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Saturday Odds and Ends: Black Prepares, Herald Fumbles and Republicans Steal

Hello Loyal Readers,

Once again, it is time for our weekly feature, the Odds and Ends. Typically, it goes out on Friday, but I wanted to confirm a particularly juicy bit of gossip so I had to delay it to today. So let’s get to it.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Charter Review candidate and local businessman/developer Ralph Black. That interview will go live next week but I was able to confirm that Black is heavily considering running for Port Commissioner next year. Current Port Commissioner Dan Robbins has already described him as “Rob Fix and I’s pick for Port Commissioner next year.”

Ballots have been sent out for the primary and as such, the Bellingham Herald has been publishing opinion pieces from all the candidates running for Rep. Jason Overstreet’s seat. At the bottom of each article, the Herald wrote a little explanation:
Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 11.49.37 AM


And they were quite wrong. The 42nd Legislative district does NOT include all of Whatcom County – it is only the northern half. Everyone south of Alabama Street is in the 40th and I would hope that our newspaper of record in this County would know that. Or at least catch the error. But no, it was wrong every single time they published an opinion piece about the 42nd.

Pedro Celis and President Bush

Pedro Celis and a friend of his

In the race for the 1st Congressional District, Rep. Suzan Delbene’s Republican opponent, Pedro Celis, is already raising eyebrows over his tense relationship with the press.

He banned press from his campaign kickoff and then sent out a “news story” complete with canned quotes to the same reporters he banned from the event. Celis already earned some scorn for his use of push polls earlier this year.

Finally, my mailbox was full yesterday with candidate mailers. Most interesting was a hit piece from the State Republicans aimed at Seth Fleetwood. Fleetwood, a lifelong Whatcom County resident, got redistricted out of the 42nd in 2012 and moved back into it before filing date. This piece took aim at that.

Attack ad from WA Republicans

Attack ad from WA Republicans

However, what I found most interesting is that they stole pictures to do it. Judy Anderson, vice-chair of the Whatcom County Democratic Women’s club snapped a picture of Seth Fleetwood and Pete Kremen in their sunglasses at Joy Monjure’s kickoff. She posted it on the club facebook page and the Washington State Republicans stole it and put it in their mailer, without asking for permission.

Side note, yes you could argue that this was a fair use exemption to copyright law but I think an attack ad falls outside the “educational or informational” use.

Either way, it is pretty shoddy behavior and if you want to push back, drop by Seth Fleetwood’s campaign and volunteer.



  1. How many people are going to think that hit piece is a real estate ad and toss it w/o reading it?

  2. I think the GOP is going to find this hit piece doesn’t have a lot of traction. It’s not going to convince any uncommitted votes. Like me and many many others, Seth got redistricted out of the 42nd after he’d lived there all his life.

    • You were thinking about voting for Doug?

  3. I’m 1 block south of Alabama St, and in the 42nd!

    • I was one block south of Alabama and was in the 42nd and then the found out I was in the 40th due to re-redistricting..

  4. The division between 42nd and 40th is more complex than just Alabama Street. (A minor point in the big picture, but I respect accuracy.)

  5. Photographs of mine have been used on Democrat hit pieces, so both sides are guilty of that kind of behavior.

  6. Dan Robbins actually said “Rob Fix and I’s pick for Port Commissioner next year.”?? Rob and I’s…? I appreciate elected officials who are intelligent or, at least, sound intelligent.

    • No doubt he meant “I and I’s”, having just visited a recently-opened retail outlet.

      • So it was me’s?

  7. Going after low-information voters with deliberately misleading marketing is unfortunately par for the course for these guys. However, pretty much only their base can be fooled all the time.

    • Ditto for the Democrats too. Most people don’t have a clue.

      • Agreed. As my Mom used to say when anyone said “great minds think alike” – “and fools seldom differ”. ;>)

  8. Solving the confusion, one link at a time! Riley is more or less right about the Alabama St border, though one could dispute the minutia.

  9. I generally describe the district to people who are unfamiliar with the boundaries as being all of Whatcom County north of downtown and Alabama St. in Bellingham.

    • Get a map from Charlie Crabtree, he was one of the deciders in the new boundaries.

  10. Speaking of unusual district lines, I will be kayaking to Eliza Island on Sunday, July 27th to inform the few voters out there that they have a real option on the primary in 2014! Feel free to join us for the send off at Larrabee State Park boat launch at the cove, 11 AM. Rain or shine these citizens deserve a candidate willing to go, errr, paddle the extra mile! EXCEPTION: The only thing that would stop this would be wind waves more than 3 ft, but the forecast looks good!

    • What about JAWS? He has been sighted.

      • I’m willing to take that risk! I’d way rather see a six-gill though, but that isn’t likely given they live at depth and their numbers reduced from otter trawl fisheries… Maybe there will be some early Fraser sockeye jumping around!

  11. The Vote For Pedro signs are out as if there was ever any doubt there would be – T shirts and moonboots are next,
    and I see that fakey names are still allowed for some posters but not others.
    The local Realtor Association should be kinda peeved at the GOPers for that Seth mailer besmirching the reputation of multi-million dollar mansions.
    Do Republicans really believe that they can win votes by criticizing somebody’s rental house?

    • Pedro is running for office, hence campaign sign-DUH!

  12. Thank you Riley for hitting the Republican nail on the head. And let their be NO DOUBT: The republicans PILFERED MY PHOTO OF SETH FLEETWOOD and changed it to suit their own purposes. SHAME ON THEM.

    • He looks like of the Blues Brothers. Shame on you for setting Seth up.

      • Wayne, He’s on a mission from god.

  13. Riley,
    I do not know who Davesix is who posted here. Can you please ask people to use their full name or sign their posts so we know who they are according to your new posting policy?
    Thank you.

    • Agreed and also davedoran, Camp David, Tien Le and other aliases (like Walter (don’t take my ganja farm) Haugen.

      • Dave Doran, David Camp and Tien Le are all their actual names. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

      • Hey!

    • Sorry I missed that one – he usually uses his full name. Davesix is David Onkles, county planning commissioner and regular volunteer photographer for the Republicans.

  14. Riley,

    Seth should have planned ahead to avoid this Repub. cheap shot attack.

    How about a focus on the real issues — Ericksen’s dismal record on job creation, education funding and support (and his wife is a BSD teacher.), his lack of any oil train safety legislation. Look at his environmental record!


    • He has a great environmental record and he received a master’s degree in Environmental Policy at Western.

  15. Devlin, most (not me) on this blog think there is NO God.

    • Perhaps they just don;t like YOUR god. He’s the bad dad god, right?

      • Allah?

        “Say: He is Allah, The One and Only. “Allah, the Eternal, Absolute.
        “He begets not, nor is He begotten. And there is none like unto Him.”
        [Al-Qur’an 112:1-4]

    • The owner of this blog – me – is a very devout man. I actually met my wife through a religious club at WWU and it is a core part of my life.

      That said, I respect the rights of all people to believe what they wish about the universe and life. I also believe that religion has very little place in political discussions.

      • “I also believe that religion has very little place in political discussions”. The Progressives will NOT be satisfied until there is NO mention of (Christian) God anywhere in America. Not on our currency, not in our schools, not on our public buildings, etc, etc, etc.

      • Ya – Riley, I’ve been regretting my little attempt at religious humor. God shall not be mocked, neither yours nor mine.

        Ave Helios!

    • Actually I was making a Blue Brothers reference……

      • Ok, God forgives you.

    • and for what it’s worth I think agnostics outnumber atheists on this blog…..but maybe that’s just me.

      • You maybe right. Isn’t “agnostic” just another kind of denier/skeptic like the man made global warming deniers/skeptics. How can we tolerate one and NOT the other? Sounds hypocritical to me (but probably not to god like Walter Haugen).

      • Agnostic, from how I understand it, is the acceptance of uncertainty, it’s a postmodern view(it the literature meaning) which is saying I don’t know the truth, and I am not going to lie and pretend that I do.

        now applying it to global warming…….I prefer the view of, I am not a scientist, but most scientists believe this is real, so we should probably do something about it. Also from a business perspective, I see it as a percentage shot, if scientists are right and we do nothing we are screwed, if they are wrong and we act we will waste a large sum of money, but nothing we can’t overcome.

      • Devlin, it is not scientists in general that believe in man-made global warming but the so-called 97% of CLIMATE SCIENTISTS (a special group that lives off of public and private grants of NGO’s that have an “agenda” that is part of AGENDA 21. The percentage of ALL scientists is quite low. I guess the squeaky wheel gets the grease (money). We will look back a marvel the man made global warming was just a fad. Something to talk about at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market, the Co-op, RE-Sources, Futurewise or the monthly Democrat Party meetings.

        From a business perspective, this folly will end up destroying the economies of the developed nations that participate (don’t expect the biggest polluters China and India to participate). Hope this helps.

      • If you don’t count any scientist who gets paid to do science…….than you really don’t have any scientists to go on……for like….anything.

      • Devlin, could you expand on that a little as I am not clear on your point?

        I want to count scientists who get paid to do scientific research NOT those who are paid to work back from a pre-determined (by the Radical Environmentalists) conclusion fabricating data as they go. This is not science, it is baloney!

  16. I love this: “Riley,
    I do not know who Davesix is who posted here. Can you please ask people to use their full name or sign their posts so we know who they are according to your new posting policy?”

    I’m your favorite Planning Commissioner, Dave Onkels, and everyone who’s been on the blogs here for more than a few months knows that. I posted for years with that username. Sometimes it takes some intervention by me to post under my real name, and its easy to miss that step.

    Here’s an opportunity for you to inform us all about how many days remain in my term.

    Now let’s return to copyright infringement: Not unrecently, Riley posted a photo of mine, the file of which had the copyright info appended (I downloaded it from this blog and opened it in a browser to check). I called him on it here and asked for a credit.

    That was apparently too much trouble for Riley, since I’ve never seen the credit posted. He could do it here, or link us all to the original post and his attribution.

    I do not agree with very much that is posted here, and since Riley is a Democrat party official, I really don’t want him using my images without my permission for any reason.

    At the very least, it would be polite of him to ask my permission, and bad manners (important to people of my generation) not to do so.

    If the Fleetwood image were originally uploaded to Facebook, the copyright data was probably erased when the file was uploaded, so that it would be impossible for someone who wished to use the file to determine the copyright owner.

    That said, Riley’s outrage and descent into high dudgeon about the Republicans’ use of the photo of Seth rings hollow, because of his use of mine without permission when the copyright information was appended in a way with which he is familiar.

    There is the faint aroma of hypocrisy lingering here, don’t you think?

    • I honestly don’t remember which picture of yours I grabbed but I will gladly credit you or take it down David, I’m very sorry for using it without your permission. As the husband of a professional photographer, I take that seriously.

  17. I tried a copy and paste, but that doesn’t work. the filename is bill-knutzen2.jpg. Maybe a search by you will find the thing.

    • That’s the one Bill Knutzen sent me when I asked for a photo of him. When I sat down for an interview I asked him which photo he would like featured and he sent me that one. I will gladly take it down if you like but I assumed since he sent it to me, he had the rights.

      • “I assumed since he sent it to me he had the rights”.

        You’re not that naive.
        The image file contains my copyright.

        Your partner owns a photography business, so I’m pretty sure you know the law.

        You know very well that the photographer owns the image, and that nobody else can grant the rights to it.

        I asked for a credit, and you didn’t give it to me. I thought that it was a pretty simple request.

        I really don’t give a damn, but hypocrisy of the sort you engaged in disappoints me.

      • This is a textbook example of the typical disregard for the RULE OF LAW by the Progressive/Liberal/Democrat. It is their modus operandi.

  18. […] of campaign season! My mailbox is chock-full of mailers from Fleetwood and the State Republicans (still using that stolen photo) and the radio and television are airing ads and interviews. Hence, let’s dive right […]

  19. […] the state Republicans bombarded Fleetwood with negative mailers during the run up to the primary while the Fleetwood. The Fleetwood campaign responded with a few […]

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