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Odds and Ends: Session Ends and Mann Begins

Hello Loyal Readers,

It is that time again for our ongoing feature, Friday Odds and Ends. All the news that is fit to print, but not enough to justify its own post.

This Sunday is the final day of normal session for our state legislators. Now what happens if they haven’t finished their work (i.e. the budget)? The governor calls a special session and everyone puts in another month of work. This “special session” is a result of the tense relationship between the Republican-controlled senate and the House Democrats who are both lobbying hard for their own version of the budget. If you tune into KGMI, you will even hear ads promoting the Republican budget using in the usual talking points (“We can fund education without hurting our small businesses. Support the pro-business, pro-education budget!”) Hopefully it will only take a month to resolve the differences between the two budgets

Mayor McGinn

Two things stand out as noteworthy this year. First, the governor has repeatedly weighed in on the process in favor of the Democratic budget, while Gov. Gregoire took a more hands off approach. The Republicans complained, longing for the days of Gregoire. There’s a sentence I didn’t think I would ever write.

The other effect is on Ed Murray’s race for mayor of Seattle. Murray, the popular legislator from Seattle is running against the current mayor, somewhat ineffective former environmental advocate Mike McGinn. Murray is forbidden from raising money so long as the legislature is in session, so the longer it goes on, the more his hands are tied. However, if McGinn thinks he is safe, he should definitely look north and see how the 2011 mayoral race in Bellingham turned out between a somewhat ineffective environmental incumbent and a popular legislator.

Ken Mann

Ken Mann

In more localized news, County Councilman Ken Mann announced he is running for reelection. Ken Mann, downtown business owner and former KGMI host, won handily in 2009 and this time he pledges to “continue to bring my experience as a businessman, my dedication as an environmentalist, and my skills as engineer and problem-solver to the Council.” So far, no one has declared to run against Mann.

Finally, last Odds and Ends I conducted a poll to see how many posts I should do a day. The results were my current output levels (2-3 posts a day), so I will continue to produce at the current levels. We hit an all-time high on Monday, my article about Freedom Academy was the most popular non-liveblog post I have ever done, racking up an impressive 900-some readers in the first day alone. Thank you to everyone who reads this blog and helps make it a success.

In the next couple of weeks, I will have a follow-up on the Lynden Fair, a scorecard for our legislators, a few more interviews with candidates and my annual liveblog from the County Courthouse on filing week. After filing week, I will be adding a new page that keeps all the information on local candidates running for office in one spot. A “Political Junkie Voter’s Guide” if you will. As always, I am striving to add features and value to this site, if you have a good idea for a story or a feature, drop me an email and we will talk. I keep my sources confidential, if that is a concern.

Until next time, enjoy the sun!



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