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Wednesday Odds and Ends: Larsen, C-Curbs, and Zombies

Hello Loyal Readers,

No, it is not the weekend yet but I got behind and my Friday Odds and Ends got pushed back a bit. But hopefully it will be worth the wait.

Representative Rick Larsen is holding his Whatcom County kickoff at 5:30 p.m. at Chuckanut Brewery tonight. This is noteworthy simply because it is not necessary. Conceivably, Larsen has one of the safest districts around and if he wanted to, he could cruise to reelection without ever having to set foot outside of Everett. However, he is doing a series of kickoffs around his district and hitting the phones. Many prominent Democrats, myself included, received calls from Larsen asking for our endorsement and attendance.

This comes on the heels of his successful efforts to receive the full endorsement of the Whatcom Democrats, which leaves me wondering. Is he building up this goodwill simply because he has the time on his hands or because he has other goals in mind? Either way, it is always appreciated when our congressman visits and engages with his constituents.

The Center for New Media interviews C-Curb protesters

The Center for New Media interviews C-Curb protesters

Protesters opposing the C-Curb lined Alabama Street last Wednesday. Over 85 neighbors attended, waving signs to draw attention to the city’s efforts to put a barricade down the middle of Alabama, preventing almost all left turns.

The good people at Center for New Media were there capturing footage and should come out with a video shortly. You can voice your concerns about the C-Curb at the next Bellingham City Council meeting, June 9th. See you there.

My good friend and mentor, John Servais, has significantly updated Northwest Citizen’s layout and design for the first time in many years. Northwest Citizen, one of the first blogs in existence on the internet (seriously!), continues to provide a pretty interesting spread of columnists. Check out their new design here. Currently featured is a dynamite video from RESources showing the ongoing deceptions by SSA Marine.

Finally, on a lighter note, I participated in the Zombie versus Humans simulation on Saturday. For those of you who missed the fun, over 150 people showed up, formed teams and raced throughout a ten block radius of downtown. Team members had to gather tokens from various locations and return them to the “helicopter pad” without getting tagged by a zombie.

Armed with only water balloons to defend themselves, team members leaped through back alleys, snuck through bushes and did far too much running. Tip of the hat to the city for their cooperation and Black Drop Coffeehouse for such a well-organized event.

A very exhausted picture of Bryna, Clint, Marie and myself - collectively known as "CTRL Z"

A very exhausted picture of Bryna, Clint, Marie and myself – collectively known as “CTRL Z”

That’s it for now, there will be more on Friday. I also aim to do some reporting from Larsen’s kickoff tonight and an examination of fundraising for candidates in the 42nd.



  1. If you two ever have kids, you’re going to be the ‘cool parents’.

  2. From a RESources email accompanying the video:
    “An operative from SSA berated our Executive Director, and then threatened us with a lawsuit if we showed the video. They demanded that the Federal court ‘impose substantial sanctions upon RE Sources’ simply because we wanted you to see the truth. The judge tossed out their motion, and finally we can share it far and wide.
    Big Coal has been using threats and bullying tactics since they started pushing their proposal on our community.”

    It seems like Big Coal, coal terminal companies, representatives of coal terminal companies, and Powder River Basin coal states, all use bullying tactics like threatening lawsuits. We have seen that here locally.

    What’s important to do when threatened by these entities, is to not cower, not back down, and to enlist support from communities and people who are ready to stand, together, against these scare tactics. Stick together and don’t let them manipulate and intimidate us in their attempts to divide us. Stop being afraid!

    • Your truth is necessarily the “real” truth.

      • John it should read: Your truth is NOT necessarily the “real” truth.

      • So if Galt is really Uppiano, why aren’t there logical and coherent Libertarian responses in challenge to posts he finds disagreeable?
        Seems to me that the advantage of holding ideologies so dear is in explaining how they fit to provide a truth different from what’s being offered.
        In this case, the facts are very clear and no refutation is even attempted which is very disappointing.

  3. Is the title “prominent Democrat” self-ascribed or did you anoint yourself Riley? This is no place for “puffery”!

  4. I vote that Riley Sweeney be considered a ‘Prominent Democrat’

    • He’s already been voted in as a prominent Dem, no? He is the county’s vice chair. -RS

      • What Ralph said.

      • Riley needs to get out of that chair and get some exercise!

      • Aside from fleeing zombies?

      • i thought he was co-vice chair.

      • I am the 2nd Vice-Chair, I’ve also served on the Executive Board of the Whatcom Democrats for the last four years.

      • Riley,

        Sorry for promoting you from second Vice-Chair to Co-Vice-Chair. Now you are two heartbeats away from the Chairmanship (kind of like John Boehner).

  5. For anyone who doesn’t understand what the fuss is about C curbs, I invite you to go to that bright yellow gas station on Meridian, the one with the taco truck, on the West side of the street before Kellogg street. Start there, and then drive to Best Buy, which is on the same side of the street, just a half block away, just past Kellogg.

  6. Riley,

    Larsen is a major supporter of the GPT project.

    What has he done to protect his district from the dangers of oil trains.

    He sits on the Transportation Committee!


  7. […] on Alabama Street. Hundreds of Roosevelt neighborhood residents rallied at a neighborhood meeting, protested on the city streets and lobbied the city council to keep a C-Curb from blocking most left turns on Alabama Street. In […]

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