Posted by: sweeneyblog | September 3, 2013

Liberal County Council Candidates Maintain Cash Advantage

As we round the corner into the final stretch of the County Council races, the liberal candidates maintain a significant cash advantage over their conservative opponents. Here are the numbers I pulled from the Public Disclosure Commission today:

As you can see, the conservative County Council candidates are lagging by at least $10,000 in cash on hand. It makes me wonder if there is an enthusiasm gap among conservative supporters or lack of motivation on the part of the candidates for fundraising. Ben Elenbaas has yet to actually put up a website (he still has a placeholder here). I would think with the stakes this high, money would be tumbling in on both sides, but it seems the conservatives are not supporting their candidates financially.

Whatcom County Council fundraising

Campaign Fundraising (my interpretation)

Another thought was maybe all this money on the liberal side was out of town dollars, so I looked into it.

  • Buchanan and Browne’s top 15 contributors – 14 are in Whatcom County.
  • Mann’s top 15 contributors – 13 are in Whatcom County (the other two are family, I believe)
  • Weimer’s top 15 contributors – 12 are in Whatcom County

That’s a pretty solid no. Looking through the lists of donors, I would say beyond their biggest contributors, a good 90-95% of the donations received are from locals.

The only other possibility was that conservatives are funneling their support though the county party but the Whatcom Democrats and the Whatcom Republicans are evenly matched this year in dollars raised (88k and 80k respectively), but the Republicans have spent much more this cycle (Dems spent 29k, the Rep spent 43k).

Later this week, I’ll examine what the candidates are spending their money on and what that foretells about the final stretch of this campaign.



  1. So what’s happening with Carl? Is he in trouble?

  2. The chart seems to be missing a digit in Carl Weimer’s column. Makes it look like he hasn’t raised much money.

    • Good catch, missed a zero. Fixing now.

  3. Definitely a good sign for our candidates. I’m just wondering about the possibility that money may come into the conservative candidates from big support for the Coal Terminal. It’s not too late. I’m surprised that hasn’t happened yet. Also I take it as a good thing that Elenbaas doesn’t have a website – on the other hand they aren’t proven to help a whole lot with voters. Do we have any pollsters counting votes out in the County?

  4. My prediction is the Dirty Tricks Brigade will hold off on contributions until the reporting window closes with the PDC. Then a flood of rancid TV advertising at the last second that cannot be responded to. Un other words, business as usual in Whatcom County.

    • Tim,
      You are clairvoyant! How could you know the dirty disgusting things my very small opponent and his supporters would do? Amazing!

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