Posted by: sweeneyblog | September 19, 2013

Petree Leads City Candidates in Cash on Hand

After my examination of County Council and Port candidate‘s fundraising, I wanted to complete my tour with a look at the City Council candidates. Below are the current standings:

I’ve colored-coded the spreadsheet by race. First, Michael Lilliquist, despite having zero opponents raised almost $4,000 and then spent around $1,000. How did this happen? He held his kickoff before the filing date and then repaid himself for an undeclared loan ($500) and returned about $600 worth of donations to various contributors. This still leaves him a healthy warchest for his reelection campaign in four years, or his suspected mayoral bid.

Next up, Bob Burr and Roxanne Murphy face off for the at-large seat. Bob Burr has refused to accept donations for his campaign, while Roxanne has received major donations from the Nooksack Tribe ($1.8k), the Teamsters ($900), the Firefighters ($500) and Planned Parenthood Votes ($300). If you think that is all, she has a pretty impressive spread of small grassroots donations rounding out her contributions. Just a reminder, I have already and proudly endorsed Roxanne Murphy in this race, she is going to do a phenomenal job.

Are they arguing over his bald head?

Petree and Vargas at the Bill Mize forum

Finally, the only competitive race on the city level, Clayton Petree squares off against Pinky Vargas. Petree leads the pack in cash on hand, sitting on almost $5k as we roll into ballot season. Vargas has raised more funds but also spent more money, leaving her with only $1.3k left on hand.

Petree’s largest contributions are from the Consumer Fireworks Safety Association, in response to Petree’s strong stance against the fireworks ban (compared to Vargas’ support of the ban). Local realtors have contributed over $2k to his campaign, as well as $500 from John and Mimi Ferlin of Brooks Manufacturing and around $1k from local Republican activists.

On the other hand, almost all of Vargas’ contributions are small denominations. Her largest contributions are $500 from the Firefighters and $500 from locals Holly Hinman and David Johnson. She received $400 from the National Women’s Political Caucus and $200 from Logos owner Bob Pritchett. Beyond that, her fundraising reports are just line after line of small donations. Quite impressive, however with that money now spent, the question remains if she will have enough to fend off Petree’s cash advantage.

You can examine all the candidate’s public disclosure documents here. If you find something noteworthy, post it in the comments for discussion!



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