Posted by: sweeneyblog | April 3, 2014

The Capital Beat Delivers

Capital Beat

Weekly Legislative Coverage

Back in December, I asked you, my loyal readers, if you were willing to fund an expansion of the coverage I offer here at the Political Junkie. I asked for support for weekly legislative coverage and you stepped up to the plate and donated over $500 to cover the expenses. As a result, I drastically increased the output from this blog.

Jan-March # of Posts Posts Per Week Daily Avg Readers
2013 31 2.5 153
2014 48 4 294

Counting just the posts in my Capital Beat, there were 21 new articles provided by your investment, not a bad return on what you put in, eh?

Thank you again for giving me the support necessary to take this blog to the next level. The question remains, what to do next?

There is definite interest for investigative reporting since our cash-strapped traditional media has little time or resources to work on those issues. Alternately, I could expand my “Keep It Simple, Sweeney” series, where I explain complicated political issues in simple, easy to understand terms. Or, I could just add a new beat, such as “Environment” or “Labor” to my rotation. However, I’m not sure if any of those are what you, the readers, are interested in.

Please click this pollAs always, your input is anonymous. This will give me a feel for whether people are interested in continuing to expand this blog or if I should focus my efforts around the core topic, local elections.




  1. Now investigate something really important instead of launching partisan attacks on the Republicans, Mr. Co-Chair.

  2. Labor deserves your attention.

  3. […] in my survey by clicking here.With the Capital Beat all wrapped up (you can see all my coverage of the state legislature here), it is time to look to what I can do […]

  4. Keep going-you’re entertaining and factual. I appreciate Olympia news which isn’t too tainted by partianship and gives activists who can’t get to Olympia reliable ad timely news.

  5. Riley,

    This is a very important issue! Voters just passed a $162 million dollar bond for school construction and remodeling.

    Living wage jobs is a major issue in Whatcom county. What wages/benefits does the non-union company offer?

    The Carpenters Union has dropped the ball on this issue IMHO. How much $ was each of the hired protesters was being paid ?

    We did not like this tactic when GPT paid people to stand in line at the hearings in Ferndale and other places in WA state.

    Tom Gilmore

  6. […] you to everyone who participated in my reader’s survey, the results were mixed but you all seemed to agree on one thing – no pop culture articles! […]

  7. […] whatever happened to that new feature I was developing to replace “Capital Beat”? First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in my survey. The results were pretty […]

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