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Friday Odds and Ends: Hope, Canines and Kevin

Hello Loyal Readers,

Welcome to the full swing of campaign season! My mailbox is chock-full of mailers from Fleetwood and the state Republicans (still using that stolen photo) and the radio and television are airing ads and interviews. Hence, let’s dive right in.

Once again, it looks like the Bellingham Herald has passed on providing any endorsements in the primary – preferring to fill their pages with candidate-drafted content. While I understand the economics of the decision – having a well-informed and engaged editorial staff requires time and money, neither of which the Herald has in abundance – it is disappointing to see. I would rather see the Herald endorse a slate of right-wing Republicans, at least they would be involved in the public discourse, than sit out another cycle.

Speaking of sitting it out, Representative Mike Hope (R) in the 44th Legislative District (Snohomish) is resigning his seat after committing voter fraud. He had already promised to retire at the end of this year, having been offered a juicy job in Ohio, however, when the news came out that he had been voting over there while serving in the legislature here, he resigned in a hurry. While it will have little impact for the state legislature, it is a curious sequence of events.

Nyima, candidate for County Prosecutor

Nyima, candidate for County Prosecutor

Frustrated by our county prosecutor once again running unopposed? Vote for Nyima as a write-in. Young, frisky Nyima has entered the race to challenge the long serving county prosecutor, Dave McEachran. Nyima offers a fresh perspective, and a better understanding of the importance of comprehensive wildlife and habitat policies and programs.

Nyima’s appeal is not limited to the environmental community. He promotes a sustainable business agenda, which is pro-development (for dog parks), with incentives for local merchants that offer free dog snacks and water. He promises free poop bags to all citizens if he is elected. Please vote for Nyima as a write in candidate for county prosecutor. He definitely has my vote. UPDATE: In my rush to get this blurb added, I neglected to credit Wendy Harris for her wording. This endorsement was first posted on the Whatcom Hawk although I heartily share the sentiment. 

Finally, Sen. Kevin Ranker has finished his one-year term as president of the Pacific NorthWest Economic Region. The international group, composed of public officials from California to Northern Canada, worked on economic and environmental issues.

“PNWER is the best example there is of what can be accomplished when states, provinces and countries work together to advance the goals of their governments, businesses and their people,” Ranker said. “It was an absolute honor and privilege to serve as president of such an exemplary organization that will only continue to thrive under President Ramsey’s leadership.

“My time with PNWER is far from over. I will do everything I can to continue to maximize the potential of our beautiful corner of the world for the betterment of our district, our state and our country.”

This goes to show how state legislators can serve far beyond local legislation, contributing on an international level if they wish to be involved in bigger issues. You can talk with Ranker about his service with PNWER next Wednesday, the 30th, from 3 – 5 p.m. at Village Books.

That’s all for now, I have another guest post going live Monday and more results from the NWCitizen Poll coming this weekend.




  1. If Seth votes in the primary for himself (42nd) while living in the 40th, is that too voter fraud (like Hope)?

    “Nyima, candidate for County Prosecutor” proves that the Democrat party is going to the dogs. :-). Nyima is definitely a Democrat (Liberal, Progressive, Socialist) dog promising to give everyone handouts. “He definitely has my vote”-that says it all!

    PNWER is just another NGO under the UN AGENDA 21 umbrella.

    *Agenda 21 is a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development.[1] It is a product of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. It is an action agenda for the UN, other multilateral organizations (NGO), and individual governments around the world that can be executed at local, national, and global levels. The “21” in Agenda 21 refers to the 21st Century. It has been affirmed and modified at subsequent UN conferences.

    • Seth both lives in, and is registered to vote in, the 42nd. Mike Hope neither lived in nor voted in the district he was representing.

  2. Even though your suggestion of doing a write-in is tongue-in-cheek and making a statement, frivolous write in candidates make more work for people at the auditor’s office, and slows down the counting process.

    • What? These people get paid fer chrissakes. I work hard and I don’t even get paid. I would love it if I got paid for doing my job!

  3. Nyima has nothing on my candidate for County Prosecutor.

    • Awesome looking candidate, but looks will get you only so far. Platform?

  4. Is the prosecutor’s job so onerous that nobody wants it,
    or is it so powerfully entrenched that nobody dares challenge it?
    Look what happened to the opposition when the sheriff’s throne was threatened for the answer.
    Does voting for a write-in dog really hinder the tally of serious votes,
    or is it a vital part of the democratic system of protest against an incumbent?
    If a candidate runs unopposed, there wouldn’t be any reason to count their votes except for write-ins so I see it as a fair trade-off.

  5. Frustrated by our county prosecutor once again running unopposed? YES Vote for a local qualified attorney as a write-in. Tom Gilmore

  6. The write-in option is a serious way of suggesting another option. Using it as flippantly as you suggest only makes the voter look slightly foolish. You might assume that your readers will understand the intent of your suggestion, but I am sure that a certain number will follow your suggestion. Please treat the voting procedure with the same respect and insight you use on the rest of your blog.

    • You are quite right – the point is that it is disappointing that we do not have a choice for County Prosecutor.

      • No choice is needed, we have the BEST now.

        Why dumb it down?

      • And what about the seat for State Representative 40th District, position 2?

    • Encouraging people *not* to vote for a single candidate is probably the better strategy. The Auditor will only under extreme duress even bother to catalog write-ins unless they appear to be accumulating into a significant trend. Meanwhile, we can tell a lot about enthusiasm for a candidate through voter fall-off, a measure that gets distorted by frivolous write-ins.

      The reality is the most stale and static arena for public policy in Whatcom County is by way of its judicial/legal branch, which hasn’t changed much in many decades, while really significant policy has evolved elsewhere. Skagit County is a good counter argument to what can happen when the Prosecutors office changes hands a few times and goes through a housecleaning. Whatcom County badly needs this.

  7. An interesting question to ask conservatives in a follow-up poll might be to ask whether they believe economic development at Cherry Point ought to result in higher taxes for county residents. Following then, whether their support for that development would be altered if their taxes went up.

    As I detail this week in Cascadia Weekly, developments at the BP refinery could result in higher property taxes in unincorporated areas of the county adjacent to Cherry Point; elsewhere, I detail how the construction of GPT could pass unintended costs to Bellingham taxpayers unless county code is strictly applied, as requested by Bellingham City Council. Not trying to plug my work here, but I think it does raise an interesting puzzle for conservatives who support both heavy industry and lower taxes.

    • Tim, you are always welcome to plug your work here. 🙂

      • Thanks.

  8. This is probably going to come across as huffy or something but it’s not intended that way. I noticed your blurb about Nyima was identical to the one Wendy Harris posted one day earlier on her Facebook page, Whatcom Hawk. Now I saw under her post that you said you were going to be “totally borrowing” her statement for your Odds and Ends. And I’m only guessing that Wendy H. doesn’t disapprove, but I don’t know that for sure. Anyhow, I hate to raise the specter of the “P” word, because it is so deadly in journalism (blogging too), but in my humble opinion it would be better in future to cite where you get your words from, if you get them from someone else. -RS

    • You are absolutely right, I lifted most of that – with the enthusiastic approval of Frank James and Nyima – and should DEFINITELY have cited it. I was working fast and neglected that step. Very sorry and correcting that now.

      • Cool. Thanks for the response. I am blogging myself about Nyima today, and I will link back to this post. -RS

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