Posted by: sweeneyblog | April 2, 2014

Anti-Overstreet Signs on the Guide-Meridian

An early morning commuter tipped me off about a series of signs that had been put up on the Guide-Meridian. So I went out there and snapped a few pictures.







Political messages aside, it is good to see the old Burma Shave-style ads coming back into vogue. The question remains, who put up these signs? Is this the work of the local libertarian Nick Kunkel who is taking a run against Rep. Jason Overstreet or perhaps someone who was tired of Overstreet’s grandstanding on the House floor? Either way, campaign season has begun.



  1. Riley Sweeney did it!

    • I just got the tip off.


  2. Jason Overstreet: the man who makes Doug Erickson look intelligent and efficient

  3. Not me 🙂 but it certainly puts a smile on my face to know that Whatcom County is ready for something new! We tried the RLC and they’ve failed us miserably. Time to try Libertarian and stop Overstreet from purposefully doing nothing in Olympia just to make a point. He’s being paid to make decisions that represent WC and he sits on his rear down there, talk about govt waste!

    • Hopefully people are beginning to see what a waste it is to send tea partiers to Olympia or DC–people who just take up space and refuse to address the huge problems facing us that get worse by the day. Just saying no to everything is not a sane strategy for governing. I’m sure Overstreet and Buys have national ambitions– let’s stop them right here.

      • Completely agreed! If they are going to say no to everything and sit on their hands, the least they could do is come up with some reasonable legislation that isn’t about light bulbs or putting the courts in charge of family planning… How about bills that reaffirm treaty rights? How about bills that put more salmon in our water and build our fishing fleet (right here in WC!)? How about listening when the house is debating budget instead of using the office’s position to legislate values! These kind of establishment tools are exactly the kind that, if in DC, would just perpetuate the same back and forth banter that gets our country nowhere…

  4. Everyone of these comments is so true ask Jason Oversteet what his family so called values are and he will say his FAMILY. I have seen an e-mail from him saying exacting that so the heck with the rest of us. Who ever put those signs up forgot to add Buys name to them. Good Job

  5. […] his legislative efforts may have drawn some sign painting critics, no one can fault Overstreet for lack of ideas. He proposed a full spread of legislation this year, […]

    • Yes, but one CAN fault him for a lack of productive ideas. Ideas that could be called bi(tri?)partisan and get government out of sectors that private industry can do a whole lot better…

      • To my knowledge the only good thing Overstreet has done is to vote against the “gut the medical marijuana system bill”. Buys voted for it (so glad it didn’t pass).


  7. […] So it sounds like this primary fight will decided by who is the better organizer, and on that count, Van Werven has a running start. Her years of experience as a fundraiser and volunteer recruiter will serve her well in this race. She, at least, will not have to use Burma Shave signs out on the Guide-Meridian. […]

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