Posted by: sweeneyblog | April 10, 2014

Local School Launches City-Wide Scavenger Hunt


The Great Mystery

The Great Mystery

Explorations Academy, an independent secondary school here in Bellingham, is holding its annual city-wide scavenger hunt called, “The Great Mystery“.

For four weeks, teams made up of determined amateur sleuths will be mailed clues that lead them on a merry chase through the city with one culminating mystery using all the clues together.

To enter, get a team together (quickly!) and run down to the Explorations academy office with $12.50 a person. I’ve joined a team with the dedicated crew at Terra Organica and will be posting a few pictures from this adventure. All and all, a wholesome way to spend a month.

Yes, I will get back to covering politics and all that in the next couple of days, I am just a fan of mysteries and puzzles and had to share this rather unique event with you, my good readers.



  1. This is actually the fourth year of the great mystery, if I’m not mistaken (or at least it’s my fourth year playing). Regardless, this is one of the best parts of spring!

    • Thank you for the catch! I’ll fix that.

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