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Friday Odds and Ends: Seth, Secret Meetings and Spoilers

Hello Loyal Readers,

Another week draws to a close as campaign season heats up. So dust off your reading glasses and dig in for some Odds and Ends. Just a reminder, you can always help support our efforts at the Political Junkie by tossing a few bucks here.

Ranker tweeted, "The next senator from the 42nd"

Ranker tweeted, “The next senator from the 42nd”

Seth Fleetwood, former City and County Councilman who is challenging Sen. Doug Ericksen this year, held his kickoff recently. He promised to work for all of his constituents, not lobbyists who buy him dinner, and to work across the aisle to pass a transportation budget that will bring jobs to Whatcom County. Sen. Kevin Ranker took the opportunity to tweet a selfie with Fleetwood at his kickoff.

Ericksen on the other hand, continues to struggle with the ethical issues that have dogged him for the last couple of years as the Ethics Committee of the State Legislature looks into the double-dipping, where lobbyists pay for meals with legislators and then legislators still collect per-diem (reimbursement) for that meal.

Ericksen was also blasted for a recent trip to Spokane where he helped facilitate a presentation from the oil companies about how it is safe to transport oil by rail.

Speaking of presentations, a representative from the Republican National Committee came to Whatcom County last Saturday and held a meeting with grassroots activists. The RNC representative urged Whatcom County’s conservative base to “stop listening to talk radio” and adopt George W. Bush’s immigration policy, a proposal that was met with firm disagreement at the meeting.

Should include spoiler warning

Should include spoiler warning

They also conducted an informal presidential poll and Scott Walker received around 60% of the votes of the people there, with Ben Carlson coming in second. This was before the news broke that Walker is at the center of a “criminal conspiracy” centering around abusing campaign finance laws in his latest reelection effort. Rand Paul did not receive a single vote from the forty-ish people at this meeting, so there goes my theory.

Finally, a stern and angry wag of the finger to the Downtown Bellingham Partnership, who posted Game of Thrones spoilers to their twitter feed the day after the season finale aired. Here’s the tweet if you are interested. One can expect spoilers out there in the internet universe, especially on fan sites and pop culture communities, but you would expect that your downtown association would be a safe spot. No such luck.

I appreciate the challenge of keeping a social media presence that is relevant and timely but spoiling a season finale is not the way to do it.  Of course, really everyone should just read the books but that’s not the point. Stern wag of the finger for you DBP!

That’s all for now, folks. For those who are interested, the Satpal Sidhu kickoff is this Monday at 5 p.m. at the Squalicum Boathouse, and a merry solstice to all two of my pagan readers out there. Enjoy the sunshine.



  1. And my response to the RNC “representative” was HIT THE ROAD JACK AND DON’T COME BACK NO MORE, NO MORE.

  2. That’s because Rand Paul is a Libertarian and Scott Walker is a Conservative.

    Ben Carson is a Reaganite Libertarian like myself-he best of both worlds.

  3. Hey, Riley – you don’t have to self-identify as a “pagan” to celebrate the Solstice. Where I come from, this weekend of “la fete St-Jean” (St. John’s day) is the biggest party of the summer in a summer of parties. SO join me in a glass of caribou (red wine fortified with vodka) and a very happy solstice to you also!

  4. Riley,

    RE: “is was before the news broke that Walker is at the center of a “criminal conspiracy”. if you delve a little deeper you will find that this case has been thrown out in both the Wisconsin and Federal courts. The judges said the case didn’t hold water. Furthermore, the people targeted in the “probe” have filed a “Civil Rights” suit against the prosecutors for violation of their First Amendment rights.

    You need to refrain from jumping to conclusions after watching MSNBC, it is bad for your credibility.

  5. Just say no to absurd oxymorons like “Reaganite libertarian”.

    • OXYMORON MY FOOT! “An oxymoron (plural oxymora or oxymorons) is a figure of speech that juxtaposes elements that appear to be contradictory”. WIKIPEDIA

      Libertarians who favor limited government and restraint of federal power were a vital component of President Ronald Reagan’s political coalition.

      Is it David Camp OR Camp David?

      • Are you talking of the same Ronald Reagan who was a secret informant who snitched on his “pink” friends directly to J Edgar Hoover during the McCarthy witch-hunts? You call him a libertarian? Ridiculous!


  7. […] the Republican party recognizes the need to be more welcoming for people outside of their base – the secret meeting among local Republican donors recently centered around that exact question – but this will require more than simply saying that you […]

    • Maybe the Democrat party should try that too.

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