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Local Senator is King of the Lobbyist Lunchroom

Sen. Doug Ericksen has received some state-wide recognition recently for receiving free meals from lobbyists. The Associated Press along with a consortium of public radio stations did an analysis of lobbyist filings and found that Sen. Doug Ericksen has received more free meals than any other state legislator this session.

Sen. Ericksen, #1 for Handouts

Sen. Ericksen, #1 for Lobbyist Handouts

From the Associated Press article, Ericksen responded to this report, “A $49 dinner is not going to sway me from doing what’s right for my constituents,” Ericksen said. Yet he met with Greg Hanon, a lobbyist for the Western States Petroleum Association, fourteen times in the last four months, with the Petroleum Association picking up the tab every time.

Totalling up all the free meals he has received in the last four months, Ericksen’s haul comes to $2,029.30. His closest competitor, Sen. Litzow (R-Mercer Island), didn’t even come close with a mere $1,477.00. Ericksen received free meals, drinks and golf, clocking in an average of three meals a meal week from lobbyists intent on gaining his ear. This is deeply disappointing on its face, however it gets worse.

Ericksen is double dipping. He is receiving a per diem (money for food and expenses) from the taxpayers while the legislature is in session. We the taxpayers are giving him $90 a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner while lobbyists are buying steak dinners. When confronted about this, Ericksen said that he sees no problem with this arrangement.

You can call Ericksen’s office at (360) 786-7682 and let him know how you feel about his lobbyist dining and double dipping. 

P.S. I had a great time deciding on the title of this article. Other choices included, “Ericksen: Eating us out of House and Senate,” “Ericksen: Lobbyist favorite lunchable,” “Ericksen leads pack in Double Dipping Dinners.” Feel free to add your ideas in the comments below.



  1. I love the let-them-eat-cakiness of his casually dismissing $49-dollar meals which, for most of his constituents, would be classified as “a special occasion.” Pretty cheeky given that he and the small city mayors justify shilling for the coal terminal claiming they represent populations that are desperate for the jobs because they are virtually destitute (the economies of the small cities aren’t that bad relative to the state and the nation, but that’s their song so they need to own it).

  2. Even if his flippant response is acceptable (it’s not) and even if this is ethical (it’s not) and even if claiming his per diem despite not using it for the intended purpose is legal (it’s probably not) and even if his claim that dining and golfing with lobbyists is not influencing his decisions (the lobbyists hope that’s not true), the man is fundamentally dishonest. Now the question is: Will the voters respond accordingly?

  3. I don’t see dishonesty here…I’ve always known that the threat to citizens’ rights, etc., is our ‘neighbors’ who sit in local councils, and State legislatures—a huge portion of the rules, ordinances, and laws that come from the local town council and the County & State would never make it through a Federal court if challenged—but they feel secure because it is a rare individual who can get a case to federal court, it cost $250,000 or more to get to a Fed. court, if they’ll even hear your case…While my conservative friends paint Hitler mustaches on a picture of the president, their ‘neighbors’ are chipping away at their rights, property, quality of life, and more…

  4. This is typical of those so called “family values” and “honesty” Conservatives. Actually, if the truth was known, and it is by many, that Conservatives are very greedy and will take whatever they can from whoever they can to increase their power and wealth. They usually take from the poor and give to the rich. They claim to be Christians, and I cannot and will not attempt to read what is in a person’s heart. Many of them who profess to be Christians just can’t seem to get their actions do show it. They want to see children go hungry, homeless, not get educated so that they can keep all those corporate loopholes that those very lobbyist that are buying the good Senator’s meals, that we are subsidizing. We had one legislator that we bought lunch for, a Conservative by the way, that asked for the receipt. Geeee, I wonder what he wanted that for??? Sure doesn’t sound like Christian values to me.

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  19. […] funds, having his meals paid for by lobbyists but taking the full per diem in reimbursements. Records show he ate dinner with lobbyists almost every other night while in Olympia in 2013. The ethics commission took a look at the issue […]

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  22. […] competitive and closely watched races in the state. Ericksen, who recently was recognized for his record-breaking amount of meals with lobbyists, is a must-hold seat for the state Republicans who control the state senate by two […]

  23. […] course, the series of donations that did not surprise me at all? $4,050 from the Food and Beverage industry. Ericksen has hired Ben O’Brine, one of the field organizers from last year’s county […]

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  30. […] Here, try this mental experiment. I live in North Bellingham, yet I am not represented in the State Legislature. No one from my district, the 42nd, shares my values. Do I stomp my foot and demand that they create a special seat just for people in North Bellingham? No. I work hard to try and change people’s mind – to show them that they are not served well by Free Lunch Doug. […]

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