Posted by: sweeneyblog | August 1, 2014

Friday Odds and Ends: Picnics, Pleas and Lapointe

Hello Loyal Readers,

Once again it is time for our Odds and Ends, all the news that is fit to print but not big enough to justify its own post. Speaking of post, if you check out the front page of the Herald today, you will find my rather ironic endorsement for county prosecutor. Enjoy!

Bob McDonnell (R)

Bob McDonnell (R)

Speaking of blatant self-promotion, the Whatcom County Democratic Women’s Club is hosting their annual picnic at Fairhaven Park this Sunday at 3 p.m. Admission is $10 and gets you a delicious meal and speeches from Rep. Suzan DelBene, Seth Fleetwood, Joy Monjure, Satpal Sidhu and some musical comedy by Judy Anderson and the owners of this blog. Check it out, should be a great event.

On the topic of comedy, the former governor of Virginia, Republican Bob McDonnell is facing a slew of criminal charges for accepting bribes while in the governor’s mansion. His defense? Oh, my wife was soliciting all those bribes because she was having an affair with one of my donors. I’m not sure if that is a legal defense, or a desperate plea for a movie deal, but either way, it has to be one of the more unusual legal defenses mounted for corruption charges.

Mike Lapointe, long-shot candidate for the 2nd Congressional District, got a boost recently when he received the unanimous endorsement of the San Juan Democrats over incumbent Rick Larsen. The central bone of contention? Larsen’s support for the Cherry Point terminal – a position that did not stop him from receiving the Whatcom County Democrats endorsement this year. Lapointe will be in town answering questions at RESources tomorrow at 6 p.m.

Finally, turn in your ballots! Primaries can be an important show of strength for candidates in close races and it could be the deciding factor in the race to replace Rep. Jason Overstreet. So get those ballots dropped off.



  1. Dang that Larsen guy is a reliable corporatist! No military-industrial project he doesn’t like in his district! My question for Mr. Larsen is, when some $10-million per year muck-a-muck from Boeing calls him, does he stay sitting, or does he stand and salute when he takes the call?

    • No, he says what’s for dinner (or lunch).

      • That’s more like Doug Ericksen’s line.

  2. Riley, this is proof positive that you have gone to the dogs> 🙂

  3. Yes Riley! Get those ballots dropped off (Nick’s picks? Fleetwood, Kunkel, Buys, Lapointe, and Nyima of course!)! Mike Lapointe is a well spoken guy with some good ideas regarding campaign finance and a willingness to have cross party dialogue, I have had the pleasure of running into him a few times over the course of the campaign season so far. We don’t see eye to eye on everything, but we are both SICK of the two party monotony.

  4. I was amused that Nyima got 2 front page hits on the Herald because of the correction (breeding ya know.)

  5. “…leading progressives, including political blogger Riley Sweeney…” We have to consider you a “leading progressive” now. Print yourself some business cards!

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