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New Conservative PAC Starts Agitating in Whatcom

SAVEWhatcom from what exactly?

SAVEWhatcom from what exactly?

A new conservative PAC has begun firing off fundraising letters and buying facebook ads in Whatcom County. How do I know? They sent a fundraising letter to me, of course.

SAVE Whatcom is a political action committee composed of the usual conservative activistsChet Dow, Lorraine Newman, Steve Moore and Delaine Clizbe are involved as organizers, while the Saturday Morning lineup of KGMI – Kris Halterman and Dick Donahue are churning out content for their website and Orphalee Smith serves as treasurer.

I received a fundraising letter from them filled with extravagant formatting choices and fear-mongering over lost jobs. You can click on the image to read it in more detail.

Fundraising Letter from SAVEWhatcom PAC

Fundraising Letter from SAVEWhatcom PAC

SAVEWhatcom has also set up a website (check it out here) and a facebook page where they have been grasping at straws over a resolution the Whatcom Democrats passed in July. The resolution, which was requested by representatives of the Lummi Nation, is a statement of support for the Lummi’s sacred lands and includes this line, “We propose and support the rejection of all industrial, commercial and residential uses of the remaining natural lands and waters on and adjacent to Cherry Point.”

Similar to Mitt Romney’s fixation on the “You Didn’t Build That” line, this PAC in conjunction with a Whatcom Republican’s press release and numerous repetitions on KGMI, is trying to make hash over that statement. Specifically focusing on the “rejection of all industrial, commercial and residential uses” and ignoring the “remaining natural lands and waters.” The SAVE Whatcom PAC is filled with references to Whatcom County becoming Detroit, and anti-job extremists.

Naturally, this PAC has endorsed an identical slate as the Whatcom Republicans. The real question remains if they will raise any money, where that money will come from and how it will be spent. They filed their PDC paperwork so this PAC can continue to function year after year, as opposed to folding up shop at the end of 2013, so who knows what kind of legs this organization might have.

Personally, it seems a little extreme to focus a whole political campaign around one sentence from basically a strongly-worded letter by the Whatcom Democrats three months ago, but then again, if you have nothing else to run on . . .



  1. It is hardly surprising that an organization of this sort has appeared in Whatcom County and adopted an anodyne and misleading name; the surprising aspect is that it’s taken so long to do so.

    If one were to speculate on a proximate cause for this occurrence, one might needn’t look further than the Lummi Indian statement on the Gateway Pacific Terminal which the PAC references. It doesn’t require a great deal of inductive reasoning nor does one need to resort to conspiracy theories to infer that the GPT consortium is now attempting, by the establishment of this PAC using traditional “pro-business, pro-jobs, conservatives”, to organize public opinion against the Lummis and their stance on the Terminal.

    The hoary old “job creator” mantra is not likely to galvanize the public, but the influx of funds and slightly more inventive advertisements might just do that. Of course, if the Lummis wish to maintain their credibility they should ignore this campaign, difficult as that may be financially given the inducements industry has offered. Their position is legally unassailable (under treaty rights) so the new PAC might be engaging in an exercise in futility and will succeed only in polarizing the voting public a bit more and leaving a residua of animosity in it’s wake.

  2. I’d like to register a PAC called, Save Us From Save Whatcom

    • I hope we haven’t seen the last of you on the Herald boards.

  3. SAVEWhatcom PAC’s theory:

    SAVEUs From SAVEWhatcom PAC’s theory:

  4. Actually Lummi is one of the largest employers in this county, probably top 4 when you add up all their businesses, government ops, schools, college, etc. They have probably created more jobs in this county in the last decade than most, a point that is surely lost on job loss fearmongers.

  5. Riley, I hope you’ll keep digging here. About the same time SAVEWhatcom rolled out its tripe re: the Democrats’ resolution, a nearly identical set of arguments were published in the Cascadia Weekly through an ad slick promoting the Gateway Pacific (coal) Terminal.

    The timing and similarity in the messaging seems far too convenient to be coincidental. Keep digging.

  6. […] Yvonne Goldsmith, Republican fundraiser and key organizer for SAVEWhatcom, the pro-coal terminal PAC from last year. […]

  7. […] “Yvonne Goldsmith, Republican fundraiser and key organizer for SAVEWhatcom, the pro-coal terminal PAC from last year.” […]

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