Posted by: sweeneyblog | May 9, 2014

Friday Odds and Ends: Straw Polls, Port Meetings and C-Curbs

Hello Loyal Readers,

The big news today is Rep. Jason Overstreet’s surprise decision not to run for reelection, so if you haven’t heard, click over here. However, there are plenty of other stories that caught my eye this week, so here is the rest of the Odds and Ends.

Apparently AQUA BUDDA is broadcasting from the surface of the sun. Seriously, what is that behind him?

Sen. Rand Paul

The Whatcom Republicans held a straw poll for presidential candidates at their recent county convention which gave us a glimpse into the upcoming Republican primary. Here are the results:

Scott Walker – 39.71%
Rand Paul – 25%
Other – 11.76%
Ted Cruz – 8.82%
Jeb Bush – 8.82%
Marco Rubio – 4.41%
Chris Cristie – 4.41%

**”Other” included votes for Bobby Jindal, Dr. Ben Carson, Rick Santorum & Rick Perry

I still maintain that by the time the dust has settled, Rand Paul will be the nominee for the Republicans in 2016 but I’ve been wrong before.

However, I’m not wrong about the good news out of the Port. After much badgering, the Port Commission is live-streaming their meetings to the world-wide web. All their meetings going forward will be available on their youtube channel here. A big tip of the hat to everyone inside and outside of the Port who helped make this vital bit of transparency happen.

Alabama St.

Alabama St.

The Roosevelt Neighborhood (myself included) are still up in arms about the proposed C-Curb to be installed on Alabama street. After the tense city council meeting where over 100 residents attended and shared their opposition to the c-curb, the Public Works department appears to be continuing to push forward on that plan. They are holding a listening session on May 14th, 6:30pm at Roosevelt Elementary and based on the flyers that have been circulated, they are going to get an earful. When I spoke to various council members, they were relatively neutral on the proposal although Gene Knutson voiced his opposition early after the first meeting, so we will see where this goes.

Finally, veteran political consultant and Democratic mover and shaker Terry Thompson passed away at the beginning of the month. He served a consultant for Kelli Linville for many years, and got me my first job in politics. He will be missed.

That’s all for this week. This weekend, I hope to have an article up about legislative scorecards.



  1. Why didn’t you show a photo of the winner of the straw poll instead of 2nd place?

    • It should be obvious that Riley favors Rand Paul, Wayne. Predicting somebody will win the nomination invests somebody in it and Riley just wants to push Rand over the top. I think he also realizes that the Koch boys have Scott Walker on a string and Democrats don’t like billionaires who buy elections–unless of course they are their own billionaires.

      • I used the photo of Rand Paul because I believe that he will be the nominee in 2016. Also, I had a picture of him handy.

  2. yea

  3. I don’t think that the city is interested in hearing from the public on the Alabama street corridor. They are on a mission and you won’t get in the way. If the city really wanted to reduce accidents, they would focus on the lighted intersections, where a majority of the injury accidents are. Longer turn lanes would be a good start as would another second pause between red to green changes.

  4. […] They also conducted an informal presidential poll and Scott Walker received around 60% of the votes of the people there, with Ben Carlson coming in second. This was before the news broke that Walker is at the center of a “criminal conspiracy” centering around abusing campaign finance laws in his latest reelection effort. Rand Paul did not receive a single vote from the forty-ish people at this meeting, so there goes my theory. […]

  5. […] Neighborhood Opposes C-Curb on Alabama Street. Hundreds of Roosevelt neighborhood residents rallied at a neighborhood meeting, protested on the city streets and lobbied the city council to keep a C-Curb from blocking most […]

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