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Friday Odds and Ends: Messages, Mayoral Murmurs and Miller

Hello Loyal Readers,

Last night, I attended a kickoff for Joy Monjure (running in the 42nd LD against Buys) so expect a post about that later today or tomorrow. Also, as a housekeeping measure, I’m looking into a way to change how we do comments here on the blog. Stay tuned for more details on that.

"Did you get my call"

“Did you get my call”

Several residents of the 42nd Legislative District, myself included, have received a poll testing a series of negative messages against Seth Fleetwood, who is running against legendary lobbyist dinner date Sen. Doug Ericksen. This is different from a push poll – which is aimed at covertly spreading misinformation through a community.

This sort of poll is more geared at testing the waters to see what sort of message would be persuasive. Questions include more conspiracy theories about secret out-of-state billionaires that are contributing to Fleetwood’s campaign (here’s an example of this crazy), Fleetwood’s secret plan to increase the gas tax and whether or not Fleetwood once kicked a puppy. As always, if you receive a strange poll or a weird piece of political mail, feel free to let me know via email.

Michael Lilliquist

Michael Lilliquist

Now for Mayoral Watch 2015. As you know, we here at the Political Junkie have been making much sport of “suspected mayoral candidate” Michael Lilliquist. So when a little bird told me that Lilliquist had declared he is running for mayor, I raced with all speed to confirm that rumor . . . which Lilliquist promptly shot down faster than Dick Cheney shooting his hunting buddy.

“I have not considered that or talked to anyone about that, so if you are hearing that out there, it is not coming from me,” said Lilliquist in a brief but amusing phone interview.

While speculation continues to run high about potential challengers to incumbent Kelli Linville, for now they will have to remain mere speculation.

Speaking of the Whatcom County rumor mill, I opened my email from the Northwest Jobs Alliance, the advocacy group created to support the Cherry Point terminal project that is run by professionals (rather than SAVEWhatcom, which is run by Kris Halterman).

In their recent email, they regurgitated the line from last year’s election about the activists wanting to evict all industry from Cherry Point, and quoted local activist Terry Weschler from a blog post on Northwest Citizen. Weschler, known for her blunt, confrontational style, was amused by the sudden spotlight and promises to continue her research and activism.

Dan Miller!!!

Dan Miller!!!

Finally, let’s talk about Dan Miller, who is running against Rep. Kris Lytton in the 40th. I really recommend that everyone read his blurb in the voter’s guide, if nothing else than to appreciate the eighteen exclamation marks he felt was necessary to convey his enthusiasm for the position. Also from his voter’s guide statement, “Elected to the ASB Fire Warden in High School!”

That’s it for now, stay tuned for a write-up of the Joy Monjure kickoff and new pictures of Pete KremenI’m also working on a write-up of all the candidates for the new Superior Court position in Whatcom County.



  1. So, now you are going act like a tinpot dictator and stifle freedom of Speech?

    • It’s not stifling your freedom of speech, you are free to start your own blog or start using your real name, it is simply setting the rules within this space.

      • Rule One– People who are running for office need to post with their name, not anonymously. Particularly when they’re smearing other candidates. Candidates who do not innately understand the importance of this are not fit for public office.

      • OK, i will do that.

        Maxwell Smart

      • Thank you Riley. I was wondering when you were going to do something about “John Galt’s” idiotic postings that add zero to the conversations we like to have here.m

      • This is “public” blog and comes under the US Constitution and all its provisions. Maybe you should go private and have a progressives only blog. 🙂

  2. RE: “new picture of Pete Kremen”. Why did you feel it necessary to make Pete look like a Colombian drug lord? 🙂

  3. Yeah, Riley – are you going to publish John Galt’s comments when he insults and disrespects me, but then delete my comments when I defend myself and offer ripostes? That’s what you did last time.

    I sometimes wonder if John Galt is not your alter ego. I mean, think of the hubris of a character who gets his screen name from a crappy book whose main character “stops the world” because he is SOOOOO important the world really NEEDS his contributions.

    • I try my hardest to remove offensive comments on both sides – but I’m only one guy.

  4. So, are you saying that Tom Steyer did NOT contribute any money (directly or indirectly [PACS] to the last County Council election? What are you smoking?

    • Thank you Riley. I was wondering when you were going to do something about “John Galt’s” idiotic postings that add zero to the conversations we like to have here.

      • So, you don’t defend my first Amendment rights?

  5. Blunt and confrontational? I resemble that remark. There was so much irony in their email, it was hard not to be amused, since my posts in NW Citizen say not one word about shutting down industry, but folks should reach their own conclusion if I’m the enemy of all jobs. The offending articles from which they selected quotes out of context (but for which they pointedly did NOT provide hyperlinks) were:

    I can hardly complain about being called out, having bluntly confronted Ken Oplinger — self-identified co-founder of NW Jobs Alliance with Dave Warren — in another article ( and having way too much fun taking digs at Craig Cole for crying libel in relation to a Whatcom Watch article in which his name nowhere appears.

    As I said on Wendy’s FB page, Whatcom Hawk, I have to believe these sort of schoolboy bully tactics are a cry for help, and I wonder how one responds when what seems warranted is an intervention.

  6. Riley, I put in brackets a question whether this comment would pass muster under the new comment rules which made the question disappear. But now I see my comment is awaiting moderation. What triggers that, out of curiosity.

    • The embeded links triggered my spam filter – I approved it now.

  7. My records have Lytton’s opponent as one *Daniel* Miller. But you can call him whatever you like; it’s all good. -RS

    • Wow, this is the second week in a row I’ve flubbed the 40th LD opponents. I think I might need to turn in my “Junkie” title for “mild enthusiast”

  8. I think the NW Jobs Alliance attack is much more significant. Do not, for one minute, buy that this is about Terry being confrontational and direct. They are trying to make this about personality, but it is not. Terry asked some pointed and relevant questions, wearing her “attorney” hat. Anyone of us, assuming we were informed and following the issue, could have asked the same thing. Instead of answering the questions, The Jobs Alliance attacked Terry personally, and tried to create tension and bad feelings between labor and the environment. It was manipulative, deliberate fear mongering. They tried to distract us from the questions being asked and it worked. Where are their answers? The best possible way to respond would be for labor to ask the Jobs Alliance to respond to the questions, instead of attacking the person asking the questions. So please, no more comments about Terry’s personality, from Terry, Riley or anybody. Let’s more clearly see this attack for what it was.

    • My point of including it was not to focus on her personality but to draw attention that the big guy was picking on the little guy (or gal).

      • Riley, you know I love you, but it really was about my personality. Not saying you were wrong. Just saying that’s what it was.

  9. Wow. Tom Steyer is likely the most powerful man in the world. He has evidently bought off 97% of the world’s scientists while Corporate petroleum interests could afford to buy a mere 3%. Thanks to Save Whatcom for the scoop.

    As for Daniel Miller, while he has mastered the use of exclamation points, he obviously has not yet mastered the use of spell check!!!!!!!

    • Bob, you need to get your facts straight, is the US Government (the taxpayer) that is funding these so-called climate change scientists (QUACKS) through grants to start with the conclusion that there is “man-made global warming” and prove by manipulating the “real” data with computer models. “Man-made global warming” has yet to be proved by hard evidence. it is a hoax and you are “the denier”. Go back to Occupy Wall street (Bellingham).

  10. I strongly endorse commenters using their real names. Losing the snarky non-informational comments by people hiding behind pseudonyms hopefully will improve the chances of substantive discussion. Even Justice Scalia, in supporting the SCOTUS ruling saying that petitioners’ names on citizen initiatives should be public not hidden (because some petitioners ‘feared’ blowback), said something to the effect that real democracy requires courage on the part of citizens. I rarely agree with him, but that time I think he nailed it.

  11. I agree with Wynne. The NW Citizen only allows posts from people using their real names and they just don;t get the same kind of aggressive talk-radio inspired trolling like “John Galt’s” flat earther lunacy.


      • I use my real name. And I don’t believe the earth is flat in the face of overwhelming evidence.

    • NW Citizen also has fewer people who post regularly.

      • That is a distinction without a difference.

    • Flat-earther=man-made climate change promoters..

  12. Freedom of speech can’t be denied as one of our rights. However, I, personally don’t want Riley to have to argue or defend any of the statements that are made from the (probably) fundamentalist illusions of someone who is only commenting on this BLOG to “stick pins in a doll”! My thanks to all participants who add information toward educating us about local politics.

    • Thankyou Putz!

    • “John Galt” just made your point for you! And, Reilly, I think an insult like “putz” merits banning Wayne Farber for good. He’s just a troll, annoying without even a glimmer of humor or intellect. Not me, you! is his highest form of argument.

      • Sorry for the “fat fingers”, I meant Lutz. What is “putz” anyway?

      • What does Wayne Farber have to do with me?

      • Talk about insulting comments. You get “first prize” Davey Boy.

      • I rest my case. Does this goon add anything to the discussion?

  13. “putz” is yiddish – look it up – it’s not polite and very disrespectful.

  14. Why would I be banned, John Galt made the comment?

  15. And what is wrong with putz?

    I LOOKED IT UP. The definition of putz by The Free Dictionary-is to behave in an idle manner; putter.

    You “Progressives” are offended by everything. Take a deep breath and relax.

  16. […] and an (almost) complete dearth of credible opponents. Michael Lilliquist took umbrage recently at my repeated insinuations that he may run against Linville this year but he remains one of the only people in town […]

  17. […] Michael Lilliquist as a “suspected mayoral candidate” for sometime now, he has been pretty adamant at refusing to take the bait. If Linville wins, she will be the first mayor of Bellingham to win reelection in over a decade […]

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