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Rep. Vincent Buys 2014 Legislative Agenda

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I have a confession. On a personal level, I really like Representative Vincent Buys, the handsome Republican from Lynden. Despite us being on opposite ends of the political spectrum, he is usually polite, professional and practical in his role as a Representative. Case in point, his legislative efforts in 2014.

Unlike his seatmate, Rep. Jason Overstreet, Buys’ legislation is almost entirely small-scale bills that clarify or fix legal issues. In other words, the diligent work of a determined legislator. His bills fall into four loose categories: agriculture, blood, contractors and “other.” As always, you can click the bill number to see the exact text of the legislation.


As fitting the Representative from Lynden, he has proposed a bill extending the dairy inspection program (HB2354). The program which taxes dairy providers to allow for inspections was set to expire in 2015, this bill extends that to 2020.

He also is proposing a bill that would direct the Department of Agriculture to study whether hemp seeds and products should be allowed in commercial livestock feed (HB2405) and another bill to extend the sales tax exemption for livestock feed to livestock feed equipment as well (HB2259).


Okay, dramatic title, boring legislation. Buys proposed a bill that would clarify that sheep’s blood is not a sheep processing waste, and can therefore be put into anaerobic digesters (HB2717). Similarly, he proposed the Department of Agriculture develop rules for alternate disposal methods of sheep’s blood (HB2716).

Marching from the Settler's Parade into the pages of GQ Magazine

Marching from the Settler’s Parade into the pages of GQ Magazine


As a former contractor himself, Buys has proposed two pieces of legislation relating to contractors. The first allows for and clarifies the responsibilities of contractors who install fire suppression systems in housing units (HB2260).

The second is a little more complicated, it alters some of the laws surrounding the hiring and employment of contractors (HB2258). Rep. Buys explains, “It should be relatively easy for L & I to determine who is an independent contractor and who is not.” He explained that businesses like Walker Carpet One have clashed with L & I over how to classify people they recommend to install their carpets. L &I asserts that these installers, who aren’t on Walker Carpet One payroll and only appear on a list when someone asks about it, are actually employees of the business, not independent contractors. This bill would clarify that situation and others where it is vague as to what category they fall into.

Other Bills

Buys has signed on to the same effort by Rep. Overstreet and Sen. Ericksen to curtail Futurewise’s future legal cases over the Growth Management Act (HB2288). He also has sponsored a bill making it a felony to share pornographic pictures for the purpose of revenge (HB2257).

This is actually a growing problem with the ease of taking and sharing intimate photos where former romantic partners can publicly share pictures as a form of revenge. Ten years ago, this would be much harder to pull off, but with social media, it is now effortless.

That’s it for this year. A modest effort by Rep. Vincent Buys but I imagine he will see a few of these bills signed into law. Stay tuned later this week for articles outlining the legislative agendas of the other Representatives from Whatcom.



  1. Go Vince go!

  2. Since you confessed, I will too. I seldom share political beliefs with Vince. but he is a fine young man who has really grown in the job and I like him. He has no affectation. I will go one step further and say that I also like your whipping boy Doug on a personal level. Jason Overstreet, on the other hand, is far too strident to be likable.. He should change his last name to Overbearing or even Overthetop.

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