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Friday Odds and Ends: Endorsements, Polls and the Party Party

Hello Loyal Readers

It is down to the wire for filing with more news than you can shake a Sam Crawford at. However, in the flurry of candidate news, let’s not overlook some other tidbits that have filtered through this week. Enough preamble, time for Odds and Ends.

Rep. Rick Larsen

Rep. Rick Larsen

Last night, the Whatcom Democrats endorsed Reps. Rick Larsen and Suzan DelBene. While the DelBene endorsement was expected, she is facing a tough reelection campaign this year, Larsen has previously had a difficult relationship with the Whatcom Democrats.

In 2007-2008, when the more radical activists had taken leadership of the local party, they had censured Larsen for not cutting off funding of the Iraq War. Since then, relations between the party and the Congressman were cordial at best.

Often, Larsen would not receive the 2/3rds of votes necessary to receive the endorsement until September when it no longer mattered. In 2010, local progressives Larry Kalb and Diana McGinnis  ran against Larsen, further distancing the party from their Congressman.

However, new leadership has taken the reins leading to big wins in the last two election cycles and it has been time and past time to bury the hatchet. Larsen received the full endorsement of the Whatcom Democrats, easily clearing the 2/3rds requirement after attending the vote in person.

Speaking of federal candidates, Snohomish conservative Ed Moats has filed to run against Rep. Suzan DelBene. In Washington state, you need to offer up some sort of party preference and Moats put in “Prefers G.O.P. Party” which translates to “Prefers Grand Old Party Party.” At first, I was confused but then it all made sense. If my name literally meant, “barrier that prevents people from entering a castle,” I’d want to emphasize my fun side as much as possible too. 

Finally, whatever happened to that new feature I was developing to replace “Capital Beat”? First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in my survey. The results were pretty straightforward: most of my readers want to see more articles about the Whatcom County Council, investigative reporting and simple explanations of complex issues. In other words, what I regularly do. So rather than put on a glossy new finish and ask for more support, I’m just going to continue to dig in and try to keep up my standard of 3-4 posts a week.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this blog, either financially or swinging punches in the comments section, I appreciate it.

This weekend, look for an article assessing the Charter Review candidates and a deeper look at what happened at the Roosevelt Neighborhood community meeting about the c-curb.



  1. I am absolutely shocked that the Whatcom Democrat party made those endorsements! 😦

  2. I was reading the Herald and noticed some names that stood out to me in the candidate filings list for this week for Charter Review Commission.

    I noticed that there were many names in the candidate filings for Charter Review Commission which are names that I have run into in my research on some articles I have written for Whatcom Watch.

    When I start seeing quite so many candidate names running for Charter Review who are people active in Tea Party and property rights groups it concerns me.

    It concerns me in terms of recommendations that the Charter Review Commission can make such as district-only voting for county council rather than countywide voting for County Council members. After the results of the 2013 County Council elections, I imagine that is something Tea Party and property rights groups would hope to affect by stacking the Charter Commission deck so they might put forth district-only voting for County Council happen again as it did in 2005.

    I’m hoping that does not happen. I think the voting for County Council elections should be countywide. It’s the entire county who gets to vote, so to narrow it by district is unfair. It’s not like County Council members make decisions specifically regarding issues in their own districts. The decisions they make are applicable for the entire county.

    I look forward to reading your upcoming article on this subject, Riley.

  3. […] comes on the heels of his successful efforts to receive the full endorsement of the Whatcom Democrats, leaving me wondering. Is he building up this goodwill simply because he has the time on his hands […]

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