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Fmr. President Bush? I’d like a refund please . . .

This is another installment of my series called, “Can We Talk?” where I have a frank and open discussion with some of our elected (and formally elected) officials.

Hello Mister President,


President Bush, can we talk?

It is good to see you are enjoying your retirement. Some former presidents like to set a busy schedule when they get out, jam-packed full of non-profit work or political speeches but you’ve been pretty darn quiet down there in Houston. I’ve heard you’ve been doing some painting, I haven’t really tried it, but my wife says it is good for the soul.

Well, let’s get down to business. After much tabulating and bean counting, the accountants have finally determined the total cost for the Iraq War, and low estimates have it pegged at $3 trillion dollars.

Wait, let me write that out. That is more than $3,000,000,000,000, and that number does not include things like veteran’s health care costs, treating PSTD or  the increased cost of embassies in that area. We are just talking about the raw cash spent to run the Iraq War. So why am I writing you today?

I want a refund.

Simple as that. If I take the total number of U.S. citizens (317 million) and divide that out, I get $9,463.72. I’ll take it as a check or PayPal. You could quibble that only the people who were here in 2003 are eligible, and in that case, write out the check for $10,340.91. Either way, I would like a refund.

You said you were going to seize Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction; there was nothing there. You said you were going to stabilize the region; you made it much much worse. Your administration said the war would pay for itself and yet here we are, stuck with the bill. In short, you sold us services and did not deliver. Hence, I would like a refund.

Can we talk - Riley Sweeney

George . . . can we talk?

Look, you might say that mistakes were made and let bygones be bygones, but this is not something we can just shrug off as a nation. I just keep thinking, over the last four years of the recession how useful that $9,463.72 would have been. That’s groceries for my household for three years or enough money to pay off my student loans and buy a decent used car.

For all of the challenges with the rollout of Obamacare, he delivered health insurance. It isn’t perfect and there are plenty of hiccups, but services rendered. I appeal to you, as a free-market person, to recognize that you did not deliver and cut me that check.

No, I won’t take payment in watercolor paintings. Sorry.



  1. Seeing Pres. Bush tried for war crimes would be enough payment for me.

    • How about Clinton and Obama too?

      • Wayne, Clinton and Obama are not without criticism But surely nothing compared with Bushy. That man drove this country into such a state that it just now is recovering from his mishandling. Shall we start with his reading to children as the twin towers came down. Now that was a President in action and one I’m sure all Americans are proud of.

      • So, Bush had “advance knowledge” of the bombings and then read to these children? Get real! you are just a typical leftwing Bush hater.

  2. His legacy is that this very issue will continue to motivate a whole generation of people to be involved in progressive politics.

    • A reason without any substance.

      • Wayne, I think it’s time for you take a vacation. Roger

    • Very true. I became a Democrat because President Bush was a Republican and Republicans were pushing us into an unnecessary and costly war. While my views on partisanship have broadened since then, President Bush is still the face of the Republican party in my eyes.

  3. Riley,

    Your absurdity has reached the stratosphere. Have you no shame?

    You are a parrot parroting the Liberal line but you can’t help yourself can you.

    I have been reading you blog to try to understand the other side not the “far side”.

    You can do better and must if you want anyone to take you seriously.

    • What liberal line? That the Iraq war was expensive? I don’t think anyone disagrees with that. That we did not find any weapons of mass destruction? No one disagrees with that either. The point of this post was to drive home the economic cost of this war. What about that is a liberal line?

    • Mr. Farber:

      If you feel that somehow Mr. Sweeney is biased and presenting the “liberal line” that, admittedly, puts President Bush in a rather poor light could you please redress the balance.

      I’d be delighted to have you lay out for us what good things Bush did, things that improved life for Americans, things that helped the economy, education, international affairs…. Anything. Take your time but be thorough.

      • I don’t know where to start because there were so many (dozens) so here are a few:

        1. Took charge after 9/11 (Obama was no where to be seen during Benghazi-golfing, shooting hoops, having a burger and fries with Joe Biden, who knows).

        2. He kept us safe (there was not one successful terror bombing on U. S. soil until the Boston marathon attack (Obama’s watch).

        3. Medicare part D (12/3/2003).

        4. No Child Left Behind (proposed 1/23/2001).

        5. USA Patriot Act (10/26/2001)

        Don’t forget that Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Chuck Hagel and Joe Biden supported the invasion of Iraq.

        John Hinderaker of Time magazine said George W. Bush “was a president of overwhelming influence, the most effective chief executive since FDR”. “A man of extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius, he can’t get anyone to notice. He is like a great painter or musician who is ahead of his time, and who unveils one masterpiece after another to a reception that, when not bored, is hostile”.

      • 1. If by took charge, do you actually mean that he could have prevented 9/11 but ignored warnings from his security advisers and instead played golf?

        2. If by kept us safe, do you mean at the cost of our freedom and privacy, thousands of soldiers lives and hundreds of thousands of civilian lives?

        3. Did you know that Medicare Part D had a just as bad or worse launch than Obamacare?

        4. Hugely unfair legislation, that while it did improve some aspects of education, cut funding for low-preforming schools rather than find a solution to preform better?

        5. Largely regarded as the single most blatant use of government power to take away the freedoms and privacy of the American People.

        Those politicians supported the invasion based on the lies that the oval office provided.

        John Hinderaker also said “I think that Darwin’s theory of macroevolution is plainly wrong, on strictly scientific grounds.” So, he’s a moron.

        Bring me some more please.

  4. One hardly knows where to begin … but I do thank you for replying. Most conservatives just run for the hills when asked to be specific. Quickly: He was not on the scene after 9/11. No sense going into details here. Just do some reading. Comparing 9/11 with Benghazi only makes sense to someone who’s been watching too much Fox News. Medicare Part D was a ghastly expensive give-away to Big Pharma. If you own stock in Merck you probably thought it was wonderful. No Child Left Behind was the worst piece of educational legislation …maybe ever. Obama, you may not have noticed, issued a statement that the federal government will no longer support it and will not prosecute states that do not follow its guidelines. The Patriot Act was a doozie. I find it astonishing that conservatives who cherish freedom so much think this was a good idea. Think about Bush next time you get groped at an airport. Even Israel, where they really do have terrorists on their borders, doesn’t subject its citizens to this kind of nonsense.

    But, like I said, thanks for the reply. Dialogue is good. We all can learn from each other.

    • Arthur,

      So Bush wasn’t the World Trade Center site after 9/11. Were you under a rock?

      I don’t watch Fox News but you must.

      I can see why you wouldn’t want to go into any details that would refute what you have to say.

      Have you always been a fool?

      Describe Obamacare for me.

      Give me a brief recap of Obama’s accomplishments. It will be brief because the have been ZERO.

      • Mr. Farber:

        I do believe Bush was, after he finished “My Little Goat,” on a plane to nowhere. Oddly Rudy Giuliani, was there — and won’t let of us forget that.

        I’m pleased to hear you don’t get your news from Fox. I apologize for that insult.

        The details on Benghazi are too complex for a site such as this. I assumed you understood that.

        As for my being a fool…. I forgive you for stooping.

        Obama’s accomplishments (besides the ACA which, you will see in the future, will be a major advance in health care) include:

        *the stimulus which saved us from a true Depression (though it was too small)
        *repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
        *repeal of DOMA
        *Wall Street reform act (Dodd-Frank), though it didn’t go far enough
        *the end of the Iraq war and ending the one in Afghanistan
        *the rescue of the auto industry
        *stopping the Bush-Cheney use of torture
        *knocking off Bin Laden and helping in removing Qaddafi
        *responding swiftly and effectively to Hurricane Sandy
        *passing the Lily Ledbetter Act
        *reduced government spending dramatically and cut the annual deficit in half (though I don’t consider these wholly positive)

        Not bad for a guy facing a hostile opposition that denigrates everything he does. As some wag put it, “If Obama cured cancer the right wing would complain about how he’s responsible for overpopulation.”

        Now, of course, you might not think of some of these as accomplishments but that’s okay.They all worked to better the lives of average Americans and that’s a pretty good measure.

        What he’s been unable to do is make progress on things like immigration reform, the environment and the tax code. You know
        why, of course.

      • -The stimulus money went to Obama’s campaign donors. it was a bust.

        -Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was created by Bill Clinton not Bush.

        -DOMA was another product of Clinton’s reign.

        -Dodd-Frank has been a disaster.

        -The Iraq War was pretty much over when Obama took office.

        -The is no evidence that the Afghan War is over.

        -GM wasn’t rescued, it was given to the unions. The bondholders got screwed and didn’t even get a kiss.

        -Bush-Cheney “torture” has been replaced by Obama-Biden “torture”.

        -“Knocking offBin Laden”-Seal Team 6 gets credit for that but it did get Obama off the golf course for a few hours.

        -There are people that were wiped out by Hurricane Sandy that are “still” waiting for help.

        _The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was signed by Obama on January 29, 2009 9 days after the January 20th inauguration. I have never seen legislation created and passed so quickly in the Congress [sarc].

        -Look at the Federal Debt no the deficit that can be manipulated. It was just over $10 trillion when Obama took office and it is now $17.3 trillion now.


    • Mr. Reber – I commend you for that exhibition of a superhuman capacity for restraint and civility. I am being totally sincere.

      I loved Reagan, I moved to DC and volunteered on Bush Senior’s campaign in ’88. In the 90’s, as the right wingers decided to spend all their time sliming Bill Clinton, I began to be embarrassed by Republicans. When George W came along, he was so clearly an entitled, contemptible puppet… The Rs lost me and a ton of my friends because of Bush Junior.

  5. I would love to see Air Force One on the way to the Mandela funeral intercepted and diverted to The Hague, the wives released and the sitting and former president charged with crimes against humanity, which both have obviously committed.

    • What about Bill Clinton’s sodomy charges?

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