Posted by: sweeneyblog | August 23, 2013

Friday Odds and Ends: Bottle Episode Version!

Hello Loyal Readers,

Between the preparations for the big Democratic fundraiser this year (The Eleanor Roosevelt dinner) and a bit of a vacation late in the week, I did not have time to properly collect my Odds and Ends for this Friday, so instead you get a bottle episode version.

Sometimes these bottle episodes would involve an actual bottle (Angel, 2002)

Sometimes these bottle episodes would involve an actual bottle (Angel, 2002)

A bottle episode is what television shows do when they are trying to save money (usually for the finale), so they stick all the characters on a single set. While it is one step above a clip show, where they just randomly play snippets of old episodes, it is still a time and money saving device.

So here are some older, but still relevant, articles that I’ve done in the past four years of writing this blog. I hope you enjoy.

Keep it Simple, Sweeney: Still confused by the fight over the Growth Management Act? Befuddled by what happened to the State Legislature this year? Wondering why Gun Safety is so difficult to get passed? I break it down for you.

Big Picture stuff: What is the difference between a Hack and a Wonk? Where do politicians come from and why is that important? Why does the younger generation have such a different perspective on the national debt?

Political Adventures: Read about my attempt to crash the Tea Party rally in 2010 with a satirical sign, about attending an Occupy Bellingham march and my pitifully unsuccessful attempt to go undercover at a Freedom Foundation candidate training.

Time-Wasters: In case the opening of this post wasn’t a dead giveaway, I love pop culture. Check out my condensed history of Comic Books, why John Carter the movie was terribly marketed, my recommendations for a fresh board game, a discussion about the future of television and my thoughts on cynicism in popular Science Fiction.

Hopefully, that is enough to keep you occupied. I have some great articles on tap for next week, so tune in for some investigative reporting, fresh interviews and much more.


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