Posted by: sweeneyblog | December 20, 2013

Friday Odds and Ends: Prostitution, Microsoft Executives and Catholics

Hello Loyal Readers,

I had planned to do a few more posts this week but a vicious holiday cold struck me down, so before I knew it, it was time again for my Friday Odds and Ends.

First up, Canada’s highest court has overturned their prostitution laws, giving their parliament one year to create a legal framework to function. “It is not a crime in Canada to sell sex for money,” Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin wrote in today’s decision. This creates an interesting dichotomy for our sleepy little border community. Just as Canadians will be flocking south to enjoy our legalized marijuana, will Americans head north for sex tourism?

Kurt DelBene

Kurt DelBene: Tech Wizard

Meanwhile, our congresswoman, Rep. Suzan DelBene, was in the news recently. Not for her work to allow smartphone use on planes, but for her husband, Kurt DelBene. Kurt DelBene, also a former Microsoft executive, will serve as an unpaid advisor to Sec. Sebellius for the renovation of online health insurance enrollment services. Or to put it more plainly, he is there to fix I am always thrilled to see Washington, DC draw on talent from the Pacific Northwest, but I wonder if this just reinforces our image as tech-obsessed, coffee-guzzling Seattleites.

Finally, your feel-good story for the holidays. Hundreds of students from Catholic high schools in the area protested the firing of a popular vice-principle from Eastside Catholic School in Sammamish. What grievous thing had this vice-principle done to deserve firing? He had married his partner, something completely legal in the state of Washington, but not in the eyes of Eastside Catholic School. Hundreds of students staged a sit-in and rally, organizing over twitter and by text message, urging the school to change its policy. You could not ask for a clearer contrast between outdated institutional thinking and the new wave of young people who care more about the content of a person’s character than their sexual orientation.

And on that self-righteous note, I wish everyone a lovely Solstice, Merry Christmas and all the rest. I will probably have more material up next week about the state legislature, provided this cold medicine doesn’t wear off.



  1. Keep me updated on the Sex Tourism. Better than the prostitution in Washington DC.

  2. Great roundup…totally bizarre headline. Get well soon.

  3. Hope you feel better, before the turkey and pumpkin pie.

  4. Well, I’m certainly with you on “cheering” when someone in the Pacific NW is picked to HELP out in WA DC! I hadn’t heard that much about MR. DelBene but I’m hoping he will be helpful to the President in fixing the site. The problem isn’t effecting me but it may effect my step-son very soon. So, I’m feeling some what encouraged to know that the group is looking for advanced techies to help get on track.
    Hey, sorry about your cold, Riley. Get better soon! Get some REST!

    • is up and running well. The deadline for getting coverage starting Jan 1st is Dec 23rd.

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