Posted by: sweeneyblog | January 10, 2014

Update: Sen. Ranker Assigned Powerful New Position Within Senate

That’s what I get for publishing an article on committee assignments before all the dust had settled. Sen. Kevin Ranker has been promoted to the #2 position on the Ways and Means Committee, where he will play a key role in crafting the budget for this state.

Sen. Kevin Ranker

Sen. Kevin Ranker

From a recent press release: “I’m honored to have been selected by my peers to take on these new challenges,” Ranker said. “Constructing a state budget which represents the values of our state and our local communities is of the utmost importance to us all.”

As part of the shuffle, he will continue to serve on the Energy and Environment committee (run by Sen. Doug Ericksen) however, he will no longer be the ranking Democrat on that committee.

With the Republicans in control of the state Senate, it will be fascinating to see how that influences the budget process, since the Republicans will need to compromise with the Democrats in the House and Inslee in the governor’s mansion. Sen. Ranker will be a key negotiator at that table.

Yes, I will still have my “Odds and Ends” coming out today, I just wanted to post this update quickly.



  1. Do you know if he supports the moving of about $110 million from the toxics control accounts in to the education trust?

  2. […] and all, it has already caused some shuffling of committee assignments (see today’s post on Ranker), but it should not affect the balance of power within the senate, where Republicans (with the […]

  3. Kevin Ranker as #2 on the Ways and Means Committee is like having the Fox in the hen house.

  4. […] with his increased responsibility on the Ways and Means committee, his central role in the Governor’s Climate Change efforts and his leadership as President […]

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