Posted by: sweeneyblog | March 12, 2014

Follow-up: Public Records on Former GPT Planner

Cliff Strong

Cliff Strong

Monday’s article about the former Gateway Pacific Terminal consultant who was hired by the county Planning Department generated quite a buzz, on and off this site. True to my inquisitive nature, I submitted a public records request asking for all emails to or from Cliff Strong that included any of the following phrases:

  • “gateway pacific”
  • “terminal”
  • “ssa marine”

By mid-day, I had my response from the county. With the exception of a single email mentioning the Comprehensive Plan, there were absolutely zero emails to or from Cliff Strong with any of those phrases. Here’s the email back I received as confirmation. The documents back up Planning Director Ryan’s claims that Strong is not working on anything related to the Gateway Pacific Terminal project.

Does that settle it? In terms of appearances, it can look sketchy to see the Planning Department hiring from their own customers, but as far as the law is concerned, everything seems to be above board.

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  1. Riley,

    Great coverage of Cliff Strong the former former GPT planner. This still gives GPT an inside person in the county planning department.

    I still think we need more coverage of educational issues — this is 50%+ of the state budget.

    Tom Gilmore

    • So he is innocent of the charges but still a suspect?

  2. […] the more relevant issue is if Strong will be working on anything related to the GPT, and my public records request concluded that he was not, so I consider the issue […]

  3. You need to focus on the wider picture, and the indirect ways that Cliff could advance GPT. He is in charge of natural resources and is leading the review and revision of the county’s Critical Areas Ordinance, which is the heart of our environmental laws. It regulates things like wetlands and offsite mitigation… all issues that are crucial to the eventual permitting of GPT.


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