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Joy Monjure’s Kickoff Highlights Community Involvement

Full disclosure: I am very proud to say that I am one of Joy Monjure’s campaign advisors.

Joy Monjure, candidate for the 42nd LD

Joy Monjure, candidate for the 42nd LD

If Satpal Sidhu’s kickoff was all about fresh ideas from a smart man, Joy Monjure’s was all about the depth of connection she has with this community. Joy Monjure is running against incumbent Rep. Vincent Buys in the 42nd Legislative District and on Thursday over 200 people packed into Bellewood Acres to donate and support her campaign.

Monjure, a lifelong sustainable farming advocate, owns a farm stand in Everson and sports a deep career of community involvement. She has been an Everson City Councilwoman and Everson/Nooksack Chamber of Commerce president, was involved in the Whatcom Council of Governments and worked on water issues with the City of Bellingham for over two decades. She started the Whatcom Food and Farm finder and started the Procession of the Species in Bellingham.

Joy Monjure

Joy Monjure

The attendees of her kickoff showcased this wide base of support. Everyone I talked to had some story of a time they had worked with Monjure, or tackled some problem and she helped them out. Rep. Kris Lytton did the introduction, and shared her excitement about Monjure’s agricultural experience. “The first year I sat on the agricultural committee, I was the only woman there. It would be great to have Joy there, fighting for Whatcom County.”

Monjure shared her hesitation about running since it would mean losing time with her grandchildren, “But then I realized that is exactly why I have to do this.” She laid out the three planks of her platform; farms, families and the future. She talked about the importance of a sensible plan for water in our community and the need to fully fund education.

Her criticism of her opponent was mild, suiting her upbeat style, but she did point out that, “Not passing a transportation budget doesn’t help anyone, we need to start investing in our infrastructure.”

Pete Kremen closed out the event, making the ask and highlighting his role, thirty years ago, in unseating a deeply religious opponent by running a vigorous campaign. You can find out more about Joy Monjure here. 



  1. Riley, you continue to impress me. You do not back off one bit from full disclosure on repeated occasions. I know others who feel if it is said once then it is not necessary to say it again – for years. We all have real or perceived conflicts, and you are setting an example of dealing with it. I’m beginning to think of an article that will deal with this aspect of journalism.

  2. “unseated a deeply religious opponent”? What a strange statement from Pete Kremen.

    • He spoke about Roger Van Dyken who was passionately anti-choice – a key factor in Kremen’s race.

      • Did you actually mean pro-baby-murder aka pro-abortion?

  3. I am so impressed with our slate of candidates for the 42nd LD this election cycle! Joy, Satpal and Seth are REAL people who want to serve the REAL people. We all need to work hard to get them elected. It is definitely time for a change of the Representatives and Senator in the 42nd Legislative District.

  4. Also she looks like Michelle Luke.

    • Perhaps she meant motherhood by choice and conditions for bringing up a child well, healthcare, food, environment, loving support.

  5. Thanks for being there Riley, and giving a first-hand report on the event I couldn’t attend as I was out of town. The more I hear about her qualifications, the harder I want to work for her.

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