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While the House debates budget, Overstreet talks abortions

On Tuesday, the state House debated the budget (ESB 6002). While other representatives argued for and against the inclusion of child care funds, the size of government and education spending, Rep. Jason Overstreet decided to speak about abortions.

He was speaking about Amendment 865 (read the text here) proposed by Rep. David Taylor (R), which would provide some funds for long-term care (hospices, etc) and disabled veterans and also explicitly forbid any money from our Health and Wellness programs from going to Planned Parenthood or for funding abortions. Click here or the picture below to see the video.

jason overstreet

He spoke for two minutes and managed to tie in the Eugenics movement, accusing them of making too much money and of being ineffective. Rep. Tami Green (D-28th) interjected, asking how this was relevant to the amendment. Speaker of the House Pro Tempore Rep. Jim Moeller (D-49th) cracked a sly smile, “Neither do I, Representative” and directed Overstreet to confine his remarks to the amendment at hand. Overstreet responded, “I understand that this is a touchy subject and sunshine on this issue can be difficult to swallow.”

He then asked the legislature to consider the morality, “beyond our fiduciary responsibility.” He again made reference to fraud charges against Planned Parenthood and urged support for the amendment.

Rep. Laurie Jenkins (D-27th) responded that this amendment was illegal since you cannot change substantive law with the budget and access to women’s health choices are protected in Washington’s laws. “We trust women, the amendment that is being offered does not trust women.”

Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood

Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood

I reached out to Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood for a response, especially about the charges of fraud. Here is the background: Seattle resident Johnathan Bloedow launched a lawsuit accusing Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest of overbilling the state. Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest serves Washington, Alaska, Southern Idaho. State Auditor Troy Kelley investigated the claim and dismissed it as baseless.

Christina Kobdish-Wright, director of external affairs for Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood, referred to Bloedow as, “a known extreme anti-choice activist,” and said this was an effort to “stir up expensive, baseless and politically motivated distractions for Planned Parenthood.”

As a savvy political reader you already know, but it is worth mentioning again, that abortions make up less than 4% of Planned Parenthood’s services. They provide 80% of the family planning (contraceptives) in Washington and studies show for every $1 cut from publicly funded family planning programs, over $6 will be spent on new unintended-pregnancy care including deliveries and abortions.

That does not stop it from being used as a political football on the floor of the House by Rep. Overstreet. However, his efforts were unsuccessful, the amendment was defeated by a voice vote.



  1. I can’t believe my taxes pay this guy’s salary. He sucks oxygen out of the air we breathe. In my 34 years as an NP in women’s health, I have yet to see a homeless heroin addict that would choose abortion, (or adoption for that matter). Mostly they desperately want someone to love them, even if it means living in a tent in snow with a newborn. But of course those guys don’t want to pay for those services once the hapless child is born. “Snivling little welfare cheats”. Question is, who do we get to run against him?

  2. If Overstreet really cared about babies he would support birth control, sex education, pre- and post-natal care, maternal leaves, Head Start, early childhood education, day care programs, etc. etc.

    The bottom line of the rabid anti-abortionists is that any woman who had sex without intending to become pregnant has sinned and her punishment is to have and raise an unwanted child.

    • The easy way out is to abort the child and save on pre- and post-natal care, maternal leaves, early childhood education (Liberal indoctrination), day-care programs (more Liberal indoctrination), etc etc. [Sarc.]

      How about the floozie accepting some responsibility?

  3. Good god, Riley. I’m glad — but actually sad — our blog is not the only one that attracts gratuitous argument-baiting. -RS

    • Yep – wouldn’t be the internet without it.

    • Thankyou for going after Arthur too.

  4. I’m glad the bill was killed. It seems like the Republicans are realizing that women make up 50% of the population and it’s unwise to piss us off.

  5. I have seen Overstreet in action. He voted against a bill that I am working on for Grandparent visitation rights. When the vote was taken in the House last session, most of the Republicans voted against the bill. That is fine, I didn’t like it, but that is their purgative. But Overstreet when off and in to an act that would have won him the best actor Oscar for a performance in a leading role. He started pontificating and went on and on about how grandparents have no rights and the parents can do what they want to their children, some of the opponents called their children their “property”. Overstreet didn’t call them that, but if you listened to his acting job I am surprised that didn’t come in to it. He is not my legislator, Tami Green is, thankfully.
    I spent over twenty years in the military to protect and defend the Constitution. I am a Christian but no where in that oath was I swearing to protect and defend the Bible—-Ones religious beliefs have no place in running our government.

    Back to the original topic—Planned Parenthood is the only avenue that many women, especially those of modest means, have for their women’s health needs. Many lives are saved at Planned Parenthood for many of those women. Yes they do some abortions but that is only about three percent of all the good they do—-that good is ninety seven percent, again which includes saving lives.

    Shame on legislators like Overstreet for wanting take away a woman’s right to her healthcare.

  6. Overstreet and Vincent Buys are an embarrassment to Whatcom County. They do not serve their constituents and mainly exist just to pontificate about their wacko tea party ideas. What a waste.

  7. I will say something nice about Mr. Overstreet. I like the beard he now sports. I wish he would use it to get that job in Hollywood that Bob Rudolph saw him auditioning for. I do not lump Buys and Overstreet together. Buys is a nice young man.

    • Buys is not a nice young man. He is a nasty piece of work. I had a short conversation with him about the selection of Paul Ryan to be Mitt’s running mate and he gave the usual hypocritical change the subject BS that the tea parties are so good at.

      • So he is a Republican and very conservative, but I have never considered Vince nasty. He is one of the more mild-mannered people I know. Deluded, perhaps; but nasty, no. He simply does not measure on the pompousity scale that Jason scores 100% upon.

      • You were not there when I had that conversation with Mr Buys now, were you? He was an evasive, hypocritical teabagger when I spoke to him about Paul Ryan’s record as supporting things the teabags hated, such as the bank bailout and Obama’s stimulus package that saved us from the abyss, even though it was mostly tax cuts.

        What has he contributed to Whatcom County, by the way, in the form of useful legislation? Both he and Overstreet are a waste of taxpayer dollars and time in Olympia. Still an embarrassment to this county, like Cathy McMorris Rogers, over on the east side, where I have some property….

      • Well, no, I was not there. Just as you were not there I presume when I have had numerous civil conversations with him. By the way, even though I am deemed by most to be
        far out there to the left, I consider the term “teabagger” to be a nasty and uncivil one. Mr. Buys has not been an active legislator, but this session he did introduce the bill that allows hemp seed to be used in cattle feed–something that carried unanimously. Ask people in Olympia that you respect if Vince is a nasty person. I bet they would say no.

      • Sorry.. I didn’t they name themselves Teabaggers before they knew what it meant? I think it’s emblematic about how ignorant they really are. Are you an apologist for them?

      • The tea parties originally called THEMSELVES Teabaggers until it was pointed out what it means. Another stupid move by them. If Buys is not an ‘active legislator’ why is he there then? Why do we pay him to represent us?

      • Yes, I suppose I am an apologist for them. I do not demonize the Tea Party. Originally, it had a strong Libertarian base as well. While I share few of their views, there are many “good” people who I respect in it. I also think that sexual naivete and ignorance in a wider sense do not strongly correlate.

  8. Floozies unite! Time to get to work. I’ll volunteer to help any floozie beat this guy. Who’s with me?

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