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Friday Odds and Ends: Public Market, Cesar Chavez and New Columns

Hello Loyal Readers,

I hope everyone is dealing with the weather in the appropriate mannerMcShane shorts for everyone! I still have a couple of big articles in the queue: a follow-up about Gary Goldfogel, a follow-up on Vincent Buys PDC complaint and the last legislative update post. But for now, let’s cover some odds and ends.

Bellingham Public Market

Bellingham Public Market

The Bellingham Public Market is expanding! Having recovered from the financial challenges of 2012, Terra Organica, Trapeze, Juice It! and the rest of the scrappy businesses that make up the Bellingham Public Market are raising funds to rent the other half of their building, knock down the wall and expand the space.

If you are interested in helping or investing, get all the details here, or call Stephen Trinkaus at 360.715.8020.  Full disclosure: They’ve brought me on to help raise the funds and my lovely wife is a manager at Terra Organica.

The 8th Annual Cesar Chavez dinner, a fundraiser for Community to Community, is tonight at 5:30 p.m. and features Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant, noted socialist and $15 minimum wage advocate. The event is held at St. Luke’s Community Health Education Center, 3333 Squalicum Pkwy, and costs $5-$10. Definitely worth checking out.

Finally, I’m wrapping up my weekly coverage of the state legislature and am wondering if there is interest and support for a replacement weekly feature. I will continue to provide my coverage of local elections and investigative reports, but what else would you like to see? Leave your answer in the comments below and if I get enough interest, I’ll see what we can do.



  1. Hah! Love it! Also – can we get lunch next week? (Tuesday and Thursday work for me.)

    ••••••••••••••••••• Lisa McShane 1451 Grant Street Bellingham, WA 98225 360.201.0779


  2. The Port, airport expansion, and local government. I will of course continue to contribute. I consider your research and integrity to be invaluable.

    • Thank you so much! Would that beat be called, “Trains, Planes and Gov’t Appeals?” Okay, not quite a rhyme but close.

  3. The Cesar Chavez dinner was a packed-house event, with lots of great civic-power people there. One fact was a curious mix of sad and joy: Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant was not there. Her place was filled by the fellow who had been her campaign manager, because she chose to stay “on the job” in Seattle to resolve and negotiate some very serious issue.

    Also, the telling of the story of the Community-2-Community organization and all that they have accomplished in these ten years, gave us heart-throbs. Congrats to all.

  4. Riley,

    I would like to see more coverage on oil train safety issue. Bloomberg Business , Feb. 17-23, 2014 pages 34-36 has an excellent article about the 5 major upgrades needed for oil tank cars.

    Rep. Larsen and Mayor Linville and BNSF reps have given nice speeches about the need for increased safety measures, but the unsafe oil tank cars will be running feet away from peoples” homes for the next 5+ years. Rep. Larsen is on the Transportation committee and has ignored the unsafe DOT 111 cars issue for 12 years!

    What action on safety issues has been taken by Sen. Doug Ericksen? What items were actually in the 6 bills that were killed in his committee? What measures has the county or city taken to protect citizens? How many fire and police have been trained for oil train explosions, spills, etc.? What resources can/will the refineries provide in an emergency? Emergency response measures if oil gets into the bay? Who, what, when, where, and how? What is the hospital capacity for burn victims? What are their plans? What are Ferndale high school evacuation or lock down plans? Train tracks 400 feet from school. How much BNSF equipment is actually stored in Whatcom or Skagit county? Who pays for the cleanup? What funds are available at corporate, federal, state, county, city levels?


    Tom Gilmore

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