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Friday Odds and Ends: New Comments Policy, Hobby Lobby, and an Intern

Hello Loyal Readers,

Happy Fourth of July! I’m just finishing up this post before heading to Blaine to march in the 4th of July parade. Side note: in light of the recent Hobby Lobby decision, I hope I see this truck there. Now, on with the Odds and Ends.

First, the new comment policy. Previously, my policy here at The Political Junkie was simple – don’t insult other readers. You could insult me or public officials but not each other. Unfortunately, I’ve had to spend far too much of my time moderating the comments sections, weeding out people who break the rules. Or making judgement calls about whether something did or did not cross the line.

Previously, I have written about my unabashed love of diagrams, therefore I have created a diagram of the things that I enjoy about running this blog and the things I don’t.

There is no overlap

There is no overlap

Therefore, effective immediately, I will be deleting any comments that don’t have a real name attached to them. If you worry that your comment might be accidentally deleted because I don’t know you – simply fill in an email address and I’ll double check. We will see how this works for a while.

But what about the First Amendment? Simple – I am not abridging your right to speak freely. You are welcome to do that on the rest of the internet, and if you start a local blog, I would be thrilled to put it on my blogroll, but here on my little space of digital land you have to sign your name. Consider it my digital property rights.

Hobby Lobby photobomb

Hobby Lobby photobomb

Enough of that, let’s move on to happier subjects. Like the fallout from the Hobby Lobby decision. Already hundreds of companies are petitioning for their ability to use the religious exemption to discriminate against LGBT employees or refuse to cover any sort of birth control at all.

A silver lining is that this may drive home the importance of electing more women into government, since all the justices who voted to limit women’s access to a full slate of health insurance options were men who prioritized the religious beliefs of a corporation over the actual beliefs of female employees.

Much digital ink has been spilled about how the Democrats may capitalize on this for the midterm elections. I think that is short-sighted and narrow. I would hope this does more than just motivate women to vote. I hope it moves them to become fully engaged in the political process – to run for office, manage campaigns and fight for justice. Women face different barriers than men when it comes to entering the political sphere and hopefully this ruling, and ensuing fallout, will help motivate everyone involved to change that.

Finally, I am looking for an intern for the summer. I’ve taken on interns as part of this blog before and I am eager to do so again. I have a great project that needs to be completed by mid September. If you know of someone who would be a good fit, send me an email here and I will take a look.

That’s it for now. This next week look for another guest post from the Legislative Junkie, a tour of one of the first retail marijuana stores in Bellingham and an article profiling candidates for the 4th Superior Court Judge position.




  1. Since religious beliefs are arbitrary at best and imaginary at worst,
    the Supremes have just opened the smelliest can of worms ever
    allowing for the legal sanctioning of human and constitutional rights violations on the basis of individual theological interpretation.
    Or in other words, a corporate caliphate formed to enforce the rules of our corporate oligarchy exactly as the founding fathers intended.

    • The beauty of this is that I predict some judges (particularly of the female persuasion, dare I say?) will have little trouble finding that certain individuals may closely hold joint liability with their corporation alter egos. #piercethecorporateveil

  2. Excellent commenting policy change, Mr. Sweeney. The fake name troll brigade is wrecking the free exchange of ideas – which is of course their reactionary purpose. I admit to feeding the trolls from time to time – it’s so hard to resist – but at least now they won’t be able to hide behind cowardly anonymity.

    • And David Camp is a real name. i thought it was Camp David. ‘Trolls”-that sounds like name calling to me and and Riley should delete it as per THE “new policy. :-0

    • In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[4]

      “If the cap fits, you must wear it” – B. Marley

  3. Thanks for the enlightened policy.

  4. clicked on the blog link… no “proof” of anything, just a discussion of a company or two who’d already gone to court over the thing and will now have a lower court’s opinions overturned…alarmist B.S…. I’ve never had a pseudonym for blogging so I understand your frustration with those who think they need one… Enjoy the 4th where we “celebrate” a document that would get us all locked up under a misnamed law (the patriot act) if we read it on the courthouse steps then hide our little cardboard cannons and pop its under the bed because the nannies at city hall think they’re too sparkly and bright for us to play with then march in lockstep down to the waterfront to watch the carefully scripted bombs bursting in mid-air that our overlords have provided us so we can pretend to be free for a couple of minutes. Hot damn…

    • Jack Petree demonstrates it is possible to be righteous, bold, witty, and argumentative and also still have a real name.

      • I’d love to read that, got a link?

  5. Well, I’m nice, I play nicely, I work well with others, and I (religiously) try to avoid hyperbole. But I wish to remain anonymous (former TV actor), and to avoid spam. That’s why I took on the “nom de online”.

    How unfortunate that the bad actors made anonymous commenting untenable for you.

    • You have an outstanding blog page and I hope J.Riley makes an exception for you.

      • It appears he did, at least for this comment. Thank you for the compliment, Dave 🙂

        But I understand the need to regulate your own space, according to the behavior of your audience. Politics is by nature contentious and competitive. It brings more of those I would call “poor sports” out into the open. I don’t understand trolls, those who take contrarian positions or toss insults just to get people riled up, but they are a big problem online.

  6. Riley-there is an excellent article in Friday’s Seattle Times, page A-3. Titled Single women emerge
    as political powerhouse. Sets the tone for “experienced women who are successful in politics” Just thought your blog lady readers would get energized reading this article.

  7. Riley, I haven’t such a great time since I last attended a Mummer’s Day parade in Philly. You would fit right. All you would need is a Mezuzah. 🙂

  8. P. S. if you and your readers want to see a great movie this Fourth weekend go to the Barkley 16 and see “America”. I went opening night on Tuesday and loved it.

    Also, coming September is Atlas Shrugged III-the final episode. I am one of the producers this time.

  9. Appreciate your new policy re: anonymous postings. Love to hear back from you on the Blaine 4th of July parade and celebration. The Democrat’s Outreach Committee is doing a great job again this year organizing participation in county parades and celebrations. I strongly suggest that ALL of our 42nd LD State Candidates attend these functions. Visibility is the key to winning out in the County.

  10. I really enjoyed the Blaine 4th. My parents were in town to celebrate, and all of us were craving some Rockwell Americana.

  11. On the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision: I have found myself more sensitive to Small Annoyances From Men the past few days. Not particularly rational, but Feelings were definitely up. I notice I’m not the only woman I know that has been having Feelings about this, and some of those feelings can get pinned on the men we are closest to. I wonder if a single boyfriend or husband got laid in the USA in the days immediately following the Hobby Lobby decision. Those of you who didn’t, might just have the guys at SCOTUS to thank….

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