Posted by: sweeneyblog | October 4, 2013

Friday Odds and Ends: Superheroes, Bunny Rabbits and Forums

Hello Loyal Readers,

Usually, I put a little generic chatty patter in here but there is SO MUCH material for this week’s Odds and Ends, I’m going to cut right to it.

First, the anonymous writers of the Whatcom Excavator are working themselves into a froth because the Democrats are reminding college kids at WWU to vote this year. That is not necessarily newsworthy, the Excavator is offended anytime Democrats actually play politics. What caught my eye is the image they used to illustrate their article.

This is supposed to be a bad thing?

This is supposed to be a bad thing?

Quick messaging note – if you are trying to attack your opponents, you don’t portray them as superheroes! Not only that, but mixing Marvel and DC? Poor choices, guys. Sidenote: You can read my condensed history of comic books here. Look, if you are going to use a comic book analogy, why not portray your opponents as villains. Here, I’ll show you how it is done:

County Council Candidates as Villians

Three Fantastic Four Villains and a random DC character

Moving right along, the Human Services forum is coming up on Monday, Oct 7th, 5:30pm at the Bellingham Municipal Court. It will cover the County and City Council candidates. Similarly, the League of Women Voters forum is Thursday, Oct 10th at 6:30pm at the same place and will cover the County Council candidates. Check them out to see what you are really getting this election cycle.

Mike McAuley has come out with a web video recently that caught my eye. Why? It features an adorable rabbit. Your move, Ken Bell.

Finally, the Seattle Post Intelligencer picked up on my story about the Coal Industry funding Republican candidates in Whatcom County. You can read their take on the story here. While they do not mention my blog, I am just thrilled that they are covering this vital story.

You can support local investigative journalism by throwing a few bucks towards the Political Junkie (click here). It helps cover the costs of the website and justify the hours I spend combing through the PDC and designing infographics. Thank you so much for your support!

Tune in this weekend to read my take down of the I-522 mailers that have been circulating!



  1. Where did your donate button go? I’m blind this morning…

    Thanks for EXCELLENT info!

  2. You know Bill Knutzen never really struck me as a criminal mastermind…

    • If he is Doctor Doom, what did he get his doctorate in?

      • Is Bill Knutzen college educated?

      • I don’t know but I’d give him an honorary doctorate in cheesy smiles.

  3. How is encouraging students to vote “playing politics?” Only The Shadow knows?

    Wonder why the Herald missed the coal funding story. They seem to be seriously lacking in local news emphasis.

  4. […] I might have poked a little fun at Elenbaas supervillainy,  I do appreciate good work when I see it and this yard sign is top notch. The name is clearly […]

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