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Friday Odds and Ends: Waterfront, Obamacare and Artwalk

Hello Loyal Readers,

Everyone staying warm out there? The Sweeney household has resorted to hot tea, piles of blankets and Doctor Who radio plays to fend off the cold. As for the political world, it is hopping.

On a national level, Sen. Elizabeth Warren had to repeat, again, that she is not running for President. This is a good thing. She is doing fantastic work in the Senate and her policy deep profile is perfect for crafting laws that actually protect the little guy from the bankers. I understand people are hungry for progressive leadership and speculation is always strong for 2016, but Warren is not going to be on the ticket. Also, neither is Hillary. But that’s a much longer article.

The backlash against the port and the city over the waterfront plan continues. The video I posted yesterday made quite a splash on social media, going from a handful of views when I got it, to just shy of 400 in 24 hours. As I mentioned before, stay tuned this weekend for a “Waterfront 101” article explaining how this all came about and what will happen next.

Stop by Terra Organica tonight

Stop by Terra Organica tonight

The Affordable Care Act saw a surge in registrations last weekend. When this plan was implemented in Massachusetts, most of the signups happened near the end of the window, so it does not surprise me that people are just now completing their sign up. Personally, it has been a boon to the Sweeney household, changing our health care costs from $165/month down to $37/month, but others have not been so fortunate. Local Democratic activist Andrew Redding took to the pages of the Seattle Times to illustrate why the ACA does not work for him and how it could be improved.

Tonight is Arts Walk in downtown Bellingham. If you would like to purchase some top-quality photography, stop by Terra Organica because Sweeney’s Portraits will be selling some very fine pieces tonight starting at 6pm.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned next week to see what our legislators are planning for this session.



  1. $37/month? Is that for your cat?

    What was/is your deductible?

    Have you been accepted? Have you paid your first premium? Or has your personal information been lost in the electronic maize?

    Be afraid, be very afraid of Obamacare. It is not about health insurance for all, it is about total control of our lives.

    • $37 covers my wife and I. I was accepted back when I signed up in early Nov,I have a $1,500 deductible and I’ve paid my first premium. The website was easy to use and I am really happy to have access to health care again.

  2. I also signed up for the Affordable Care Act. At age 63, my individual premium dropped from $870 per month to $180. I am THRILLED! First payment has already gone out. I’ve received paperwork from Group Health to let me access my coverage information online.

    I would still prefer Medicare For All, but this is a step in the right direction.
    Thanks Riley!

  3. Don’t kid yourselves. Obamacare is no more than a massive wealth transfer from our citizenry to the insurance companies. I think Fl!p’s “step in the right direction” is a step off the fiscal cliff from which we throw yet more money to a bloated insurance industry. Quibbling about such and such plan or such and such premium or deductible masks the monstrous dishonesty of our congress and our “chief executive” who have surrounded themselves with and pay attention only to the banksters and corporate thieves for whom this risibly entitled “Affordable Care Act” was created. It’s not that the emperor has no clothes but that the emperor has stolen our clothes along with our jobs our liberty and our future yet we continue to defend him since he is “better” than the alternative emperor. I wrote about this thievery on NWCitizen last March.

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    • It is pretty darn easy. I use which will give you a free blog for signing up. I just pay for my own custom url ( and for extra space for all these pictures. Better yet, send me an email at riley dot sweeney at gmail and we can talk.

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