enter the race.
        Running a write-in dog seems like a reasonable act of protest and since it’s not the first time an ineligible candidate has run for office,
        the auditor should treat that vote count as seriously as she would any other.

      • Not a clear choice at all. Many wish the dog would win.

      • I am sure it might hit 1%. 🙂

  4. davedoran,

    Are you talking about Jeff Morris (D)? He is also running unopposed.

    • Jeff Morris isn’t in a position to make your life hell but I’d set a three- term limit for him too.

  5. Write -in Riley Sweeney for State Representative District 40, Position 2

    • I am a proud resident of the 42nd legislative district – but thank you! Save that vote for Bellingham City Council in a few years (maybe).

      • The Bellingham City Council is all ready “chock full of” Liberals (Progressives) and Socialists (I am being nice and not saying Marxists). To be “fair” we some Conservatives to balance things out. Not every voter in Bellingham is a flaming Liberal.

        So don’t get your hopes up. 🙂

        And if you ran and got elected would you be willing to turn your blog over to “Clean Phil”?

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