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Thursday Odds and Ends: Fireworks, Wolves and Gay Firearms

Hello Loyal Readers,

Tonight, I will be attending the Whatcom Democrats Endorsement Meeting and (hopefully) live-blogging it. If it isn’t live, I will assemble it and post it later this evening. Consequently, you get your Friday Odds and Ends a day early. Enjoy!

LGBT Gun Ownership Flyers

As the debate over gun safety continues, the firearms industry is making some unusual marketing decisions. Recently, a series of flyers have appeared all over Capitol Hill in Seattle advocating LGBT gun ownership. The Stranger broke this story earlier this week and noted that the QR code in the corner directs you to a pro-gun rights website that asks a series of push poll-style questions.

I found it fascinating that the firearms industry has targeted the LGBT community as a market. It reminds me of when the tobacco industry started buying ads in LGBT magazines; it means they have determined that the market is powerful enough to warrant their efforts. Believe it or not, it is a good thing. Every industry should try and reach out to all possible markets.

Meanwhile in Olympia, the special session is plowing forward. During the normal session, the Republican-controlled Senate was criticized for loading the budget up with corporate tax loopholes and blocking essential reforms like the Dream Act and the Reproductive Parity Act. Now they have just a few weeks left to hammer out a budget and resolve a number of thorny issues.

Rep. Kris Lytton

Rep. Kris Lytton

However, buried in the procedural battles, there are some good bills being passed. Rep. Kris Lytton (D-40th) sponsored a bill that was just signed into law to help resolve conflicts between grey wolves and ranchers. This bill utilizes funds from the wolf license plate sales to help reimburse ranchers for lost livestock while providing for non-lethal options for keeping the wolves away from livestock in the future. It is these sorts of efforts, while not big or flashy, that improve the way our government functions. Tip of the hat to you, Rep. Lytton.

Finally, the proposed fireworks ban will get a public hearing June 3rd at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers. Last year, I interviewed some of the proponents of the ban and was seriously underwhelmed, however I remain open-minded. If it passes, we will see if it is like the plastic bag ban, which was greeted with frustration that quickly faded to acceptance, or the red light cameras which sparked a ballot initiative and arguably was the 2nd biggest factor in Dan Pike losing his bid for reelection.

With that, I will be posting tonight about the Whatcom Democrats Endorsement Meeting. I will be capturing pictures, video and live-blogging so even if you can’t make it, you can still stay close to the action. See you then!



  1. As an openly Queer man, I have no interest in purchasing a firearm… and I certainly don’t want to be marketed to by the gun lobby.

    • But they think that you are significant part of the population, that your business is worth seeking and that is a good thing.

  2. As a law enforcement officer, the vast majority of complaints that I see every year relate to fireworks that are already illegal in both the City of Bellingham and the unincorporated areas. Cooler minds can come up with a solution that will address both sides of this issue, BUT it will require enacting local definitions to what fireworks would be acceptable.

    To take away the fun, little kids (and grown ups) experience with safe & sane fireworks like gerbs (aka fountains), sparklers, snakes, blooming ground flowers, smoke bombs, etc. for the sake of trying to stop the obnoxiously loud and dangerous fireworks (which are mostly illegal under existing law) makes little sense (IMHO). This shouldn’t be an all or nothing proposition…

    • Mr. Harris, I agree with your take on fireworks.

  3. What an asinine move by the gun lobby. This shouldn’t be surprising. They have no shame and will pander to anyone for their cause to arm the citizans against its own govenment. Isn’t this called treason??? The Republicons whole platform of gays, guns and god is dispicable and now is pandering to our gay brothers and sisters.

  4. […] no fireworks (metaphorically, the real ones are banned) erupted at the event. I showed up bright and early and was welcomed by KGMI host Kris Halterman. […]

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