Posted by: sweeneyblog | May 2, 2014

Friday Odds and Ends: Farmers, Frustrations and Fleetwood

Hello Loyal Readers,

That’s right, Friday Odds and Ends are back with more news than ever before. So strap in for your Friday dose of fun.

This Sunday, Community to Community (C2C) is hosting a Farm Worker March for Dignity beginning on the Guide Meridian and ending with a celebration in Maritime Heritage Park. The march aims to “voice solidarity with all workers, for dignity in comprehensive immigration reform, and for better working conditions and justice in the food system.” You can find out more information at their website here.

Recently, I had to delete another string of comments on this blog. While I don’t have some official written policy about what I allow and don’t allow, I just ask everyone to be pleasant to each other. Please talk about policy, because insulting each other (or me) just leads to me deleting the comments. I don’t mind a little needling, goodness knows I do plenty here from the bully pulpit, but let’s just keep it from getting vicious. Dealing with angry commenters is the second most tedious thing about running this blog (somewhere in the internet Sam Taylor, Ralph Schwartz and Jared Paben are nodding sagely).

I’m adding a fresh blog to the blogroll. Kim Burkhardt is a former Blaine resident turned blogger and offers her thoughts on economic and social issues here at the Burkhardt News Group.

Fullscreen capture 522014 63814 AMThe big news of the week is still Seth Fleetwood jumping into the 42nd race to challenge Doug Ericksen. Ericksen, for his part, responded to the news with boilerplate Republican talking points. See his facebook response on the right.

I am quite surprised that Ericksen wants to draw attention to his accomplishments of the last two years, considering his main role in the Senate has been to block good ideas from getting to a vote. Whether it is a state transportation budget, or meaningful environmental protections or even his own bills, Ericksen has been unable or unwilling to move legislation forward in the Senate.

So I have a feeling that his optimism for his record will be . . . wait for it . . . fleetwooding.

Other news sources have noticed that Whatcom County is suddenly in play. Veteran reporter Joel Connelly from the Seattle PI (yes, it is still around) notes that Fleetwood’s entry to the race is, “making the 42nd District a watch zone in what is certain to be a knock-down, drag out battle for control of the state Senate.”

Running the numbers, the 42nd is not a Republican lock by any means. Both Sen. Maria Cantwell and President Barack Obama won that district in 2012 and the last time Doug Ericksen ran for office (for county executive), he only pulled 46% of the vote in the 42nd district against Jack Louws. Is it a conservative district? Sure, but it is not an impregnable fortress as Kelli Linville, Pete Kremen and Gary Jensen will tell you.

That’s it for today, enjoy the sunshine and happy belated Beltane (or May Day)!



  1. Riley,

    Just make sure your censorship is not Stalinesque.

    • Oh for goodness sakes, any “censorship” literally cannot be Stalinesque, because Riley is not a member of the government. Riley gets to censor whatever he wants because it’s a private blog. He is not obligated to provide a soapbox for whatever inane ideas wander in here.

    • Stalin was hypersensitive, egotistical and a bit of a control freak
      so he’d just ban you from his board over disagreements involving civility, content, tone or truthiness.
      I’ve been a Riley reader for a long time and I can recall few times he’s ever had to wipe a thread clean of nasty commentary and I don’t know of anyone actually booted off the page.
      So tedium must refer to an occasional distasteful task one would hope to avoid and most always does.

  2. Oh, and try not to be hypocritical. When John Galt or another right-wing extremist insults me in a public forum I have every right to fire back (and I often do!). Your namby-pambyism is neither the American tradition in political discourse, nor the British, nor the Irish, nor (pick your state-level society).

  3. “Let’s send a message that we don’t want to go back to higher taxes, more regulation, and less freedom.”– Doug Erickson. Right, Doug. This well-worn mantra, meant to appeal to the masses, disguises the truth, of course: Higher taxes would mostly fall on corporations and the wealthiest and would benefit everyone else; more regulation would mean the peons can have healthy food, air, and water, and the financial “industry” can’t vacuum money out of the economy; and “less freedom” is nice sounding but refers to the abused and maligned 1% who want more freedom to cut pay and benefits or simply move jobs overseas.

    • Thanks for your succinct translation of the buzz words Ken

  4. Nodding, yes. Sagely — I’m not there yet. So what is the most tedious thing about running a blog? Just curious. -RS

    • Formatting. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to embed a chart or series of pictures and had my beautifully laid out paragraphs go all wonky.

  5. *Nods sagely*

  6. Thanks for attempting to keep out the nasty. It gets wearisome, and solves nothing strategically.

    Sent from my iPhone

  7. Certainly not an impregnable fortress… My Libertarian campaign has gathered far more than enough signatures from talking to the people in the 42nd district to get on the ballot. No special interest money. No corporate donations. We aren’t BUYING (pun intended Mr. Buys 🙂 ) our way into Olympia. There will be some big changes and interesting happenings in the 42nd district this year for sure.

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