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Friday Odds and Ends: Weimer’s Water, Overstreet’s Beard and the Dewey Dessler System

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Carl Weimer County Council

Carl Weimer, Rational Man

Carl Weimer, revelling in his new-found majority on the County Council, has a radical idea. Instead of haphazardly stumbling through the entanglement of water rights that is brewing, he is proposing that the county develop a “Water Action Plan, spelling out the various water quality, quantity, and habitat issues to address in the 2015-2016 budget discussions.”

You can read the details of his proposal here but the long and short is that there needs to be a strategic approach rather than just waiting for the courts to sort it out when something gets screwed up. You can voice your support (or opposition from the ever-present Greg Brown) at Tuesday’s council meeting.

Speaking of people who are always around, Jack Louws is asking the County Council to fund Dewey Dessler’s continued role in the county executive office. When Pete Kremen retired as county executive, his right-hand man, Dewey Dessler, announced that he would also retire.

When Jack Louws was elected, Dessler stayed on to “help with the budget.” Since then, he has continued on, working out of the county executive’s office. Now, Louws is formalizing the relationship, asking the council to approve a “Special Projects Manager” position to the tune of $95,000. I think it just goes to show that neither Pete Kremen nor Dewey Dessler have a firm grasp on the concept of “retiring.”

Also, weird note, despite his years and years of public service, somehow Dessler has avoided being photographed. I looked for a while, trying to find some sort of picture of him to illustrate this article, I even called the executive’s office to see if they have a staff picture on file. Nope. The man is invisible to the camera. Like a vampire, or perhaps an H.G. Wells character.

Update: Ralph Schwartz of the Bellingham Herald says this will be a new position, not just an escalation of Dessler’s current half-time employment. When I discussed this with council members, they were convinced this was for Dessler. Either way, the truth will come out at the meeting next Tuesday.

The Beard in question

The Beard in question

Yesterday’s article about Rep. Jason Overstreet’s attack on Planned Parenthood created quite a stir . . . over his beard. Yes, Jason Overstreet went full mountain man prompting several questions about his employment. In addition to being a state representative, Overstreet is also a Seattle firefighter, and firefighters can’t have significant facial hair because it interferes with the seal on their masks.

I checked with Kyle Moore, Public Information Officer with the Seattle Fire Department and he said that yes, Overstreet is still employed full-time but is on a leave of absence for the session. So I imagine once the session ends, the beard will be gone.

Finally, here is a teaser for some of the video I shot during the session. That’s right, The Political Junkie is expanding into the world of video.



  1. 1. you run real fast. 2. Dewey (the oldest of Donald Duck’s sons) is worth every penny of the suggested 95K. He is the Radar O’Reilly who really runs the m*a*s*h* unit, while the exec is the Blake/Potter at the front. 3. I am glad resolution has been found to the Beard-Gate issue, such slow-news-week sleuthing.

  2. I do not see how the continuation of DD fits the whole “lean” concept…

  3. The executive’s office tells me DD will continue to work for the exec as a half-time employee. The position coming before council next week is for a new, full-time position. -RS

    • Interesting. I’ll add that above.

  4. […] Refusing the per diem is all well and good, Sen. Doug Ericksen received plenty of criticism for double-dipping from that fund last year. However, Overstreet is actually forbidden from taking the state’s legislative pension because he is already part of the public retirement system as a Seattle Firefighter. […]

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