Posted by: sweeneyblog | July 26, 2013

Friday Odds and Ends: Picnics, Tweets and Ericksen’s Free Ride

Hello Loyal Readers,

On this day in history, New York ratified its constitution and therefore became the 11th state in the union, President Truman desegregated the military and Helen Mirren was born. Also, I published this Odds and Ends, so let’s get to it.

The national media’s response

Former Representative and New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is back in the news again for tweeting pictures of his nether regions under the pseudonym “Carlos Danger.” I spoke on KGMI about this recently, but here are my thoughts spelled out a little more thoroughly.

First, this issue will be more and more commonplace as the social media generation assumes leadership positions. There is a whole generation of future legislators out there that already have pictures of themselves on facebook doing keg stands, where they will exist. Forever.

Second, I believe that what people do in their personal lives is up to them. Maybe Weiner and his wife like doing that sort of thing, and if they have an agreement, more power to them. However his response to this development shows something much more troubling than a need to take away his Blackberry: he doesn’t learn from previous experience, and that should be an immediate disqualifier.

Finally, he chose the name “@Carlos Danger.”  Really? That just screams ridiculous pseudonym. If I were going to tweet something inappropriate, I would find a much more discreet Twitter handle to use. Like “@Pete Kremen”.

In other news, the state ethics board noticed Sen. Doug Ericksen’s love of free steak dinners with lobbyists and they are finally writing some fresh rules. I’m glad someone noticed his double-dipping behavior and is working to protect the taxpayer’s money, because it sure isn’t Ericksen.

Finally, the Democratic Women’s Club is holding their annual picnic August 4th at Cornwall Park from 3 – 5 p.m., so if you are looking for some delicious food and lots of local elected officials (Mayor Linville will be MC-ing the event, with Sen. Ranker as a guest speaker), you should check it out.

I, on the other hand, will be frantically deleting pictures of my college self doing incredibly . . . embarrassing . . . things.



  1. Oh Riley –

    I love your post, and I adore your photos at the end. Thank you SO much!

  2. Snarky though. Did you see that an initiative has been filed to formally rename the Tim Eyman Memorial Bridge?

    • I’ve seen that, its hilarious!

      • where can we sign the petition?

  3. I’m no Tim Eyman fan in fact I wish he’d dry up and blow away,
    but what possible connection does he have to a bridge collapse caused by a truck collision?

  4. Also this day back in 1990 is when the American with Disabilities Act became law. Signed by George Bush Sr. and put together by that charming Senator from Iowa , Tom Harkin. But in the city of subdued excitement ( 23 years later), Larrabee and Lowell schools are still without elevators.

  5. So you’re going to miss our annual picnic???? It won’t be the same without you. I’m disappointed you’re opting out. or are you??

    • I will be there, don’t worry! I was just completing the punchline.

      • ok, I figured it was something like that. Can you send me an email, as I don’t have yours and I’d like to ask you something off the record. thanks!

  6. Don’t worry about deleting the photos Riley… If you need them later the NSA can provide you with copies for a moderate donation to the next campaign…

  7. By the way, I think the County has control of my computer… the previous comment came up reconveyance challenge but it’s really me, @PeteKre… er, I mean Jack Petree

    • WordPress is all part of the conspiracy!

  8. DaveDoran, you are rightish and wrongish at the same time. Yes, it is true that even if the bridge had been the same bridge, but totally brand new, the oversize truck and pilot cars failing to center would have caused the exact same destruction. The bridge was not crumbling apart, and it still had a little time left in its life expectancy. However, newer standards use a bridge style that is less vulnerable. So a replacement would be more foolproof. BUT… we need to get our taxpayers’ money’s worth out of huge investments like this, and not just rip out infrastructure that is still working and has not yet expired. So this bridge collapse was not the ideal poster boy for crumbling neglect in state spending. It was something that should be on all commercial trucker and pilot car exams.

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