Posted by: sweeneyblog | October 31, 2013

A Doctor Who-lloween!

Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Despite my title as “The Political Junkie”, I do indeed have other interests. One of those is a television show called, “Doctor Who”. A british science fiction series, it started airing on the BBC in 1963. It is about a human-looking alien that travels through all of time and space in a police box called a TARDIS with his (mostly) human companions.

Similar to The Twilight Zone, the flexible premise allows nearly endless possibilities for storytelling and in its impressively long run, it has featured 12 actors in the title role, aired hundreds of episodes and captured the imaginations of people worldwide.

This Halloween, my wife and I, working with our lovely neighbors (Shelly, Kaylin and Kiana) decided to make our Halloween display Doctor Who-themed. We dressed up as creatures from the show and built decorations that fit that theme using recycled parts and spare odds and ends.

Building a tardis

Supplies from REStore

Assembling the walls of the TARDIS

Assembling the walls of the TARDIS

Are you sure this is a good idea?

Are you sure this is a good idea?

TARDIS, Costumes and more

TARDIS, Costumes and more

From left to right, we have Shelly as a Dalek, Bryna as a Weeping Angel, Kaylin as an Empty Child, Riley as a Silence and Kiana as another Weeping Angel.

If you are interested, visit us on Nevada street, north of Alabama to join in on the fun. Happy Halloween and stay safe this year.







  1. Hey Riley –

    Did you know you can get a refrigerator skin that’s a very good tardis?

    • I’ve seen those – very tempting but I don’t know if having my refrigerator be “bigger on the inside” is a good thing.

  2. retardis

  3. Are you my mommy?

    • Also, I assume you’re going to 50th Anniversary 3-D Doctor Who Extravaganza at Barkley Cinema on Nov. 25?

      Also, I amend my question to “Are you my mummy?” For obvious reasons.

      • 🙂 I will definitely be there with Bryna with our Sonic Screwdrivers ready to go!

  4. I love Dr. Who. I lived in England, while serving in the USAF. I saw the very first one in 1963 and followed it ever since through all the Dr. Who’s. It is funny looking back now as some of the outfits and the masks and helmets look like something out of ones kitchen. Some of the head gear looked like a colander and other things one would use around the house. My mother-in-law and I would watch it every week. My wife and her dad weren’t interested. But we were. It has gotten so much more sophisticated then it used to be. I still enjoy it today. Have a great time in your Tardis.


  5. I live on the South Hill and people don’t decorate. Not Halloween, not Christmas, nothing. Okay, we’re older than G-d and don’t have kids to “do” Halloween for, but is that a good enough excuse? I don’t think so! All hail to Riley who, I’m guessing, would have some other theme if it weren’t Dr. Who. We need more kitsch in our lives. Happy Halloween, Riley.

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